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  Big (1988)
  • It is established that Tom Hanks character, Josh Baskin's birthday is Nov. 3. Midway into the movie, he celebrates his birthday. A few days later, in the movie, he is walking near his home (probably in New Jersey) and the trees are full of leaves and turning colors. The mistake is that it is highly unlikely that there would be many if any leaves on the trees in New Jersey or in that area by the first week of November. - norm



  Big Daddy (1999)
  • When Sonny and Julian are shopping, they meet up with Corrine. Sonny tells her his arm is itching, and she puts a bag of frozen veggies on his arm facedown. In the next frame, the bag appears face up. - kris
  • When Sonny is giving Julian a bath, you can clearly see the microphone for a second. - StarBabie
  • As Sonny takes Julian to see Venessa she opens the door and her vest is over her breast and then the next time it shows her in the house her vest is not. - Righter
  • When Sonny is eating fritos and trying to be quiet so he wont wake up Julian, he puts them in his mouth and there's a crunch, but his jaws don't move. - Bob
    • Comment: It's because he used his tongue to push the chip to the roof of his mouth.
  • When Sonny is in the grocery store, and he puts an ice pack on Julian's hand, it is with the back facing up, but when it cuts back, the bag is facing with the front up. - Maria
  • There's the part when Sunny Kovacs takes Julian to McDonald's. Then they meet the street rat and he doesn't stop talking, so Sunny tells him "I'll buy you a sausage McMuffin" but the street rat says "No, I'd like an Egg McMuffin". Then when Sunny and Julian come back out of McDonalds, the street rat asks "Where's my sausage McMuffin?" - Maria
    • Correction: I DO believe that when Sonny and Julian are on their way to McDonald's, Sonny offers the bum an EGG mcmuffin, but he says "make it a sausage mcmuffin, with hashbrowns." (VHS) - Saige


  • The kids dump some kind of blue color in the pool. If it was paint the water would've thinned it out too much to work and if it was dye then no amount of scrubbing would get it out of the guy's skin. His hair would've also been blue if they had used dye. The orange dye in the shampoo would have also dripped down his neck and colored his hands. (Theatre) - mandie
  • (Revealing mistakes) Although Marty Wolf has had his skin dyed blue in his swimming pool, he returns to the house with his plaid swim suit unaffected by the blue dye. - Mr. X


  Big Hit, The (1998)    Buy this movie
  • First, in the beginning, after Mark Wahlberg's character kill the mob boss, he gets chased. As he's running he throws down an explosion device and then jumps out the window. This all takes about 30 seconds. Yet back at the office where Lou Diamond Phillips take credit for killing the guy and it goes to flashback, the three hitmen would have been checking out the dead mob boss about the time the place was blowing up. (VHS) - B.A. Monroe
  • Another one was the car chase in the forest and it ends with a car falling on another car making you think Lou D. Phillips is dead. But oh no, he somehow crawls out of the front windshield area and runs and jumps into the lake in the span of seconds. These guys are pros... (VHS) - B.A. Monroe


  Big Jake (1998)    Buy this movie
  • When John Wayne punches his Motorcycle-riding son after asking him to remove his goggles, you can hear something the sounds like camera shutters clicking as he lands. - Bob


