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  Jack (1996)   Buy this movie
  • When Jack goes to school for the first time he sits in the Medal desk. When he reaches for his book bag and falls over his bag is sitting next to a broken wooden chair. After he falls out of the desk he then goes and sits in the wooden chair (that was broken before) and it breaks. It seams they filmed it out of sequence. - loony


  Jackal, The (1996)   Buy this movie
  • After the assassination attempt near the climax of the film, Jackal (Bruce Willis) makes his escape into a Washington D.C. Metro Station (Capitol Heights Station).  DeClan (The IRA Gunman played by Richard Gere) chases him into the station, they run through one tunnel and around one bend in the tracks and jump onto the platform at Metro Center Station. Capitol Heights (which is a real station), is on the Md side of D.C. Metro Center is under the National Mall, there are twelve stops between the two. - Dan
  • When the Russian women (I forgot the actresses name and the character's name) is hit in the liver by Bruce Willis (the jackal) he draws a heart on her face with her blood, and when Richard Gere is at her side in the next scene there is nothing on her face. - rock
  • When the black FBI agent (Sidney Poitier?) lowers him self down from the helicopter with a rope, his legs are white. - MacX
    • Similar goof is Men in Black.
    • Correction: When the camera shows the men jumping from the helicopter Sidney Poitier is #4 and the white legs you see are those of the agent that you see getting ready to jump which is #2 the camera plainly shows the white agent about to jump. - Biggone


  Jackie Brown (1997)   Buy this movie
  • Set in 1995, the calendar in Jackie's kitchen is for 1997.
  • A computer software store advertises 688 Hunter/Killer, not available until 1997.
  • Ordell's cellular phone (Motorola StarTac) was not available until 1997.


  Jagged Edge (1985)    Buy this movie

Glenn Close as Teddy Barnes

  • Glenn Close wears a gray suit as she enters the courtroom. But when she addresses the jury she is wearing a dark suit and a white blouse. When she sits back down the outfit is brown.
    • Glenn Close is faster than Clark Kent when it comes to changing clothes.

Glenn is faster than superman when it comes to changing clothes

  Jakob the Liar (1999)   Buy this movie
  • In the movie, there is a scene where a newspaper is being blown by the wind, the wire connected to the paper can be seen. - tochi


  Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
  • The scene where Steven punches Robert out and carries Jessica on his shoulders and tosses her into the car, you can clearly see a camera man in the passenger side window. - PatG
  • In the beginning, when the women is running from Jason, in some scenes she is barefoot in others she has on shoes with lace socks. - Sandy
  • You can see the reflection of a cameraman in the passenger side window of the car as the boy and girl friend are trying to escape Jason. - Shell
  • When Agent Marcus is running through the woods with Jason in pursuit, her footwear changes between none at all, boots, and skin-colored shoes. - Shell
  • Watch the amount of shaving cream on the officer at the Vorhees' house. - Shell
  • Well, this is one of the most pathetic and boring movies I have ever rented, so I watched this movie with one closed eye. But I noticed something very weird throughout the movie. In the scene where the main characters fingers are being broken for additional information; I think he lets 3 or more fingers break, but later on he seems to have no problems with the broken fingers as he for example drives a car. (VHS) - Dennis
  • Another thing I found very doubtful, the main character needs glasses. Somewhere in the movie he is not wearing them anymore (he loses them). Does that mean he has gotten rid of his seeing handicap??? If you think that I am wrong, I appreciate correction, thanks. (VHS) - Dennis


  Jaws (1977)

  • If you look hard enough when <blank> is being eaten, you can notice the rubber teeth bending at <blank>'s waist.

