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  Dial M for Murder (1954)    Buy this movie
  • When the husband (Mike?) finds his key missing from his raincoat he goes to the police station to claim Margo's belongings since he figures he can use her flat key from her purse. When he returns to the flat, he has Margo's possessions in hand--- but no raincoat. Since the raincoat/key switch was elaborately set up in a previous scene, the fact that the keyless raincoat is suddenly not there is glaringly obvious. - Shimidh
    • Correction: There is no raincoat goof! The husband suddenly realises the raincoat he has is not his own but the Chief Inspector's. He goes to the police station and leaves it there. The Chief Inspector has previously telephoned his police sergeant instructing him not to give the husband his raincoat. - Soma
  • The husband (Ray Milland) shuts the curtains blocking the garden door twice. Once when he and Halliday finish their cocktails and then again just before they leave the flat. - Brent Wallis
    • Correction: There is no curtain-closing goof! There are two doors to the garden each with its curtains open, which can be clearly seen behind the actors when they are drinking cocktails. The husband shuts the curtains of one door and returns later to shut the curtains of the other. - Soma


  Diamonds Are Forever (1971)


  • While escaping the police, Sean and Jill drive through an alley with two tires touching the ground, the right side wheels. But when the Mustang comes out from the alley the left side tires are touching the ground.
    • Comment: I think the red car switches sides on purpose while tilted. The shot where it shows the girl looking scared and Bond is calm, you can see it change sides. - Bob
      • Comment: This was indeed an error, they tried to conceal it with the scene you describe where the car seems to rotate, but the alley is far too narrow for that. - Kevin H
    • Correction: When the car goes into the alley the camera simply changes angles and that makes the car appear to change sides. - robo
    • Comment: According to the producers spotted this error before release, and inserted a quick shot to indicate that, for some reason, Bond flips the car onto its other wheels. There must have been an opening somewhere in the alley. - Webmaster


Dang, that side-switching Mustang!

  • When James Bond steals the moon-buggy and is being chased by the police, in one scene his vehicle looses a wheel that is seen rolling away, but in the next scene the buggy has all its wheels in place again. - Olav Westerman
  • Okay, Bond is all dressed up, with a fresh carnation in his laple when he pays his call upon Blofeld in Willard White's penthouse. James alpine climbs into the penthouse, eventually gets knocked out by gas and falls to the floor, he's dumped into the trunk of a car and buried in an underground pipe for God knows how long, climbs and lays atop some machine that prowls the pipe, gets let out into the heat of the day and that carnation looks as fresh as it did when he put it on! What's that florist using??? - Kieth Moreland
  • Just what is the light source in an underground pipeline that allows Bond to see his little mouse friend? - Kieth Moreland
  • When Bond meets Bambi and Thumper, he ends up fighting and subduing them in a swimming pool. Yet his hair is dry and (of course) not out of place when, a moment later, he rescues Willard Whyte. - Kieth Moreland


  Diary of Anne Frank (1959)
  • (Continuity) When they welcome the new guest, the older, balding man (Forgot his name), when he's coming down the hall, his overcoat is dry. But when he enters, it's drenched. - JP


  Die Another Day (2002)
  • (Factual errors) James bond cuts a hole into the ice, at the parking lot, then put his air-pen into his mouth... then jumps into the hole.. where he is submerged.. he swims into the lab where he comes up... - common it's on a glacier - water below the first 10 cm isn't possible. - Montago
  • (Factual errors) Later on he's chased by a lazerbeam from space, where he drives out of the boundaries of the glacier (the cliff) which obviously conclude that the glacier is solid (therefore no water under the 10cm of ice). - Montago
  • (Factual errors) The entire Ice castle is build on a 10cm icecap... very difficult I'd say. - Montago
  • (Factual errors) When Halle Berry drowns in the ice water James rescues her by jumping with her in a hot bath or something but in fact when someone who is under cold heats up to fast like in this case she would die instantly and she didn't. - WiZZ
  • (Continuity) When James Bond is on that blown up plane thing at the end, there is a red and a yellow car slowly falling off. One falls off and the plane flies far then the other one falls off further on. Then its a scene where they show the 2 cars about 2 meters away! They would be way further apart than that! (Theatre) - Chaz


