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  D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)


  D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996)
  • Fulton Reed's (Elden Ratliff) jersey has his *first* name printed on the back, while everyone else has their *last* name. - Sean
  • The clothesline in the rollerblading sequence disappears as Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson) jumps it. - Sean
  • When the team is in the locker room after one of their games, the coach throws a hockey puck at a bulletin board, and dents it. However, in the next shot, there is no dent. - Scarlet
  • When Portman comes back during the JV- Varsity game. He's talking to the man at the faceoff, and when they drop the puck there's no straps on his mask. In the next scene where he hits the guy into the glass. He UNSTRAPS his helmet and says something to him. - Kevin
  • In the beginning of the JV/Varsity game when they skate onto the ice to pay tribute to Hans, you can see that Julie takes her helmet off (why?) and then skates OUT of the circle to get it back. - Vicki
  • (Continuity) In D3, the goalie for Varsity, Scooter, is Scott Whyte. Scott Whyte also played Iceland's Gunner in D2. What, did Gunner all of a sudden travel to America and drop his Icelandic accent? - Kevin


  Daddy Day Care (2003)
  • (Continuity) In the movie when Eddie Murphy and his wife are getting a tour of that fancy daycare he is wearing a pink shirt but when he has to go back to work he is wearing a blue shirt. (DVD) - Tazz


  Dances With Wolves (1990)
  • While Dunbar is unloading the wagon at the fort, Tibalt spits out a mouthful of chewed hard-boiled egg out when Dunbar says he is staying. As the camera switches angles during the ensuing conversation, Tibalt has pieces of it on his face at one angle and not the other. - Admiral John
  • Near the end an army sergeant playing dead in the river starts out with a Remington pistol but as he comes up out of the river is is holding a Colt pistol.
  • In one scene, a jet's contrail is visible in the prairie sky. - Pazuzu
  • In a scene where he is riding his horse you can see on the side of his saddle a Gatorade bottle. - Ben
  • When Dunbar gets through swimming in the pond he goes up the hill to see an Indian. If you look at his hair it's completely dry. - josh howell
  • When the Indians surround the one soldier and they all fire at him at the all at once, wouldn't you think those surrounding Indians would get caught in the crossfire? - Soulman
    • Comment: ONLY if they missed! - Darkfox
    • Correction: NO... and here's why. When the lone invader gets surrounded, he is still on horseback. Dunbar and the Sioux who shot him were all on foot, in the river. Therefore, they were shooting UPWARD, and would not have hit each other. - Ycekhold


  Dangerous Beauty (1998)
  • At the start of a scene during which two characters duel with poetry and swords, the Rufus Sewell character, Marco Venier, puts his left hand on the shoulder of his cousin Maffio (Oliver Platt) and Marco's not wearing a wedding ring. A few minutes later in the real-time action, Marco puts his left hand on the face of a female character and he's wearing his wedding ring. - "K"
  • In a scene in a palazzo garden Marco turns and walks away to leave the garden and go toward a Venetian canal, passing  through an archway to get there. He has a cape draped over his shoulder, 16th century Venetian style. But when he emerges from the garden through the archway a couple of seconds later he comes down the steps and the cape is missing. - "K"


  Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The (2002)
  • (Anachronisms) The film is set in the mid to late 70s. The young boys in the film collect comic books. What is noticeable is that the comics they collect are ahead of their time. The comics at the magazine stand, Namor and Quasar were both late 80s, early 90s comics. Also, a Marvel G.I. Joe comic is clearly seen in Sister Assumpta's (Jodie Foster) desk drawer. That series first started in 1982. - Logan


  Dangerous Minds (1995)
  • In the scene where Emilio and his girlfriend are fighting about whether or not to tell Ms Johnson how much trouble he's in, he yells in her face "Shut the f---up Angela, she don't need to know our business." The actress who plays Angela is mouthing his line right before she says hers. - Reddfoxx


