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  • The black hawk helicopter scene. The pilots said they are going in, then flipped down their night vision goggles. Don't think so.. - ChucknSteph


  Clerks (1994)    Buy this movie
  • There's a part where Dante's girlfriend tells him "I'll see you when you close the store, then." And he agrees, but the problem is he didn't find out that he had to close until the very next scene!! - frozen221
  • There are so many goofs in this movie it becomes part of the comedy. Watch the whole cash register area, things change so much throughout the movie it's like one of those "circle all of the differences between these two pictures" puzzles. - Japhysun79


  Client, The (1994)
  • In the scene where the boy decides he's going to go to New Orleans, he is headed across the I-40 bridge in Memphis. Then, I believe Reggie puts him in her car and they head that way. That road doesn't go to New Orleans, it goes to Little Rock and Dallas... - Lafalot


  Cliffhanger (1993)    Buy this movie
  • When the plane crashes, half of it is hanging over the side, but when the exit, it all securely on the ground. - Troy
  • Gabe talks to Qualen on the radio while waving to him with the radio in the hand he is waving with. - Troy
  • When the girlfriend drops, the man on the left yells, when the one on the right is laughing. - Troy
    • Correction: A lot of people think that actor Ralph Waite is laughing in the scene where the girl falls while he is struggling to keep the rope tight, while the other actor is acting accordingly...but if you have ever watched the Waltons, Ralph Waite's expressions just look like he is laughing, I think that the lights are so bright, or the sun, whatever, that he is really squeaking his face and eyes, and it just looks like he is laughing... - lisa46224
  • When Stallone and Lithgow are fighting on the helicopter, you can see cables holding it up. - David


  • (Continuity) In the scene when Alex, Pete, Georgie and Dim are walking along the Flatblock Marina and Alex kicks Georgie in the water and then Dim comes at Alex and Also falls in, you can see Georgie standing, wearing his top hat. However in the next shot, Georgie is hatless, then finally in the next shot, he has the hat on again, without moving from his position. - movieguy
  • (Continuity) The gang of Billy Boy is trying to rape a girl. She has her leg-straps only on the right leg, but a second later, she wears them only on the left leg. - V. Roger

A Clockwork Orange
A Clockwork Orange
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  Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)    Buy this movie
  • Mid-way through the movie, Richard Dreyfus breaks a kitchen window in order to enter the house. Once he crawls through the window, he closes the window...and the glass is "magically" intact again! This was so obvious that when a friend and I saw the film during original release, we both remarked, "That's not right!" - I believe that this flub was corrected in the later "Close Encounters - Special Edition" release. - Flub Finder


  Clue (1985)    Buy this movie
  • When Tim Curry is explaining the murders at the end of the film, if you look at the bottom of the screen when he is explaining Colonel Mustard's entrance. You can see a microphone very clearly at the bottom of the screen! - timmeh


  Clueless (1995)
  • In the scene where Tai is talking to Cher and Dionne about the guy (Travis) that she just met in the cafeteria, keep an eye and Dionne's can of diet coke. - kelbel
  • On the back of the box containing a summary of the movie it says that something along the lines of "Cher is the most beautiful girl at Beverly hills high" or something to that effect, but in the movie Cher calls the school Bronson Alcott high. - kelbel
  • In the scene where Cher is taking her drivers test she hits a van parked on the side of the road and knocks off her side mirror on her jeep. In the very next scene the mirror is back. - kelbel
  • During the scene in the bathroom where Murray is getting his head shaved and Dionne picks up the phone, you can hear her say the same thing twice ("That's it. You wanna play games"). Bad looping job. - puff
    • Correction: That isn't a bad looping job. When the line is repeated, it isn't Dionne repeating it, it's Murray mocking her. - daner21
  • When Cher and Christian are at the party and Tye shows up and is looking for a date and when Josh walks over there first her sheer jacket is on, then around her waist, then on again. (VHS) - sweetcheex04
    • Explanation: The reason Tai's shirt is off and on is because they are trying to show that she has been standing there for a long time and no one is talking to her . She is also wearing it wrapped around her head. - michelle