  Die Hard (1988)


  Die Hard 2 (1990)    Buy this movie


  Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995)    Buy this movie


  Digimon: The Movie (2000)    Buy this movie
  • To begin with, over 40 minutes of footage was cut from the whole thing leaving out very important plot points like, Kokomon captured the older Digidestined in the 3rd segment ("Digimon Hurricane Touchdown" and "The Golden Digimentals") (ever wonder why in the beginning TK picks up a labtop from the ground which was on its side? It's Mimi who really takes the picture and she disappears, thus the labtop falls to the ground). - Nick Rock
  • In the 2nd Segment ("Our War Game")there are many shots where Izzy is talking to Tai and on his labtop screen you can see mail from kids all over the world coming in before the "too many e-mails is slowing us down" point. - Nick Rock
  • Also in the 2nd Segment, during the tunnel sequence when WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon were chasing Diaboromon through the tunnel, it shows shots of kids sending e-mails, among these are Miyako "YOLEI" Inou from Season 2 and a trio of monks, when the heck do monks use computers? - Nick Rock
  • In the beginning of the 3rd part when it shows the new digi-destined, next to Davis is Veemon when it's actually ment to be Demiveemon. (VHS) - Guilimon Girl


  Dirty Dancing (1987)    Buy this movie


  Dirty Dozen, The (1967)    Buy this movie
  • Near the end, as they make their way over the bridge in the armored car, they push a German vehicle through the side of the concrete/stone bridge and into the water. You see the German vehicle splash into the water and a quick shot of a hollow, wood-framed section of the damaged "concrete/stone" bridge. - RJK


  Dirty Harry (1972)
  • When Harry confronts the bank robbers on the street, they drive at him. He shoots the driver and the car ends up on the sidewalk, into a fire hydrant, and on its side. You can see a thick cable attached to the rear of the car, coming from under the trunk lid. When Harry walks through the gushing water, we see the rear end of the car, minus the cable. - Kieth Moreland

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry
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  • After the shoot-out with the bank robbers, Harry approaches the wounded man on the sidewalk who had been armed with the shotgun. In the long shot, there's about two to three feet separating the bad guy from the shotgun. In the follow up shots, there is only three to six inches. The closer distance, necessary, for the famous ".44 magnum" speech. - Kieth Moreland
  • In the bank scene if you count Harry's shots, he did indeed fire only 5 shots, so that gun was probably one of those rare S&W 5 shot 29s.


  Dirty Work (1998)    Buy this movie
  • When the hairy guy takes of Norm Macdonald shirt a patch of the hair either comes lose or falls off but you can only see it in slow motion. My friend that told me this must of been high at the time cause I still haven't seen it yet. - Chris
  • When Norm is driving and hallucinating in the car, the background is totally fake and you can tell that they aren't moving at all. (Watch the white dotted line as the camera pans from him to Farly) - don
  • The scene in which they are ruining the building, Norm has a blow torch, camera cuts and then he has a fire extinguisher and the fire oddly enough didn't spread when he ran to get a fire extinguisher and got rid of the blow torch.... hummm. - don


  Disturbing Behavior (1998)    Buy this movie
  • After Rachel & Steve watch the CD from Gavin, Rachel shows Steve a letter she got from the "AMA Database" on the internet; The letter shows an address that has "Cradle Bay, WA 12005" on it- 12005 isn't an actual ZIP Code, and if Cradle Bay, WA really existed, it would have a ZIP Code that started with 9... - Scott


  Doc Hollywood (1991)
  • In the comedy Doc Hollywood, Michael J. Fox plays a big-city plastic surgeon stuck in a small town when his car breaks down. There is a scene where he faces the supposed boyfriend of Michael's love interest in the movie. When he is in the house, he thinks the old boy friend is going to attack him. Since he is a short skinny guy facing a taller stronger country guy he picks up a bat to protect himself, but in the next scene he has an oar, then the bat again, then the oar.