You're gonna need a bigger boat.
"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

  • In the new 30th anniversary release of Jaws, there is a night scene on the boat when the shark with one barrel attached comes back to the boat. Captain Brody is on deck at and in the background you can see things flying in the air. It looks like a falling star or something but it happens twice. Kind of interesting. - Andyman
    • Explanation: The things flashing in the sky is/are shooting stars, a Spielberg trademark found in his films. - dagoldfish


  • As Hooper, Brody, and Quint argue about how they'll deal with the shark, the sea is quite choppy and grey. Quint makes a dramatic point by hacking his machete blade tip into the gunwale (side-wall) of his boat. The camera then does a close-up on the machete, showing the water to be still and as smooth as glass, in the background. - Kieth Moreland
  • In the scene when they are on the car Ferry going across the channel. The ferry is spinning around in circles. The Ferry is a double ended ferry which should not spin. They did not have the room in the channel to get the shot while the boat was going straight so they just spun it in circles. - Robert
  • When Hooper goes into the cage at the end and is attack by the shark, the shark swims backwards and forwards into the cage, but sharks cant swim backwards. - Chubb's
  • In the scene where Hooper goes into the shark cage, he is seen taking the cork off the poison-tipped dart when he first sees the shark. He then loses track of where the shark is, and when the shark hits the cage from behind, Hooper drops the spear. The scene then cuts to the spear dropping to the bottom, and the cork is now back on the poison-tipped dart as it is floating toward the bottom. - Pete
  • Quint, after telling the terrible tale of the dreadful fate of the survivors of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, states that happened in June of 1945. Actually, the ship was sunk in late July, 1945. (VHS) - Rod
  • (Revealing mistakes) When the shark explodes you can see wires behind the explosion. - reckless
  • (Continuity) After Hooper shoots the shark with a third barrel the shark disappears under water and reappears with only 2 barrels. - reckless
    • Maybe that barrel was eaten or sank?


  Jaws 2 (1978)   Buy this movie
  • In the scene where Mikey is unconscious and being dragged from the water by friends, the shark sides up against the boat for a bite. You can clearly see the top half of the shark's mouth bend in the middle as it opens up- distorting its whole face and looking even more like the Michelin Man. - Wayne Kerr
    • Comment: The reason the shark's mouth bends like that is because you can see, quite blatantly, the machine lever opening the mouth. Have a good old look - it works better on freeze frame! - StevieB
  • In the very beginning when the divers discover the Orca, there is no hole in the port side of the boat where the shark from the first film made when the boat began to sink. There is no way for the windows to still be there. - happierboy
  • When the divers find the wreck of the Orca, there is a piece of wood at the bow that has Orca written on it. You never see this in the first film so it really shouldn't be there. - happierboy


  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)
  • In the animal testing lab when Jay get the tranquilizer, the word Break in break glass is spelled "Brake". - joe E
  • Near the end of the movie when Jay and Silent Bob are beating up the clerk a large sign falls on the counter, disappears, then reappears. (DVD) - yarballs
  • In the scene where Jay and Silent Bob are on the Internet with Holden McNiel you can see a reflection of a cameraman on the back of the computer. (DVD) - yarballs
  • In the scene where Jay and Silent Bob are on the Internet with Holden McNiel there is a first aid kit on the wall behind Holden with nothing on top of it, then something appears on it when they get off the computer. (DVD) - yarballs
  • When Jay and Silent Bob are talking with George Carlin the scene was filmed separately. Jay and Bobs shadow angle one way down the road and George's angles another. Then, when they are all in the scene, when George is gets in the truck you can't tell who it is. (DVD) - yarballs
  • When they walk in on taping of Scream they are in Miramax but Scream is a Dimension film! :-) if you disagree you can IM me at Little Punk 099! - StOnErChIc
    • Correction: Miramax and Dimension are both subsidiaries of Disney, and therefore are of the same company, and would probably have movies being shot on the same lot. - jlz73
  • When Jay and Silent Bob are in the animal testing lab and they take the tranquilizer, there is only one tranquilizer in the gun. Jay says that him and Justice will shoot each other with it then... you know. They leave all the ammo for the gun. (VHS) - sweetcheex04
  • (Continuity) The first time we see Chris Rock a flunky hands him a cup of coffee. As it cuts back and forth the cup is back in the flunky's hand, then it's still in Chris's until he hands it back. (VHS) - Bob


  Jeepers Creepers (2001)