  Dante's Peak (1997)
  • After the Grandmother jumps out of the boat and pulls the family to safety, she crawls out of the water. Watch her feet for the rest of the following scenes! When Pierce Brosnan is carrying her, and she's telling him to stop, you can still see full-length jeans with shoes! However, when it cuts to a shot of her lying on the ground, and the camera pans down her body, her legs have disappeared (for gore purposes)! I don't think her legs fell off after Brosnan put her down! - heavenly sax
    • Correction: They did not disappear. Brosnan puts the lady down, and they pan down to her legs, and you can see the damage from the acid, and how it's eaten through her jeans in places and eaten her skin, but she definitely still has legs. - rangoria
  • In the end credit roll, the person who drove for Pierce Brosnan in the movie was credited as Mr. Bronson's driver. - Cathy
  • (Plot holes) In the movie it shows the water go to sulfar. But then at the meeting when discussing evacuation meeting. The water had already turned to sulfar. But during the meeting they have fresh ice water. How do they get fresh ice water?? - izzymay88


  Daredevil (2003)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Urich looks at the flaming "DD" it is reflected in his glasses - the reflection SHOULD be backwards but it isn't. - jitpack
  • (Spoiler) (Revealing mistakes) When Elektra has to leave a party with her father, fearing for his life, Daredevil follows. Well Bullseye catches up with them and kills her father. But Bullseye kills her father with Daredevil's staff. Elektra picks up a gun and starts shooting at Daredevil. Daredevil then grabs a "staff" and propels himself on a roof close by to avoid being shot. You can see his only one staff by Elektra's side when daredevil leaves. Where did he get the second staff? And i work at a movie theatre, and have seen it many times. He only carries one staff. (Theatre) - stephen


  D.A.R.Y.L. (1985)
  • When Daryl goes to the airforce base to steal the plane, a scary guard dog jumps up and it looks like the dog is going to attack Daryl. A couple of seconds later, the dog falls down injured and now has a wound. I didn't see Daryl doing anything to hurt the dog so I'm assuming this is an error. - Sarah
  • Daryl tells Doctor Stewart to fasten his seatbelt. But the doctor does not fasten his seatbelt until after Daryl does his 'driving on two wheels' stunt and the other stunt, which is not a very sensible thing to do.... doesn't say much for safety either. - Tiffany
  • After the two families leave the hospital, scientist Doctor Ellen Lamb [who was still at the military base the last time I saw her] was in the hospital carpark to visit Daryl in hospital. Now, how did she know that the hospital was where Daryl was? - Glorianne Brentleigh
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Daryl accidentally breaks the window with the baseball, his foster mother, Joyce is listening to a little boy playing the piano. When the baseball breaks the window and goes into the room where the piano lesson is taking place, Joyce gives the proper reaction: jumping back and screaming at the sudden unexpected shock of a baseball breaking the window but the little boy just sits there with a bored expression on his face, like he knew the ball was coming and didn't bother to react to it. - Stacey


  Dave (1993)    Buy this movie
  • How is it that nobody notices Dave Kovak (Kevin Kline) is the spitting image of the late President, Bill Mitchell, is dating the widow of President Mitchell and has Bill Mitchell's ex bodyguard working for him? - Terry
  • Wouldn't people get just a little suspicious, especially when all these "coincidences" happen at the same time Dave Kovak decides he wants to stand for election? - Terry


  Day of the Jackal, The (1973)
  • (Revealing mistakes) At the very end of the movie, you see two workers shoveling dirt into a grave. At the very last moment, you can see the brown shirted man react to a "cut" command as he does not throw his last shovel of dirt into the hole. - Fred


  Days of Thunder (1990)