  Doctor Dolittle (1998)
  • When John Dolittle's dog is being operated on by the vet, the vet says that he must translate what the dog is saying, and the dog tells john something along the lines of "what's to translate?", yet when the vet is talking about how he should retrieve the thermometer, the dog asks john what the vet just said. How the hell did the dog understand the vet before?
    • Comment: Ok ummmm it seems like you don't have a pet dog. Have you ever noticed when a pet dogs owner say sit, stay or any other command like that, the dog obeys them, also with my dog if you say stuff like "Who's there?" "What's that sound?" and other stuff he actually goes to the door or something so I think dogs can kinda understand English so when the dog asks Dr Dolittle what the vet said, he knows he said something cause he understands a bit. - AinametweN GreenleaF
  • This happens at the very end of the movie. John Dolittle and his dog are walking towards the circus and it appears as though they are close enough to walk through the gates yet in the next shot they are further up the street and therefore further away from the circus. Goof or just an illusion??? - kathy


  Doctor Dolittle 2 (2001)    Buy this movie


  Dogma (1999)    Buy this movie


  Domestic Disturbance (2001)
  • In the fire scene: Vaughn is burned on the right arm, he holds it, he then opens the door with the right arm, favoring the left (As if it's hurt) goes outside and then grabs the right arm again. Also: the burnt shirt transfers arms as well !! - Greg Amos


  Donnie Brasco (1997)
  • This fine Mafia movie takes place in 1978 and advertises the Continental airplane company with a logo, which wasn't in use at that time.
  • They also advertise MCI's long distance calls, even though there at that time was no such company.
  • Sticking a 25 cent coin into a telephone in '78 would have been damn expensive.
  • When the two policemen tell Donnie's girlfriend they haven't heard from him in a long time -at her house-, her position keeps changing from closed legs, arms resting on her legs in the medium close ups, and leaning back, arms spread in the wide shots. This happens a couple of times. - FastForward
  • Did you also notice that in (Lefty's) apt. there are VHS tapes lying all over the place. - gp
    • Correction: In 1977, JVC released its Video Home System format, later known as VHS. Therefore; it is possible that Lefty has VHS tapes based on the fact that the movie takes place in 1978.
  • When in Florida, Michael Madsen's character reads out loud from a newspaper that John Wayne has died, which happened in June of 1979. In a not-much-later scene, Brasco's wife is shoveling the results of a heavy snowfall. - Eddie


  Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice ... (1995)
  • When Loc Dogg pours his drink for his dead homies, look at the guy on top, not only is he breathing, but in the next scene, he's playing go fish with toothpick, I know this movie is a spoof, but I don't know if they expected people to notice that. - Nick
  • (Continuity) When Ash Tray and Loc Dogg are being arrested by Bernie Mac, Bernie Mac's cop car changes. In the first shot, it has hubcaps, then in the second, no hubcaps. s'up dat? - LeetPwnar


  Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991)
  • In the beginning of the movie (about 5 minutes into it), Sue Ellen is laying on her bed, talking on the phone and doodling in a catalogue. Look at the lower right hand portion of the door in the background. See the dark spot? It's the little girl's (Melissa's) foot! She must've been waiting there for her cue. Notice that it's gone after she steps inside the room. :-) - Kid Rock USA
  • In the movie Sue Ellen's name is constantly changing. One minute they call her Sue Ellen and the next minute she's Sue Anne. Oh, yeah, by the way, if that were real life the movie would NOT have ended in such a happy way. (VHS) :o) - jenn4516
    • Correction: They don't call her Sue Anne, they call her Sue El, like Sue Ellen for short. And obviously it wouldn't end so happy, Movies are not all meant to copy real life, cause they wouldn't really put her in a box and put it on the doorstep of the morgue either. Movies are movies, they are meant to take you out of real life for that 1 to 2 hours :) - Bad Kittie