  Big Lebowski, The (1998)
  • After the scene were John Goodman pulls the gun out in the bowling alley while going to the dude's car they get in but the dog that Walter {John Goodman} had in the previous scene isn't with them. They left the dog at the bowling alley. That's just mean. - Ash
    • Correction: Ash is incorrect. Walter (aka John Goodman) brings the dog out in the carrier. He places it on the roof of the car then proceeds to place the dog in the back seat. Walter is crazy not mean. - GrahamOrama
      • Correction: They come out of the bowling alley, walk down the parking lot to the car and we can see the little doggie run loose, if I recall correctly, on the left (viewers left) side of Walter, who is carrying an empty dog-carrier. Now, what we don't see is whether the dog runs off somewhere or if it, as I think it does, jumps into the car when Walter opens the door. But the dog is certainly not in the carrier.
  • In the scene where the Dude and Walter are driving to meet up with the kidnappers & satisfy their demands, there are lights flashing in the background as though other cars are driving behind the Dude's car and even passing the car. Yet when we see the outside of the car in a wide shot seconds later, the car is clearly on a deserted stretch of the highway and there are no other cars around. (DVD) - Mellie
  • When "The Dude" and Walter come out of Larry Seller's house, Donnie is plainly visible sitting on the passenger side of the Torino, yet when the neighbor starts pounding the car, the camera shows a close-up of the interior, Donnie is not seen, and they didn't show him get out of the car, either. (VHS) - Bookworm
  • (Crew/equipment visible) In the scene with Sam Elliot (The Narrator) at the bowling alley bar a can off 'dust-off' used to keep camera equipment clean is clearly visible sitting on the bar. In the reverse shot it does not appear but shows up again in original angle. Oops. - BigAdz


  Big Momma's House (2000)    Buy this movie
  • When the guy (I can't think of the name right now) punches Big Momma (Martin Lawrence) if you look closely half the mask is gone and you can see his face!! - lucky
    • Correction: When the man punches Martin Lawrence's face, he punches his mask of, that is why his face is showing. - Shorty044
  • When "Big Momma" (played by Martin Lawrence) is before the church congregation testifying, you'll notice the choir behind "her" is sitting. However, a few scenes later, the choir is shown standing. The very next scene shows the choir sitting again. - Angela


  Big Money Hustlas (1999) (Video)
  • Sugar Bear is talking on a house phone in a can r and driving at the same time. (VHS) - stoner
    • In a can r? You mean a in a car? Please, try to spell correctly when submitting goofs.
    • Explanation: Actually, on the DVD, if you listen to J's commentary that was done on purpose as a joke. If you notice... a lot of the time while he's driving the car, he's not even holding the wheel. That along with the "home" phone bit was done on purpose to be funny and to show his character's "coolness" and "suaveness". This is not a goof! - MonstaJuggalo


  • (Factual errors) Near the end of the film, Mark Hamill's character fires 13 (or was it 18...doesn't matter) consecutive rounds from his M1 Garand. The Garand only has an 8 round clip and emits a distinctive *PING* sound when the last round is fired and the empty clip is ejected from the rifle. (DVD) - Zoner


  Big Top Pee-Wee (1988)
  • Pee-Wee's fiancee Winnie is very upset after she catches him and Gina kissing. She runs away upset throwing his sandwich in the river. Pee-Wee comes over to explain why the kiss happened. Winnie tries hard to hide her broken heart and tells Pee-Wee she is not surprised that the kiss happened 'because he is a man and she is Italian'. The big problem with this is: there is no possible way that Winnie could have known that Gina is Italian. Winnie never heard Gina speak! - Sarah


  Billboard Dad (1998)
  • In billboard dad, we see the the character, Nigel, wearing a pair of glasses several scenes before he buys them, Oops! (VHS) - newbie
  • When they are painting the billboard, they only have one color of paint, yet when they show it on TV, there is many colors. (VHS) - gapfanatic




  Billy Jack (1971)    Buy this movie
  • When the Sheriff drives the runaway girl to the alternative school to meet the director, the sheriff and the girl are seen already getting out of the police car while the director is riding her horse. The shot changes to the director dismounting the horse. The shot changes back to the interior of the police car, where the sheriff tells the girl, "Let's go meet her." and they then get out of the car. - Kieth Moreland
  • In the big karate fight scene where Tom Laughlin (as Billy) takes on almost half the male population of the town, the actual Hapkido karate master, Bong Soo Han (who looks nothing like Tom Laughlin), is actually seen doing the fighting. - Kieth Moreland