Tom Cruise as Cole Trickle
Cary Elwes as Russ Wheeler

  • Towards the end of the movie, during the Daytona 500, at one point, Russ Wheeler is racing next to Cole Trickle, who are side by side, and slightly ahead of a green & white car #33 (Harry Gant's Skoal car). The scene cuts to a close-up of one of the 2 characters as Wheeler slams into Trickle's car. Then the scene cuts back to a shot of the cars, and they're next to a green & white car, but it's now the #26 (Brett Bodine's Quaker State car). Cut back to close up of Trickle saying on the radio, "Wheeler knocked me into Gant, Gant spun out!" and another long shot shows #33 spinning out. (You may have to watch in slow motion to catch this -- because the cars are similarly coloured, the creators may have thought they could sneak it past us!) - Scotiascot
  • Does it strike anybody else as a bit strange that Dr. Lewicki (Nicole Kidman) -- a BRAIN SURGEON -- rides on the back of Cole's motorcycle without wearing a helmet? - Scotiascot
    • Correction: It's stupid, but why would stupid behaviour qualify as a goof? By that logic all physicians should be non-smokers. - thor
  • When Tom and Nicole go to other drivers home to visit, the wife of the other driver greets Tom as "Hi Tom!" - nik
    • Correction: When Jenny (Rowdy's wife) first joins Claire, Cole, and Rowdy she introduces herself to Claire and then says "Hey Cole" (with her southern accent) It does indeed sound like she says "Tom" at first. Listen carefully and if you look closely at her mouth when she says it, you can tell she says "Hey Cole" because if she would have said "Tom" her mouth would have had to open in order for the (Ahh) sound of the O in Tom to come out. So sorry it's not a flub. :-) (VHS) - Jess
  • There are so many "racing scene" edits that are too many to mention, as the one previously mentioned. However, at the DAYTONA (which is in FLORIDA, last time I looked) INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY, there are NO mountains! And you can clearly see the mountains from the PHOENIX race track, as well as other tell-tale give-aways of bad movie editing... all throughout this otherwise great movie! - Brad Fitzgerald
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) I'm surprised no one has mentioned this one. But when Cole (Tom Cruise) is racing around the track in one of the race's, he say's something to Harry on his head set and you hear him (Tom) speaking but his lips do not move. I'm not sure what race but you can't miss it. It's so obvious. (DVD) - Hometheatrman


  Dazed and Confused (1993)


  Dead Alive (aka Braindead) (1992)    Buy this movie


  Dead Calm (1989)
  • When Sam O'Neil and Nicole Kidman go back to retrieve the life raft, with the baddy in. They shoot the life raft. On the camera shot, they follow the raft along the boat from front to rear. As it reaches the 3/4 to the rear, there is some one hanging on the side of the boat. If it is supposed to be the baddy, he is wearing different clothes. It does look though, as if a member of the film crew was about to get into shot and had to quickly jump out of sight, unsuccessfully. (DVD) - Gary


  Deadfall (1993)
  • (Crew/equipment visible) Near the end of the movie, Michael Biehn throws a man off a roof. They cut from the rooftop to an exterior closeup of the man falling. Before they cut to the wide shot of the body falling to the ground you can see the stuntman hitting the bag/matt just below the roofline. They make this same mistake TWICE (two men are thrown from the building). (VHS) - Joe


  Dead Poets Society (1989)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where Robin Williams is using different Hollywood actors to quote Shakespeare he uses Marlon Brando's "Godfather" voice. Dead Poets is set in the 1950's and Brando didn't do the Godfather until the 1970's. - Rick Weldon
    • Correction: Keating uses the real Marlon Brando voice, the New York talk. Watch any movie Brando made when he was younger (and may I say--hot!!!) and you'll see that it's his real voice. The godfather voice was more hoarse and gruffer, but the voice Keating imitates is pure Brando. - Jane


  Dead Presidents (1995)
  • During the heist, a police officer fires a 6 shot revolver 8 times without reloading. - David
  • In one scene, an American headbutts a Viet Cong officer in the nose. If you look closely, you can see the blood is coming from his sleeve not his nose. - David
  • When ---- gets hit by the police car, you can see that he is a dummy. - David
  • In this same scene, when he hits the wall, you can see that his legs are no longer crushed between the car and the wall. - David
  • When the police are chasing ---- through the alley, they hit the sides of a building which then let out sparks. But, the sparks come before the car hits the walls not after. - David
  • After the brink's truck gets blown up, Kirby accidentally elbows * in the face but the scene keeps going and * staggers off camera. -