  Doors, The (1991)

Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison

  • In the last half hour of the movie when Jim Morrison is out on a window ledge several stories up at night you can see a movie billboard in the background with Nick Nolte on it advertising one of the 48 hour movies.
    • Info: Both the 48 Hours movies were made over ten years after Jim's death in 1971.
  • When The Doors are on the Ed Sullivan Show Jim says, well we're a sullen group Ed, but his lips aren't moving. - wienes
  • Before Jim get pepper sprayed at the Miami show, he is in a bathroom/shower room/whatever it was, and when the girl is talking to Jim, she says "It's you, who they want, Val." Since Val Kilmer was playing the part of Jim Morrison. - Eric Peterson
  • (Factual errors) Towards the end of the film, the Doors are at Ray's house while a birthday party for Ray's daughter is taking place. In truth, Ray never did have a daughter. - Mykal
  • (Factual errors) Jim becomes furious after seeing a car commercial on TV that uses 'Light My Fire' which the other Doors okayed without his being consulted. In truth, while Jim was truly upset that the other Doors had agreed to let a car company use the song, Jim had the deal stopped before too late, so there never was such a commercial. - Mykal


  Do the Right Thing (1989)    Buy this movie
  • When Radio Raheem (Bill Nunn) is explaining "love" and "hate" to Mookie (Spike Lee), the shadow of the camera is on Radio Raheem's shirt. - film_threat


  Double Indemnity (1944)
  • Walter Neff (Fred MacMurray) is supposed to be unmarried in this movie yet he wears a wedding band. - wendy T


  Double Jeopardy (1999)
  • When Ashly Judd is locked in the coffin she takes a REVOLVER (keep in mind that the revolver is one of the loudest guns) and shoots the hinges! In an enclosed space. She would have gone deaf! - Sims
  • When Layman is in the New Orleans PD office calling his office in WA to get the fax of Parson's driver's license, the handset of the phone his supervisor is talking to him on changes types. - Scott
  • Nick knocks Libby (Ashley Judd) unconscious, then locks her in a mausoleum. How then, does she end up locked in a coffin within the mausoleum? - R.S.K.


  Double Take (2000)
  • When Orlando is crossing the Mex border he says something like in the house. When he says it his lips don't move. (DVD) - movie dude
  • Freddy and David exchange clothes to ellude the police right down to David's glasses. When they are alone in the train car, wouldn't Freddy give back the glasses or at least take them off to avoid the inevitable headache one gets from wearing even the slightest prescription lenses? (Hey, why even wear them at all? They weren't trying to switch identities, just change David's.) - Owlie


  Down Periscope (1995)
  • During the scene where Jackson is climbing the periscope Dodge is at the bottom holding the roll of duct tape. You can see it in his hand after Jackson has started climbing. However, when Jackson reaches the top he has the duct tape. - chelle
  • At the very end, when Ltc Dodge (Kelsey Grammer) and Lt Lake (Lauren holly) are walking down the dock, he has his hand in his pocket, it switches camera angles and he has his arm around her. (VHS) - joshthered
  • In the scene where XO Marty Pascal is knocked into the water by the high pressure hose you can see divers in the water ready to retrieve him. - camerabugs


  Dragonfly (2002)
  • Kevin Costner is talking with another doctor in the cafeteria. There is a microphone following them above there heads as their walking before they sit down. - The Tonester
  • (Continuity) At the cafeteria, Kostner's fellow doctor takes a piece of apple with a fork from his fruit salad bowl and when he puts it into his mouth there is a grape instead. - Vanorden