  Billy Madison (1995)    Buy this movie


  Bird on a Wire (1990)
  • As Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson get on the Ferry to leave Detroit headed to Racine Wisconsin, Hawn asks how long it will take, Gibson responds that it will take about 2 hours. Doesn't anyone realize that to reach Racine from Detroit, they'd first have to go up the Detroit River to Lake Huron before traveling down Lake Michigan. Hmm, and all in 2 hours... Can anyone say hydrofoil. Oh yeah, and once they got to Racine, they went directly to the Chinatown district.... excuse me, Racine doesn't have a Chinatown district..... how do I know? I GREW UP THERE!! - Truualwayz
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) In several parts of the movie the editing of several bad words was very poorly done. It's obvious that certain choice phrases were originally said but "edited for TV". - Reddfoxx
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the big chase scene, Goldie Hawn called Mel gibson "Mel" and not his screen name. - Bill


  Birds, The (1963)    Buy this movie
  • Towards the beginning of the movie, Tippi Hedren is attacked by birds while crossing a lake in a rowboat and bitten on the left side of her forehead. But later on, the bite has moved over to the right side of her forehead. (VHS) - deamonlover


  • When Patrick Swayze's truck is getting shot at numerous lights are shot out but in the next scene there all right in fact there on. - John
  • In the end Patrick Swayze is sitting with his arm around his daughter and has an envelope in his hand, when the FBI didn't even hand it to him yet. - tonya
  • When Jack Cruz picks up the truck he asks about the tires the mechanic says "almost new no recaps.", but when he backs under the trailer you can see the tires are all recaps. - Ryan
  • When a guy gets on the back of the truck and pulls the air lines off, the air gauge starts going down but the trailer brakes do not set like they really would. - Ryan
  • (Continuity) If you notice at end of movie when RED (played by meat loaf) chases Jack Cruse (played by Swayze) and his family in the black peterbuilt the red volvo Red is driving goes from not having right headlights and fender to having them then they are gone again and you also notice the roll bar added for crash stunt and any one have any idea how fbi or police got there so fast after Red's crash? (VHS) - rossweisl wolf
  • If you watch and pay attention when the blue camaro is run off road by gold car just before they jump back on to the road the whole pass side front end if gone or smashed beyond repair but yet when they come back on road its fixed. (VHS) - rossweisl wolf


  Black Hawk Down (2001)


  Black Knight (2001)
  • In the beginning he supposedly is "drowning" and in the end after they people take him out of the water... he's dry!!! - Kay-Kay
  • The current Hungarian flag (small country in the middle of Europe, just in case you don't know) is hanging over the supposedly English medieval castle's gate. It shows up several times, sometimes just glances of it, a couple times really close, all details clearly visible. The flag is hanging with the short side up, it is red-white-green striped, with the shield emblem in the middle. It actually fits into the theme pretty well, maybe because the Hungarians returned to an ancient version of the flag a few years ago. But still - definitely not English! (VHS) - Eniko
  • Jamal and the people in the forest are talking about how they can get the queen back on the throne. It is revealed that the queen is one of the people hiding in the forest. Then the queen gets up to give a speech to her fellow countrymen, and does such a dreadful job of it that some of her 'fellow countrymen' walk off in disgust. But, if she really was the queen of England, shouldn't she be a better public speaker? - Tiffany
  • When they are about to be-head Skywalker and his friend shoots the flaming arrows, he hits one of the guards. The guard was wearing armor, and yet he caught fire. - paige
  • When Martin Lawrence is standing beside the lake giving a speech, in some shots the medallion is tucked into his shirt, on other shots it is hanging out. (DVD) - MrTrump
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Jamal is showing the men his style of clothing his logo on his pocket is appearing and disappearing. - billymadison


  • When the black mask is confronted by two bad guys on roller blades, he jumps in the air and throws two razor-sharp discs at the roller bladers faces. In the shot where they fall over, the disks are not embedded in there faces as they should be. Strange eh? - steelflesh
  • When Yuek-lan aims her rifle to shoot the black mask off the tower , you can see the camera crew reflected in her nail polish in the close up on her finger on the trigger. - steelflesh


