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  Braindead (1992)
  • In the cemetery, scene one character who'd only just been turned into a zombie gets their legs kicked off. How can this be if the character hadn't rotted one bit and the person who kicked didn't have super human strength? - Steelflesh
  • In the cemetery scene, watch really really carefully and you will see one zombie get his head kicked off, only for the head to reappear in the next shot and get kicked off again. Weird. - Steelflesh


  Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
  • In the scene when Lucy's three boyfriends are showing up one after another pay attention to the American's hat. It keeps moving around by itself until it somehow finds it's way under the doctor who was sitting on it. Earlier it was in plain sight and the doctor was already on the couch. - Dave


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    • When Dick is looking at a file and Mike the janitor walks in, as they talk the card on the front of the file cabinet is just as it should be, then it is crooked and sticking out of the slot it goes into, and then normal again as the camera pans back and forth to each actor. - Gordo28
    • When Bender is terrorizing the corridors of the school and ripping down posters, check out the window at the far end of the hallway. It's completely black outside. It's SaturDAY detention, isn't it? - Kelly
    • If you look at Ally Sheedy when the camera has her faced blurred and focused on Brian you can see her make a face. - Ryan
    • The scene where Brian, Andrew, and Allison are together Allison tells Brian that she does what she has to do. Brian turns to Andrew and tells Andrew what Allison said to him. When Brian first turns to Andrew Andrew has something in his hand. Then when you see Andrew again it's gone. - Ryan
      • Correction: There is no goof. Andrew is examining the "beaver shot" from Brian's wallet. When Brian leans toward him, Andrew clutches the picture to his chest so that Brian can't see that he has taken it. He later surreptitiously slides the picture into his front pocket. - Mindogger
    • When they are all getting stoned and Emilio's character is all by himself in that room, there is NO way that one joint could create all the smoke that was in there with him. Even if they all had one in that room there wouldn't be that much smoke. - Reddfoxx
    • When Molly Ringwald is showing the rest of the kids her "special trick" with the lipstick, she puts the lipstick back in her purse twice. (VHS) - Kay D
    • This is something that I've kinda laughed about for years now but has anyone else noticed that when Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) is smoking weed with Claire (Molly Ringwald) and John "Bender" (Judd Nelson) and Brian gets a "high" five to the head knocking him over onto his back, in that split second we have further proof that his elephant lamp didn't work because if it had he might have turned it on by pulling the trunk and found a matching pair of socks that morning. =) (VHS) - Shanna / Nanapooky
    • (Continuity) When Bender is crawling through the vents after escaping the storage closet his wallet is on his right side but when he's going back at the end of the day it has switched sides. - Chickenpie


    • When turbo, Kelly and O-zone are dancing in a dance hall with mirrors everywhere, ozone gets behind a pole and reaches to take his hat off. In the next shot he is putting the hat back on. Believe me, this goof looks a lot more weird than it sounds. - steel flesh


    • After the character called ozone teaches a character called Michael how to perform a certain move and Michael succeeds it, every one cheers and begin to dance. Now during the dance sequence that follows, a kid looks directly at the camera and begins to show off his break dancing skills! Then ozone stares directly at the camera and does the same thing! Why are they doing this if the camera does not represents any ones perspective? Are they just showing off ? All together now : huh? - steelflesh
    • When the dance number to the song "electric boogalo" starts , watch out for the little girl with blonde pig tails and a blue tee shirt stare directly at the camera for a short while. - steelflesh


     Brewster's Millions (1985)
    • Brewster buys that real expensive stamp and mails it to the lawyers, but that stamp is the only one on the post card. I believe it was worth only a cent, which does not cover the postage, even for the eighties. - floyddog


    • Chucky's bride is putting on lipstick and a beauty mark is shown. The next scene shows her putting on her beauty mark. - pat
    • (Plot holes) Why would Chucky's body be locked in an evidence locker, I thought in the originals no one ever believed that Chucky was alive unless they were killed or survived. - TAZ
      • Comment: All kinds of things are placed in an evidence locker if they've been involved in a murder. The doll could've been tested for finger prints or such. - Webmaster


    • After the German surrender of the bridge, there is a big husky German soldier in a arm sling shown coming out of tunnel four times. - pat


    • When one of the M-4 "Sherman"-tanks in the British column is hit by a German anti-tank gun and catches fire, it transforms into a M-24 "Chaffe". - Olav Westerman
    • In the sequence where the paratroops are being loaded aboard C-47 transports, they are wearing main and reserve chutes, but not carrying any combat equipment. - Chuck Saint


      Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)
    • After Bridget gets caught in a well-meant fib at work and is out as a bar with her three friends discussing what she should do about it, Tom is opening a gift (a cell phone). He also opens a clear package with a face plate in it and drops the face plate into his hand. In the next Tom shot he is trying to get the face plate out of it's package again. (VHS) - Sally Sue
      • Addition: Just previous to this, Tom opens the box and reaches inside, then in the next shot it is closed and he opens it again. (VHS) - El Loco
    • The punctuation for the title of this movie is incorrect. It should be Bridget Jones' Diary. The second S is not necessary and is a common mistake. - Sally Sue
      • Correction: Sally, actually the punctuation is correct because apostrophe s ('s) shows the possessive e.g. Nikki's diary. A singular noun that ends in the letter s would need an apostrophe s to show possession. The only time you would just add the apostrophe without the s would be when the noun is plural e.g. the soldiers' swords. - Nikki
        • Correction: When a noun already ends in "s" you can decide whether or not to use another "s" after the apostrophe. E.g: Charles's car OR Charles' car. - Webmaster
    • In the scene where Bridget is speaking to Daniel, she says something about being "within 10 yards of you." The metric system of measurement is used in England! (DVD) - MissKathleenBNL
      • Correction: No it isn't. The metric system is only used for weight in England. They still use miles etc. for distance! - Fatty
        • Correction: Actually, they don't! I live in Canada, which like Britain (and the rest of the world except for the USA!) has gone metric for everything- weight, temperature and distance. Nevertheless feet, inches, yards, miles pounds etc are still occasionally used casually in both the UK and Canada- something you might say in conversation. - Silver
    • When Bridget is in Daniel's car going off for the weekend break and her scarf falls off, at first her bags are on the seat behind her, then they disappear, then they mysteriously return in the next shot. (DVD) - Tracy
    • (Factual errors) Near the end of the movie when it is snowing heavily outside, if you look closely when Bridget is inside her apartment, you can see a flash of lightning outside the window. This would not be happening during a snowstorm. - Amy_March
    • (Crew/equipment visible) When Bridget slides down the fireman's pole, you can see the wire behind her just before she falls over... - Emily
    • When Bridget is emailing Daniel, she says "...skirt is demonstrably neither sick nor absent...". However the text on the monitor uses the past tense, "...skirt was neither...". (VHS) - El Loco


    • Around about 75 minutes into the movie, Nicholas Cage goes back to Patricia Arquette's apartment. He goes to sleep on the couch and as Arquette comes over to check him look up at the top right-hand side of the screen and the shadow of the mic is clearly visible. - Raef


      Bring It On (2000)



      Bronx Tale, A (1993)
    • At the beginning of the movie when the two cars crash, some guy comes out of one of the cars with a bat, Sunny shoots him and then Jimmy (whispers) says "Sunny give me the gun", he then hands it to Jimmy as he walks away, then "c" say's "All I could see was Sunny, with a gun in his hand", after Sunny had already handed the gun to Jimmy. - Uli
      • Comment: What "c" means is he kept seeing Sonny with the gun in his hand in his memory....meaning the vision of Sonny shooting the guy, WITH THE GUN IN HIS HAND, will stay with him. - thatgirl


    • (Errors in geography/factual errors) Actor Takeshi Kitano as "Aniki" arrives in L.A. and goes to a sushi restaurant, at the intersection of Wilshire Bl & La Brea Ave, asking the whereabouts of his brother. The chef points down the street and tells him, "he's three blocks down (more or less)." When we next see Aniki, he's at 6th & Main, right off L.A's Skid Row, some seven(+) miles away from where he started. Trust me, our blocks aren't that long here in L.A.! (DVD) - Kieth Moreland


      Bruce Almighty (2003)
    • When Grace & Bruce are sitting in the car outside her work talking, a woman with a blue or purple shirt with clouds on it walks past with a woman. The camera goes to Bruce, back to Grace and the woman is walking again but with a man. (DVD) - jenn4516


      Buddy Holly Story, The (1978)

    Gary Busey as Buddy Holly

    • Gary Busey is playing a 1970's white fender telecaster. (With the big logo on the headstock). Buddy played an early edition Stratocaster. -
    • Buddy was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, which is flat as a billiard table. However, in several longshots mountains are plainly visible in the background. - dreamrayven
    • The Ludwig logo on the Bass Drum is the new late 70's logo, not the 50 -60's the later logo has the L connected to the G - Diveinstr


      Bugs Life, A (1998)
    • The blooper is in the scene where the 2 little boy ants say that flicks gonna die. Well one of the ants say that he wont last an hour or minute off the island before he comes back crying then the other ant says that's not what his dad says he says that he's betting that he's gonna die and a while later flick crashes into a rock and the ant that says his dads betting he's gonna die, well that ant says that the other ants right that he's gonna die. That's my blooper thanks. - pikachu
      • Reading this goof makes me laugh. I don't know why but it's funny.
      • Comment: I thought that pokémon only could scream their names, but this one uses very long sentences, though he isn't making any sense. At least not many. - Bart
    • When Hopper is flying through the rain and the two acrobatic pillbugs grab his antenna and one comes off, the shot of hopper flying away shows him with all his antenna intact. - Niki


    • The soldiers in the film use shortened M16's with banana clips even though these type of M16's were not invented yet. - David


    • At the end of the movie, when Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler are at the bar in Mexico, the dog on the bar is supposed to pass out, you can see a hand (from behind the bar) grab the dog's back leg and pull it down. - Larry
    • The scene where Damon Wayans pushes the other cop against the wall there's a lady in blue in the back of them. If you look at her during the scene you can see her laughing. - Ryan
    • When Carder (Damon Wayans) is rushing Archie into the plane. A cop gets shot while climbing up the ladder, if you look in the top left corner you see a drop of fake blood splatter onto the camera. - josh howell


    • In the car chase the baddies and Steve McQueen actually drive past 2 cars (1 is a green vw beetle) at least 3 times. - oddity
    • The hub caps come off the charger, but then are back on again later in the scene. - randy lee
    • There's the mysterious case of the hubcaps that come off one car in the famous chase scene. There's one, two, three and finally two at once, which makes five wheels.


      Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
    • Either before, during or after the mining company robbery on the hillside in 1800's Bolivia, you can see cars on a road across the valley on a ridge. (Theatre)


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