  Coal Miner's Daughter (1980)
  • In the opening scene, Sissy Spacek's Loretta character is riding a mule down the mountain. Her hair alternates from curly to straight. (VHS) - Techson
  • As Loretta and Mooney race around a small mining town in Mooney's Jeep around 1948, we can see them pass a 1979 Dodge Omni parked on a street. - Drew


  Cobra (1986)
  • In one scene, a bad guy shoots a shopping cart that flies up. If you look closely you will see the explosive charge that fires it into the air. - David
  • In a scene where Cobra is getting chased by guys on motorcycles while in the back of a truck, the road keeps changing from wet to dry to wet to dry... so on... so on... - David
  • In one scene inside of a police station, the camera can be seen in a window's reflection numerous times. - David
  • In a chase scene Brigitte Nielsen drives Sly's black car. She goes straight through two burning wrecks and in one shot (the actual crash), the car suddenly is red. - norimaki
  • In the beginning of the movie when Sylvester is chasing the bad guys the the parking garage. He crashes his car. When he get out of the car the ground wrinkles so you know that it was carpet. - bettyboop


  Cocktail (1988)
  • In the scene at the end, when Brian brown and Tom Cruise are on the boat, Tom Cruise takes a photo of Brown with a Polaroid camera, when the photo is taken, Brian Brown is leaning forward, when they show the shot, in the Polaroid he is leaning back and toasting. - Aaron


  Coffy (1973)
  • (Factual errors) Near the end of the movie when Coffy blast one of the bad guys in the swimminmg pool with a shotgun, you don't see any blood. - Soulman


  Collateral Damage (2001)
  • (Continuity) Arnold Schwarzenegger's character bursts into an office in a violent rage and proceeds to trash it with a baseball bat until he is zapped with a stun gun...rendered helpless, he drops the bat..but throughout the scene it keeps disappearing and reappearing in his hand. (VHS) - Gerry


  Color Purple, The (1985)

Oprah Winfrey as Sofia

  • After being hit unconscious with a pipe wrench, Oprah covers her legs with her dress, which is pulled up by the wind.
  • Celie gave birth to her children at age 14 and then they were taken away. In the end when they meet, Celie is an old woman but her kids are still in their teens. - Cherry
  • The kids were done a rite of some kind which probably should have resulted in them having scars in their faces, but they had nothing at the end of the movie. - Cherry


  Commando (1985)    Buy this movie


  Conan the Barbarian (1982)
  • In one scene Valeria is fighting with some of Thulsa Doom's henchmen while an orgy is going on. She attacks one guy and his helmet falls off, but in the next scene when she decapitates him his helmet is suddenly back on his head again. - David
  • When Conan's band is about to attack the revelers in the orgy scene, Valeria shimmies swings over a low wall and her legs sweep some hanging chains (which begin rocking back and forth). The film cuts away for a moment and when it cuts back, the chains are still. - jroop


  Congo (1995)
  • When everybody is in the cave there are rocks falling on them, but when the rocks go in the water, they float.
    • Comment: Maybe they're pumice rocks... - Cren
  • On the Dvd, go to scene 13, when the expedition gets close to the temple, you can see a hand throwing out the fourth bird. (DVD) - rbcheek


  Conspiracy Theory (1997)
  • Near the end of the movie when everybody comes to rescue Jerry, one guy shouts "Call an ambulance!", or something on that line. Just one question; why would you have to call an ambulance when you're already at the damn hospital? Yes, I know it's a mental institution, but still even that has a surgical ward. - Cren


  Contact (1997)
  • (Continuity) When the little girl goes downstairs and the camera cuts to a view of the first floor and the spilled popcorn on the ground, it shows the mess on the left side but when she goes upstairs to get the medicine, you can see behind her that the mess is is now on the right side. - tallteen2
    • Explanation: The popcorn changes sides because the scene of the girl running up the stairs is shot through a mirror. You see this when she gets to the medicine cabinet. - Tracy
  • (Continuity) When the signal received at the V.L.A. Radio telescope resumes after briefly stopping, and the researchers begin noticing that the signal is grouped by prime numbers, after eleven the signal continues way past the next prime number; in the next scene they show a graph indicating the groupings by primes through one hundred and one! - Neil