  Black Room, The (1935)    Buy this movie
  • At the climax, a large dog gallops down to the village, then leads the townsfolk back to the castle. It changes sex in town! There are close-ups both ways, so it's rather obvious. - Alan Rice


  • When the refrigerator falls on Chris Farley he says he has chocolate pudding in his underpants, but how can he tell its chocolate if he doesn't look. - terd ferguson
    • Explanation: I haven't seen this movie in a long time, but I believe that (knowing Chris Farley's warped humor) he is trying to say that he has done a number 2 in his underwear! - Jess
  • After Dennis gets sprayed with the fire extinguisher he does some kicks and punches in the air (he is wearing a coat) when he gets done with the kicks he notices a man drive up near him in his (Dennis's) car which Dennis ran away from earlier, Dennis dashes behind a tree, then he peers out and he isn't wearing a coat. - misty
  • In the part where David Spade's character gets sprayed with the fire extinguisher by the kids in the vehicle, if you take notice, the car is really dusty looking, as if it needs to be washed. When they drive away, you can see it's perfectly clean. - Rose



  Blade II (2002)
  • In the movie Blade 2, the character Nyssa is supposed to be a pure blood vampire. However there is a VERY noticeable scar on her upper lip. It's for this same reason that Wesley Snipes knew that Deacon Frost was not a pure blood in the original Blade. (Theatre) - monicle
    • Addition: I'd like to point out another fact related to Nyssa's supposed "pure blood"edness. She has fillings in her teeth! We see them when she screams towards this film's conclusion. Why on earth would a pure vampire not of human origin have fillings in her teeth??? (Theatre) - Brave Ulysses
  • (Continuity) At the end of the movie, when Blade gets all the blood in him, and kills that one vampire, whistler calls blade's name and throws him his sunglasses. When he does that, after Blade catches them, u can see whistler throwing them again, but blade already has them on. (DVD/Theatre) - stephen
  • (Continuity) After Whistler frees Blade from the table in the Vampire lair, Blade falls into the pool of blood. OK, so maybe 3-4 seconds in the pool would give him back all of his strength. I'll even buy that the holes in his arms and legs could heal, I mean he is half-Vampire, right? Well, there's no way in HELL that his pants would be rejuvenated by that dip in the pool of blood! And why wasn't he dripping wet in the ensuing fight scenes, anyway? (DVD) - White Wolf
  • (Revealing mistakes) Near the end of the movie, the father of Nyssa has his neck punctured by his son which is squirting with blood, as he walks to Nyssa you can see a tube on the floor to the right of him. (VHS) - sarah


  Blade in the Dark, A (1983)    Buy this movie
  • When the blade slash the cuts in the picture of topless women, the cuts are "pointing" in right side and later, when the Bruno touch those, the cuts are "pointing" left side. And the otherwise, the cuts are wrong places when it has cut first and later when Bruno touch those. - Levine
  • At the begin, when Bruno walks behind the piano, you can see the reflection above piano key keypad of two moving man and the glimpse of camera. - Levine
  • When the red shirt dressed figure moving in the dark corridor with the long knife, you can see at the wall in back the shadow of shape of moving steadicam parts. - Levine


  Blair Witch Project, The (1999)    Buy this movie


  • During the chase sequence subsequent to the volcano action, Jon Storm can clearly be seen carrying a copy of his lines. - Sparky


  Blazing Saddles (1974)
  • Bart and his friend are directed to take the handcar to the site of the quicksand at the beginning of the movie. As they go down the railroad track singing, the wire pulling the cart is clearly visible. - Nate



  • During the "What's My Age Again?" video the camera shows Blink 182 running through the streets and playing live. When it shows them live Tom's microphone appears and disappears. - Ryan
  • When Mark watches his ex girlfriend go by during the "Dammit" music video he crashes. Look behind him and you'll notice that the person behind the stands is in and out of the shot each time. (That person is Blink 182's manager by the way.) - Ryan