  Dead Zone (1983)
  • (Crew/equipment visible) Through out the movie which has Christopher Walken in it, you can see the overhead microphone. At one point you even see the person holding it. - lledkn


  Death Hunt (1981)    Buy this movie
  • Lee Marvin, Carl Weathers, and Andrew Stevens play 1920's Canadian Mounties on the trail of a suspected murderous fur trapper (Charles Bronson). During the pursuit, the mounties take a drinking and whoring break. One of the native American women points at Andrew Stevens and makes a comment in her native tongue. Stevens turns to Weathers and asks for a translation. Weathers replies, "She says you're nervous, like a penguin skidding across the ice." That's one well-travelled Indian girl! Penguins live at the south pole, not the north pole. - Kieth Moreland


  Death Train (1993)    Buy this movie
  • When the German police cars approach the train with the bomb they used regular license plates like M - XX 1234 and not the official types like M - 12345 (on official license plates there are no letters after the hyphon). - Norbert


  Death Wish (1974)    Buy this movie
  • In a scene where Paul Kersey first shoots a thug in the park, the thug falls down holding his stomach where he is supposedly shot, but when the police are discussing the incident the following day, someone said that the thug sustained a gunshot wound in the chest. - tochi


  Death Wish 3 (1985)    Buy this movie


  Deep Blue Sea (1999)


  Deep End of the Ocean, The (1999)    Buy this movie
  • When Mechell Fifer & Whoopy Goldberg are talking in her office. If you keep you're eye on the blinds behind Whoopy you can see a woman disappear and than reappear. - Cerasi


  Deep Impact (1998)
  • When Leo returns to the garage to unlock the motorcycle, all the parts jars are in place - He has to remove 2 to find the key - but as he's leaving the garage, you can see that 3 have been removed. - Scott
  • When the comet approaches the Earth, its tail points backwards, straight away from the Earth. In reality, the tail of a comet always points away from the Sun. - Olav Westerman
  • No explanation is given to how the "Messiah" could be built so fast and obviously be kept secret all the time. - Olav Westerman
  • You can't blow such a big comet to small debris, even with several nuclear charges, since there is no air that can expand and blow it up by the pressure. There is only heat, that may crack it to several large chunks. - Olav Westerman
  • The direction the comet is traveling. When Leo and his wife leave her parents the are heading towards the mountains. The comet passes Leo on the motorcycle going towards the mountains. When the scene shows the parents looking at the comet. It is traveling in the opposite direction - away from the mountain! - cicely
  • OK, does anyone else have a problem with the comet that when seen flying overhead is obviously ad a much shallower angle (like it will almost bounce off the atmosphere) than when it shows it hitting in the ocean (at nearly 90 degrees). - Mitch Herndon
  • How could the Capital building in Washington D.C. be partly destroyed on top at the end. Washington D.C is too far away to be hit with a massive tidal wave and even it was flooded for a short period of time I don't think a flood can do that to a stone like material. - TAZ


  Deer Hunter, The (1978)


  • When Michael (Robert De Niro) returns from Vietnam he and his friends go deer hunting in the mountains. Watch his rifle. He starts out shooting a left handed bolt action rifle and the gun changes to a right handed model then back to a left handed model as the camera angle changes. (DVD) - jmiller320
  • (Continuity) When the soldiers are escaping down the river and the helicopters fly over for the first time it shows a clip with two of the actors hanging on the helicopter's rails even though they haven't been picked up yet. (TV) - White Wolf


  Dellamorte Dellamore (1994)
  • When Gnaghi vomits on the girl's dress and camera rolls back you can catch a glimpse of a knees of cameraman and stand of dolly on bottom of screen. - Levine


  Demolition Man (1993)
  • The monitoring devices on Sparton swap sides. - Troy
  • The name of the restaurant that Sparton is invited to changes. - Troy
  • Gasoline isn't flammable, but the fumes are. So holding a flame inches from gasoline like Phoenix does in the movie would set it alight. - Troy


  Demons (Demoni) (1985)    Buy this movie
  • When Usherette gets killed under of the bench pile you can see someone's hand remove the bench away from camera. - Levine


  Demons 2 (Demoni 2) (1986)    Buy this movie
  • In the movie, the power goes out in the apartment building. If the power went out, how are all the neon lights working in the pregnant girl's apartment. Also, if the phones are not working in the building, how is the phone ringing in the boys apartment when his mother is trying to call.