  Cooley High (1975)
  • This film takes place in 1964, but there's a scene where Glynn Turman and his girlfriend are walking along a freeway overpass and in the background you see late 60's and early 70's cars on the freeway. - Soulman


  Cool Runnings (1993)
  • In the bar scene, when the 2 guys go into the bathroom and near the end, one of them is yelling. His lips are not on key with the dialogue, and it looks like a Godzilla movie. - Joe


  Cool World (1992)
  • (Revealing mistakes) Near the end of the movie, when Holly runs through the hotel corridor, the sign depicting the corridor level is 21 N (Top right corner) and when Brad Pitt's character chases in behind her, it is reflected backwards. (Top left corner). (VHS) - Mark B


  Corky Romano (2001)
  • When Corky is at the meeting with all of the agents and he pours that glass of water for that agent he's in love with (I can't remember her name) when it goes to her giving Corky a look miraculously it's not there but in the next shot it's there again right in front of her. - Billy
  • When Corky is held in the warehouse by the skinheads and has the electrodes attached to his nipples it is obvious that they are actually in front of him held up on their own. You can tell because he moves around when shocked and after, but they don't move with him. - HeyZuess


  Corrina, Corrina (1994)
  • (Continuity) In the scene near the end of the movie, where Manny is trying to find out why Molly stole the cigarettes, Molly's hands constantly move from being behind her (bracing herself) when her face is shown, it being in her lap (where Manny is holding her hands) when Manny's face is shown. - Beth
  • (Plot holes) At one point in the movie, the father is sitting with the daughter on her bed talking about her mother and he says that the little girl has the same beautiful BLUE eyes as her mother had (words to that effect) and you can clearly see that the little girl has BROWN eyes! - annaBanana


  Corruptor, The (1999)
  • When Mark Wahlberg shoots the Asian porn director watch the entire scene in slow motion. You will notice that the porn director gets shot before Wahlberg fires his gun, the wound disappears and suddenly he gets shot in the same place again. Apparently the editor thought that if the cut was fast enough no one would notice this. But you have to watch it in slow motion. That is all. - David


  Count of Monte Cristo, The (2002)
  • (Factual errors) A doomed character, loyal to the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte, carries a walking-stick which bears a miniature bust of Napoleon on the handle. I recall reading once that while in exile all portraits/busts of the exiled Emperor were forbidden, and to have any such item could (and would) get you jailed. There were, however, walking sticks carried by his loyal followers...but they were made to only reproduce his bust's silhouette, on the wall, when light was shone on them. You couldn't tell what the handle was when looking at it in your hand. That walking-stick is how the followers knew one another and kept their identities a secret. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland


  Country Bears, The (1999)
  • (Continuity) When Henry is calling Ted, the bus in the background is dirty, but earlier they had washed it, and the scene right after the call, when they met Elton John, it was clean again. (DVD) - ShakinBacon


  Coyote Ugly (2000)


  Craft, The (1996)    Buy this movie
  • When Sarah first shows her wrist to the other three witches, her scar went vertically down her left wrist, but when she has a flashback of the night she did it, she slits her right wrist diagonally. - Eric Peterson
  • When the girls are in the Witch Store buying a book on envoking the spirit, when Nancy is looking at the book at it shows her hands, her nail are Red, a second later it pans back to her hands and her nail are now Black. - Stoney
  • In the French course scene, the teacher asks a student what he has done during the weekend. The student does not understand. The teacher then says, pointing the blackboard: "Si vous aviez faites vos devoirs, vous comprendriez", which, literally translated in English, means: "If you had DO your homeworks, you would understand". Even though the pronunciation is correct, the teacher lacks his verb tenses. The right way to say it would be: "Si vous aviez FAIT..." meaning: "If you had DONE..." - Ropers Yann