  Dragonheart (1996)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where Bowen is teaching Brother Gilbert how to shoot a bow, Brother Gilbert's draws his bow (lifts it up to fire) to shoot his 2nd arrow. The feathers are white with brown stripes, but when it cuts too a closer shot of them the feathers are just white. - Cerasi
  • When the Kight of The Old Code, just before he enters the cave where Draco the Dragon lives the Kight has his horse go off some where, but when the Kight comes out to chase the dragon he is riding his horse. (DVD) - Feafaroth


  Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001)
  • In the part of the movie when the chameleon tries to blend in with stuff, it is very unlikely that he would. Chameleons can't change color unless there is a change in light or temperature. It can't just change colors because it would want to. - Starcraft Man
    • Explanation: That's the whole point, he couldn't change colors and that explains why he failed to attempt to change colors in the house. - TAZ
  • In the scene where John is dancing with his wife and the animals are watching, he drops his wife and a white deer with antlers says he broke her in a female voice, only male whitetails have antlers. - g8tor
  • (Factual errors) In the scene where Dr. Dolittle is in the car to visit the beaver, he mentions to the opossum (which is also in the car) that there are no cars named after rodents. Opossums are not rodents, they are marsupials. - Eric


  Drive (1996)    Buy this movie
  • When the evil turbo drive flicks a coin straight through a fat guys throat and into a wall where it becomes embedded, there is no blood on the coin. However in the next shot after the fat guys reaction, the coin drips with blood. And hold on a minute, if the coin was going that fast there wouldn't BE blood on the it anyway! What a mess up. - steelflesh
  • When Toby Wong breaks the broom stick in half and throws one half away, the piece he holds is splintered and jagged at the end. When he uses the broken piece of wood to fight the evil turbo drive, it becomes smooth and rounded off at the end with a metal piece in the middle. - steelflesh


  Drive Me Crazy (1999)
  • Throughout the movie, Melissa Joan-Hart's hair is never the same length! - Cheryl


  Driving Miss Daisy (1989)
  • In the scene where Hoke is driving along side daisy near the start of the film, the camera's reflection can be seen on the body of the bottom right of the screen just after daisy passes the first couple of people. - Steven
  • During the kitchen scene on Christmas day '53, the oven mitt in front of the oven door is hanging in a different position as it cuts to Boolie's close-up shot. - Steven
  • Arriving at Boolie's house, taking Daisy to the party, Hoke parks the car just past the lit up window on the right. As Daisy gets out the car is right beside the window. - Steven
  • As Hoke is giving Miss Daisy a new can of salmon to replace the one he ate, he tells Miss Daisy that the pork chop that was left for his meal was too dry. Miss Daisy is Jewish. Why would their be a pork chop in her kitchen? That just ain't Kosher. :) - ClioBaby
    • Correction: Who says that all Jewish people necessarily only eat Kosher food? I'm Jewish, and most of my friends and family eat pork. - Silver
  • (Continuity) About 30 minutes into the film, Miss Daisy allows Hoke to drive her to the store. As they come to the store the sign Reads Piggly Viggly Instead of Piggly*Wiggly. There is the trademark between the two words so it couldn't be that part of the "W" was broken off. A minute later a scene shows Miss Daisy Peering out the window of the store to see Hoke on the pay phone. The reflection in the window shows a banner from inside the store that reads the correct spelling of the name "Piggly Wiggly". (VHS) - Gary


  Dr. No (1962)
  • The scene where 007 punches the guy near the lake, he punches with his right, but when it changes angle it's his left! - Sims
  • At the end Sean fights Dr. No. After the fight he stands up and runs to the door. His hair is a mess. After walking through the door, his hair is perfect, not a strand out of place. (VHS) - chandler


  Drop Dead Fred (1991)
  • The main character has really brown eyes. But they do flashbacks of her child hood her eyes are bright blue. I've heard of kids eye color changing but that's ridiculous. - Road Dogg


  Drowning Mona (2000)
  • In the end scene, Cubby is talking to a character. Someone throws a string of confetti Cubbys right shoulder, then it cuts to the other character being taken away in handcuff and then back to Cubby and the string of confetti is gone! - Da King