  Blood and Wine (1997)    Buy this movie
  • At then end of the movie, Jack Nicholson is shown on a dock with bloody legs, and it seems like he has no feet. In a later shot though, as he pulls himself along the dock, you can see his feet, that were supposed to have been gone after he got hit by the boat. - Earthling


  Blood Simple (1984)
  • Near the end of the film, the hitman is standing on a balcony opposite Abby's apartment. He shoots at knocks over a lamp. Shortly thereafter, we see him peering through the scope. The lamp is back in its position, untouched. - Nate


  Blood Work (2002)
  • (Spoiler) A very big plot hole: Clint Eastwood and the Black Woman Sheriff's Homicide Detective go off to the "(San Fernando) valley liquor store" to check out the video tapes and Clint and the Detective end up shooting up the car of the serial killing suspect...only one problem, Clint left a young boy being babysat, in the Long Beach Marina, by the actual killer. So who was Clint shooting at? The real killer was almost fifty miles away, fishing with the boy! (DVD) - Kieth Moreland


  • When De Niro is on the dock with that lady, his sleeve keeps changing from up, to down, etc., etc., etc. - David


  Blow (2001)
  • In the movie blow, when they are driving the camper to transport more drugs or get the plane you get a clear shot of the camera truck in the windshield. (VHS) - tanner2012001
  • When George Yung is about to be arrested for the last time you can see a persons arm and watch behind the plastic that they are sitting in front of yet when the cops bust in no one comes out from behind the plastic. (VHS) - D a n t e
  • After George gets out of the Danbury prison around 1976, and is using the pay phone to call Diego, it is a touchtone phone. I didn't think touchtone pay phones came out until the 1980's. (VHS) - Buffer
  • If you see the movie on DVD then in chapter 20 you will see George Jung (Johnny Depp) talking to his daughter, right after his wife (Penelope Cruise) has left the scene in a WHITE rope, you see behind George a person walking around in the background in blue (that is if you look carefully) Too bad - ahh well I still love the movie. - The Dane


  Blown Away (1994)
  • (Factual errors) Near the start of the bomb squad action, Jeff Bridges enters a college classroom where a suspect has planted a bomb, then committed suicide with a Colt .45 pistol. Near the bomber's body, the .45 lies with its hammer in the safe position. A "once-fired" semi-auto Colt .45 pistol will (A) have its hammer cocked and ready to fire again, or (B) if fired, after only being loaded with only one bullet, will be left with the top slide locked back, exposing the chamber. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Factual errors) Near the end of the film, Tommy Lee Jones (TLJ) and Jeff Bridges will fight in TLJ's hideout. During the fight, TLJ will place one of Bridges' handcuffs on one of Bridges' wrists. Later, Bridges will place the free cuff on TLJ's ankle, locking them together, to meet their end. Sorry, not going to happen. I've been a cop for over 26 years, and standard issue handcuffs will not accommodate the average man's bare ankle, much less the pants-covered ankle of TLJ in a big fight to the death. Yes, there are ankle cuffs, but those are too big to use as handcuffs. Even an average guy's wrists would slip, easily, out of a misused ankle cuff. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland


  Blowup (1966)
  • (Continuity) David Hemmings has shaggy, not-so-clean looking hair before he enters the club where The Yardbirds are playing. But when he's in the club he appears to have a freshly cut haircut and wash. - mykal


  Blue Crush (2002)
  • When <blank> is surfing Pipe, she gets taken under and hits her arm on the reef, when she comes up and grabs her board she has blood on her arm. After she surfs and goes in she goes to hug everyone and what-not and there isn't blood, a cut, or even a scratch on her arm. (Theatre) - Paige
  • (Crew/equipment visible) Was making up Blue Crush and at the end of reel 2 there is an obvious boom microphone in the frame. Depending on how the frame is racked when projected it may or may not be visible on screen. (35mm UK print) - refrigeratorcar