  Dennis the Menace (1993)    Buy this movie
  • While Dennis is sabotaging Mr. Wilson's Medicine, he goes from having toothpaste all over his mouth, to none at all, and to all over his mouth again. - Bob


  Desperado (1995)    Buy this movie


  Desperate Hours (1990)    Buy this movie
  • Anthony Hopkins walks across the lawn in front of his home and the entire production crew reflection is clearly seen from the houses windows. - pat


  Destination Moon (1950)
  • In the films opening scenes a test-rocket crashes. It falls straight down from a high altitude and explodes, but yet it is seen standing almost intact with its nose buried in the ground. - Olav Westerman
  • In a scene early in the film the spaceship is surrounded by scaffolding and workers. The lower part of the ship, which is built in full scale, and the upper part, which is a painting, are sunlit from different angles. - Olav Westerman
  • The spaceships propulsion-system is a nuclear engine, so the lunar landing-site must be contaminated by the radioactive exhausts, yet the astronauts spend most of their time on the Moon only a few meters from the ship. - Olav Westerman
    • Explanation: I think the reactor produces heat which warms water to superheated steam when it passes through a heat exchanger. The steam might pick up a little radiation, but most of the ground heat will be thermally not, not radioactive. (This is what I think I read in the fifties.) - Kingman


  Detroit Rock City (2000)
  • In the scene when Jams mom is taking out his new clothes from K-Mart, she slides it out and it has the new logo and when Jam looks at it it is the older logo. WEIRD¿ - Shadow
  • In the concert scene at the end of the movie Paul Stanley (Lead Singer) is playing a black flying V shaped guitar when the band comes down from the scaffold. At the end of the same song he smashes a different black X shaped guitar with a white binding around the edges. E-mail me with any comments. - Madd Dogg
    • Correction: As for the problem with Paul Stanley's guitar, if you watch, and you know about kiss shows, those shots are actually a collection of the whole show, a sort of highlights of kiss... the blood the fire all that, that happens over the course of the show, not just during one song. - MMachine
  • If you notice in the scene right after the pizza in thrown on the Trans Am, the window on the drivers side of the Volvo goes from opened to closed from opened to closed in a matter of a few seconds as the camera shots change. - Master Basser
  • If you notice in the scene where the "Guidos" have pulled the gang over to the side of the road and they start yelling at them, the sky changes from cloudy to sunny. - Master Basser


  Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999)
  • When Deuce goes on his first gigalow to Marlow Thomas's house, Marlow is on the bed with her wrist on her knee (her knee is in the air) on all front shots. When the camera is behind her her arm is down. Then back up and down in every different angle. I'm assuming this was done so that when the camera is behind her there is a clear shot of Deuce as he stands in the doorway. - Jim Spencer
  • In the scene where Deuce puts the bread into the toaster, you can clearly see that the bread was already toasted. - Chris Astoyan
  • (Continuity) While Deuce is fighting with the whore, the shot is panned out and she goes to kick him, however if you look at her feet she has no shoes on, but she kicks him with her shoe in his face. - Heather B.


  Devil's Advocate, The (1997)
  • During the scene where the man is coughing badly in the courtroom, he places the books/papers he's holding on the table before he stands up. In the shot where you see him sit back down, he can be seen placing them on the table again. - Steven
  • In the kitchen restaurant scene where Lomax is on the phone, the reflection of the boom mike can be seen on the wall tiles behind him. Just look at the top of the screen for a small shadow moving back and forth, above Lomax's head. - Steven


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