  Drumline (2002)
  • (Factual errors) During the beginning when the "I Believe I Can Fly" song comes on you will notice that when they are rolling they are playing match grip but when they cut within a second to his hands at where he starts playing when he's not suppose to he's at traditional grip. You can't switch grips within that second. -


  D-Tox (2002)
  • (Continuity) When Malloy breaks into the room where the SWAT team member is hanging (in the factory scene) the SWAT team guy doesn't have tape over his mouth or "ICU" painted on his face - it shows up afterward on the closeup. BONUS: If you do frame by frame advance on DVD, you'll also see the actor's face (who is supposed to already be dead) grimace when the squibs explode when Malloy "shoots" him. (DVD) - Scott
  • (Continuity) When Malloy is being driven up the snowy road to the detox center, only the rear tires of the Durango have chains on, but when the camera angle switches when he arrives in the parking area all four tires are chained up. (DVD) - Scott


  Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)
  • The tagline of this movie is: "After a night they can't remember, comes a day they'll never forget." - Strange, because at the end of the day their memory is erased by the two "Nordic Dudes". Therefore; the tagline should be "After a night they can't remember, comes a day they'll never remember.", which wouldn't make much sense, but not much makes sense in this movie anyway. - Webmaster
  • This mistake happens when they're at Zoltan's barn thingy. The two fat guys are looking for the right key for the door. It sounds like the guy on our left says "I can do it." but his lips don't move. (Neither does the other guys).Tell me if I'm wrong cuz I'm not sure. - Calvin'sAngel
  • Toward the end of the movie at the game room Chester's hair changes repeatedly! - moviedude
  • In the part where they find out they got phones in there jackets, how does the one guy know his buddy's phone number? He does not tell it to him. You tell me how he knows it. - surgeongeneral13
    • Comment: Ever heard of phone books on mobile phones?? - HerDarkMaterials
  • When the fat guys take them to Zoltan's barn, they separate them. They put Chester by the wall and nothing is on the wall, then magically, after they place Jesse, there is a fire-extinguisher next to Chester. (DVD) - k
    • Correction: The fire extinguisher is always there. When they are first walking down the hall, it is almost hidden by Jesse but you can still see it. (DVD) - Puff
  • (Continuity) Jesse and Chester come out of the shop with the adidas tracksuits on and when they come out of the police station they aren't wearing them. - D.J danny D


  Dudley Do-Right (2001)
  • Big time error here: Right from the start of the movie when the three main characters are kids, you can hear everyone in this movie talking with an.............American accent! The U.S.A is where the movie was filmed but if they are going to have the people talking with American accents, then they should have set the movie there. - Stacey
    • Correction: According to the Internet Movie Database all the filming locations were in Canada.
  • In the flashback scene, when Dudley and the bad guy Snidely are kids, little Snidely puts an ice cream in little Dudley's hair, gives a little girl a kiss on the cheek and rides off on his bicycle yelling 'so long, suckers!'. Little Dudley tells the girl that he can ride a bicycle better than that. Then he decides it's his turn to give the little girl a kiss on the cheek, and at this point you can hear little Dudley's voice saying 'I can do this better too' but if you look at this you can see that his mouth is closed and isn't moving... a trick only possible with bad dubbing. - Sarah
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) When they are kids little Snidley puts an ice cream into little Dudley's hair, gives the little a kiss on the cheek and rides off on his bicycle yelling 'so long suckers'. Little Dudley tells the girl that he is a better bicycle rider. He then decides that it is his turn to give the little girl a kiss on the cheek and at this point you can hear little Dudley's voice saying 'I can do this better too' but if you look at this, you can see his mouth is closed and isn't moving, a trick only possible with bad dubbing. - Rebecca-Lynn


  Duel (1972)
  • In the restaurant, David (Dennis Weaver) orders a second glass of water. He finishes it completely, but a few shots later, it's full again. - Nate


  Dumb & Dumber (1994)    Buy this movie


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