  Crazy/Beautiful (2001)
  • No one wears their seatbelts when they are driving their cars [or being a passenger] in the car. Have these people never heard of safety? - Sarah
    • Comment: HELLO?? did you even bother to consider that the title of the movie has the word CRAZY in it? Not that I'm saying anyone who drives without a seatbelt is crazy but HOW CAN YOU CONSIDER THAT A GOOF???? - Kally


  Crimson Pirate, The (1952)    Buy this movie
  • Near the end of the 1952 Burt Lancaster film "The Crimson Pirate" a setup shot of his sailing ship is used to indicate he will soon be boarding it. Unfortunately, on the horizon beyond his 17th century ship can be seen a 20th century ocean liner! I have seen this movie a number of times but just noticed the error in a 31 August showing on the AMC channel. - George Mells


  Crimson Rivers, The (Les Rivières pourpres) (2000)    Buy this movie
  • When Pierre Niemans and Max Kerkerian are being chased by the truck, Max shoots out the rear window of their car, which totally breaks apart and away. A couple of shots later, Niemans is driving the car with part of the rear window still behind him. (DVD) - Mr. X


  Crimson Tide (1995)    Buy this movie
  • In the "Go Bama, Roll Tide" scene---the submarine in the background is only partially finished. The submarine on the way to sea in the following scene is a 688 attack sub, not a "boomer". - Thomas
  • Fatal flaw in the story line. Once a release code for nuclear weapons is given, there is no command to stop it. That's one of the reasons there are so many steps to initiate a release.
  • This film falls victim to a bad habit that any movie featuring guns eventually has surface. When one group of sub sailors decide to arm themselves and confront the crew members holding the control room, they "lock and load" their weapons before leaving the weapons locker. As they get closer to the control room they, again, "lock and load" their weapons. They then enter the control room, square off with their former friends, and everybody "locks and loads" their weapons again! On the second and third times these guys "L-&-L", live ammo should be thrown out from the actions of the guns, bouncing off the ceilings and walls, and rolling on the floor. Once is enough! - Kieth Moreland


  Critters (1986)
  • When Charlie was at the police station talking to Harv, when Charlie left, you can see him, standing next to the door from the outside, waiting for the next scene to start. - Richard F.
  • When Brad, went out of his window after he got in trouble, he closed it, then later in the movie, the whole family runs from the critters, and you can see that brads window is opened again, and brad never went up in his room, before that happened, now when brad left the family to save them, he went up to his room, where he had too open his window again, which it was opened before, not closed, a big blooper. - Richard F.
  • When Harv was about to leave at the end of the movie, they show him and the backseat of the car about to leave, if you look closely you can see the camera man, at the reflection of the backseat of the window of Harv's car, it only showed for a couple seconds, be fast. - Richard F.
  • When Steve was killed, he left his car, near the barn, then when the explosion hit, his car wasn't there anymore. - Richard F.
  • In Brad's bedroom, you can see two lighters, one in his drawer which he picked up later, and one on his desk, but he only took the one in his drawer, why was there a second one, its just weird. - Richard F.
  • Charlie broke his beer bottle in the beginning of the movie, then when he went to the bar and took a sip of beer, after the fight, and he left it there, then suddenly he had a bottle in his pocket in the end. - Richard F.


  'Crocodile' Dundee II (1988)
  • (Continuity) When the newspaper man is taking photographs in the jungle he is using a mirror lens.  When he runs off and gets in the jeep, the lens has changed to a zoom lens.


  Crossroads (2001)
  • (Revealing mistake) When Lucy (Brit Spears) gets out of the shower and is standing there in a towel, you can see a nude halter/bra underneath the towel. So that shows she really isn't naked under the towel. (DVD) - withluvxoxo
  • (Continuity) When Britney and her frineds are in the bathroom in the motel, the pregnant friend has pigtails and one pigtail has a disappearing/reappearing toothbrush stuck in it. - hez
  • (Plot holes) Before Britney and co win "big" at kareoke, they have barely any money for four people on a road trip. The small jar of money they win at Kareoke must have been stuffed with hundreds becasue for the rest of the movie they are seen living in fancy hotels and buying lots of food and clothes. - hez
  • (Plot holes) Britney's black friend had problems with her weight???? I think they should have found a less-anorexic looking actress to make that aspect of the plot believable. - hez