  Blue Max, The (1966)
  • The German pilots live in a chateau-like house. In one scene the camera looks down the stairs from the second floor and one can clearly see that the landscape outside the open front door is a painting, because the perspective is totally wrong. - Olav Westerman
  • The aircraft in the movie, set in WW1, consists of 9 replicas of WW1 fighters and half a dozen of Tiger Moths and Stampes from the 1930's. Mostly the "modern" aircraft fills out the background scenes behind the authentic-looking replicas, but in some scenes the camera unnecessary closes in on the "modern" planes. - Olav Westerman
  • When an observation-balloon is attacked by aircraft, the balloonist uses his parachute. When he jumps out, the balloon is much higher up in the air then in the previous scenes. - Olav Westerman
  • One of the main characters shoots down a reconnaissance-plane and when it crashes and lies wrecked on the ground, it has transformed itself from a Caudron Luciole to a Tiger Moth. If they had just altered the planes fin, it had been much harder to see the difference, especially as the Tiger Moth is totally wrecked. - Olav Westerman
  • One of the pilots crashes when he and a colleague compete by flying under a bridge. Later the other pilot says that the crash occurred when they were flying in and out of the trees. - Olav Westerman


  Blues Brothers, The (1980)


  • When Jake and Elwood Blues visit the Reverend Cleophus James (James Brown) at his church, there's one scene where Dan Aykroyd starts dancing up the aisle of the church and in the back of the church, you can see one of the film crew members run by from left to right. - Will
  • You gotta have good ears for this one. The soundtrack was recorded with four horn players, but they never bothered representing the fourth as a character in the film. Therefore, although there are actually four horns, we only see three players. Crazy, man. - Andrew


Blues Brothers - Mission T
Blues Brothers - Mission T
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  Blue Streak (1999)


  Blue Velvet (1986)
  • (Continuity) While Dorothy holds Jeffery at knifepoint, the position of his hands on his head are constantly changing between different camera angles. - Caase


  Boiler Room (2000)
  • In this movie, the FBI guys ask the main character (G. Ribisi) to make a copy of his hard disk. He takes a simple 3´5 disk, the typical Windowsbar for copying appears and he copies his whole hard disk to it, can somebody tell me where to get such disks ?? ;-) - RoadRunner
  • When Seth reaches his 40th sale as a trainee broker, Greg doesn't give him the 40th sale for himself. Then, Chris (Vin Diesel) tells Greg that he gave all of this guys the 40th sale. But later, Ben Afflecks's character tells all of the trainees that Seth is the first to reach 40, therefore Chris couldn't have given out the 40th to all his guys. - zebo
    • Correction: What Ben Affleck is referring to is that Greg is the first among the group of trainees to reach 40. Vin Diesel is talking in past tense about veterans, who reached 40 a long time ago. - Adam R


  • At the end of the movie, at the Christmas scene when Denzel's sister comes back from Miami. One minute his finger brace is there the next minute its Gone! - Road Dogg
  • Near beginning of movie. Angelina's apt, she's talking to her boyfriend, Glass window frames in background, city behind them all. Big buildings little buildings. She walks in front of the window, not to look out but to move around. The film crews studio lights make her cast a shadow on the FAKE city behind the window! - Holland Shoaf
  • In various scenes with Angelina Jolie collecting the evidence, she is seen with her suitcase for collecting the evidence and then is seen without. - HorrorMovies
    • Correction: Thanks to the miracle of evolution, we Homo Sapiens or the so-called human race have things called 'hands', with which we can either pick up or put down one or more objects at will. Therefore, also madam Jolie can put down or pick up her briefcase. Case closed. - Bart


  Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
  • During the scene where Bonnie and Clyde are showered in a hail of bullets, the blood on Bonnie's dress changes numerous times. - David
  • In the final scene, where Bonnie is killed, she has a gunshot wound in her elbow and her arm is already down. After it pans to Clyde, you can see no gunshot wound to Bonnie's elbow and her arm is up and in the process of sliding down. Then you see the gunshot wound to Bonnie's elbow after the arm stops moving. (DVD) - Chris
  • In the scene where Buck Barrow is reading the newspaper account of the Barrow gang's rampage, watch the donut Blanche is eating. In a matter of a few seconds, it goes from two bites, to one bite, then back to two. Then, a few seconds later it is half eaten. Then camera moves to Buck and back to the back seat of the car in about two seconds and all that is left of the donut is a little piece. (DVD) - Chris


  Boogie Nights (1997)
  • In the beginning of the movie when Burt Reynolds' character goes into the kitchen to talk to Mark Wahlberg, the fire extinguisher next to the door has a hose on it. Hoses were not added to chemical fire extinguishers until the mid 80s. (as a side note, when using a lighter to set off a fire sprinkler system, only the one sprinkler head will open.) - ryuujin
  • (Anachronisms) In the early scene inside Mark Wahlberg's character's room at his house, there is a poster on the wall of a race car (Richard Petty's STP Pontiac) that raced in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series during the 1981 season -- I had the same poster when I was a kid. Problem is, the year is supposed to be 1979. Obviously, they did not consult with Burt Reynolds before decorating the set with that poster, or he would have spotted the error, since 1981 was the same year he first owned a Winston Cup team himself (the No. 33 Skoal Bandit). (VHS) - Scott W.


  Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)


  Boomerang (1992)    Buy this movie
  • After Eddie makes love with robin she is asleep laying on his chest on her left side, but when he tries to see her feet and pulls the blanket back her toes are pointed straight up in the air. (VHS) - hennysipper


  Born on the Fourth of July (1989)


  • In a protest scene outside the 1972 Republican convention, a Vietnam veteran is wearing Reeboks, which weren't introduced until 1978. - Similar goof in Gandhi.
  • While Ron Kovic bravely tries to learn to walk again with the help of braces and crutches, a radio plays "American Pie" by Don McLean. The scene takes place in 1969 but that song was not released until 2 years later. - Dave
  Borrowers, The (1997)
  • If this film is set in Britain, why are there American brands of food such as "eggo waffles" in the fridge, brands of food that are not sold in Britain? - steelflesh


  Bound (1996)
  • When Caesar picks Violet up and carries her through the house, her skirt changes positions. - Material Girl
  • When Violet hangs the phone up from talking to Corky, she has a black leather coat on. When Caesar picks her up and pushes her onto the bed, the coat magically disappears, but when she stands up again, it is back on again. - Material Girl
  • After Johnny is killed, and Caesar is shaking him, he closes his eyes. - Material Girl
  • After the love scene, when Corky is sitting on the bed talking to Violet there's a piece of hair hanging down in front of Corky's ear. During the course of the scene it disappears and reappears. - Ra
  • When Corky is touching Violet's tattoo, when you see them from the back Violet's hand is on Corky's but when you see them from the other angle it isn't. - Geena


  Bourne Identity, The (2002)


  • When there at Lana's house, in one scene Brandon Teena's cigarette is in one ear and in the next scene it is in the other ear. Hello! - kiss_freak
  • I am from Nebraska, and no one living there has a southern accent as in this movie, and there are not many people who wear cowboy hats. I do know where this was filmed, and I saw some being filmed. Midwestern people have no accents, they speak plain English. So HOLLYWOOD, don't give us southern accents! - Pat


  • In one scene, Drew Barrymore and Whoopi Goldberg are playing mini golf, and Whoopi is holding a drink. When she walks away, however, Drew is holding the drink. - Earthling


  Boyz N the Hood (1991)
  • When Morris Chestnut approaches Cuba Gooding sitting in his vw bug the camera shows the window down. However when Morris gets in the car in the next frame ...the window is up. - Chryl Randall


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