  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Who hu zang long) (2000)
  • In the scene where Michelle Yeoh (Yu Shu Lien) is chasing a thief across the roof tops. Just before she rips a small piece of the wall out to whack the thief on the head. You can clearly see the chord which is holding her up by light reflecting off of it. - Vladimir
  • The wires holding up Chow Yun-Fat are visible in the poster on the right. - Webmaster


Chow Yun-Fat (Photo)

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  Crow, The (1994)

Brandon Lee as Eric Draven

  • After Brandon lee forces "fun-boy" to shoot himself in the leg you can see the tube pumping blood as he falls. - Crawlinded
    • Comment: It's actually the wire that sets off the squib/blood-pack on the actor's leg. It's actually visible a couple of times while he's on the bed. (VHS) - Kieth Moreland
  • When Eric (Brandon Lee) is walking up the stairs to his old apartment the crow is on the banister flapping its wings. The camera moves to the side and you see the crow's shadow not moving but still hear the wings flapping. - KilljoyTheKlown
  • In the part where the guy from the store (the one that Eric blew up) is in the bar, he asks for another drink. Well the bartender hands him the bottle and some other guy fills it but when he fills it, it's only like 1/4 full but when he begins drinking it, it's all the way full. - Amber
  • In the pawnshop scene, Brandon Lee dumps engagement rings down the barrel of the shotgun he's holding. Don't think so! The diameter of the 12-Gauge barrel is not so large. It's actually about the same size as the standard ring finger diameter. Still a cool scene, though. (VHS) - Kieth Moreland
  • In the scene where T-bird's car goes off the pier, you see that there is no engine on the chasis, no interior to the car. It's just a shell on wheels. (VHS) - Kieth Moreland
  • In the loft fight scene, the first bad guy thrown through the plate glass window, to the dance floor below, has a safety wire attached to his waist. The second guy headed downward to the dance floor, a few scenes later, has a safety wire attached to his ankle. (VHS) - Kieth Moreland


  Cruel Intentions (1999)    Buy this movie
  • At the end of the film when Reese Witherspoon is driving in the Jag as the camera goes to the side angle you can see the camera car in the reflection of the Jag. - LeonPhoenix
  • When 'the gregster' is in his room talking about his girl friend, and what he was doing :) His pal shouts 'The gregster' and give him an high five. If you watch his mate, he lifts his hand for a high five, but he is ignored and doesn't receive one. He's is left high and dry! - [S]isq[o]
  • In the scene where Sebastian and Annette are in the pool, you can clearly see markers on the bottom of the pool for them to stand on. - kelbel
  • When Sebastian is talking to his gay friend about the meeting, notice the pile of metallic ball things, the first shot, it piled up high, the next shot, the pile's shrunk! - Shoot_Me_Girl
  • The license plate of the car that hits Sebastian changes. - The Big J
  • In the end of the movie when Sebastian is struck by a car, if you pause the movie or put it in slow motion then you can see that it is a stunt man who has like dark brown hair and looks nothing like Ryan Phillippe. It is actually pretty funny. - Kristen


  Cry-Baby (1990)
  • Johnny Depp's hair keeps changing shape throughout the movie between shots. E.g. in one shot his hair is scruffy because he has been in a fight and then a second later in the next, it's neatly combed back in place. - Webmaster


  Cujo (1983)
  • I've only seen this movie once but when Cujo is rabid and about to kill his first victim (the bald mechanic), he is wagging his tail. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't dogs wag their tails when they are happy. Maybe Cujo's way of playing is by killing his playmates. - stevo
    • Info: Why do dogs wag their tails? Not a simple answer to that one according to this site.


  Curly Sue (1991)
  • When the main lady first hits Jim and takes him to the beef joint she makes a call to her boyfriend and then wipes the phone and her ear off, but when she is done wiping her ear you can see a piece of tissue is on her shoulder and then seconds later it isn't. - Kristee


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