  Jerry Maguire (1996)   Buy this movie
  • Not too big of a deal, but: In the scene where Jerry goes to see Frank Cushman (played by the fat kid from "Stand By Me") right after he loses all of his clients except for Cushman and Rod Tidwell, he arrives at the Cushman household in a Grey Dodge Intrepid (clearly seen). But, after he leaves the household learning that Cushman has every intention of signing with him, he leaves in a Grey Pontiac Grand Prix! (This shot is most clearly seen as the camera shows the road vertically from the bottom to the top of the screen, as Jerry races along the road, right before he starts to sing along with the songs on the radio.) - Scottyb


  JFK (1991)

Joe Pesci as David Ferrie

  • In the scene where Joe Pesci's character is panicking in his apartment, Pesci's toupee moves back and forth on his head. One moment he seems half bald and the next his hair almost covers his eyebrows. - Mark and Katharine
    • Explanation: Pesci played David Ferrie, who suffered from alopecia. To hide the loss of his eyebrows, Ferrie painted fake ones on, and to hide his hair loss, Ferrie wore an obvious (and awful) toupee. We weren't supposed to believe that that was Pesci's real hair. - MarkD
  • The spy camera shown, supposedly be used prior to the assassination, is a Minox "C". This camera was not manufactured until 1969.


  Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)
  • When the aliens kidnap Jimmy's parents he puts the refrigerator magnet on the note it's on the left side. When Jimmy finds the note the magnet is in the middle. (DVD) - elvega
  • When Jimmy drops the shrink-raythe real remote is half way under his dad's butt. Then it is on the table. Then, back under his butt. (DVD) - elvega
  • When Jimmy's Parents are eating breakfast, his mom picks up a coffee cup and drinks a little coffee. BUT, for some freak-of-nature reason, the only shadow you see on the table is a coffee cup shadow, and no arm shadow!!! (VHS) - PerfectOutlaw


  Joe Dirt (2001)
  • In the scene where Joe is talking with the other janitor in the room, right before Joe begins to comment on the picture of Clem's (the other janitor) wife. Joe gets up and looks at the picture and says something (I don't remember what. It was such a stupid movie, yet good at the same time.), and then when he goes to sit back down again it is beside the desk instead of in front of the desk. I didn't hear anyone moving it, so I'm assuming this is a goof. - Scott F.
  • Joe says that he was abandoned at age 8 but he also said his mom caught him "swanking his ding dong". But how can you do that at age 8!!!!!! Early Puberty? - Road Dogg
    • Comment: Well Road Dogg, I was yankin it at age 8, what was stoppin Joe? - MicMcB
  • When Joe Dirt goes to Clem's (Christopher Walken's) house after Clem is killed, Joe goes underneath the same yellow police caution tape twice. - scott
    • Correction: Clem was not killed in Joe Dirt, he told Joe that he was only pretending to be dead. He was very much alive and kicking at that scene at the end! - Caitlin
  • In the scene where Joe is lighting roman candles at the bucket of gasoline, he trips over the septic tank and the roman candle flies behind him. Then, when he wakes up for real, he still has the roman candle in his hand.
  • In the scene where Venna gets kidnapped and Fuller and Lewis run back to their car there's a bottle of champagne on the front seat. Where did that come from? I don't believe I saw them buy it anywhere. (DVD) - Smiley
  • (Plot holes) Joe's "junker" car is a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. The producers surely picked it because of its weird, homemade appearance, but it is actually a factory-made custom. It is a very rare, valuable car, and is worth much, much more than even most Dodge Chargers. His car would bring at the very least $25,000 in the shape it's in. Nicely restored ones can bring $100,000 or more. - Miked


  Joe Kidd (1972)   Buy this movie
  • I don't know if this is a goof or not but this is interesting. Near the end of the movie, when the bad guy has been killed, the deputy comes out of a building with his gun drawn. Joe (Eastwood) comes out after him. The deputy then puts his gun in the holster, but watch carefully, he misses the holster! And instead of correcting the error right away, he acts as if nothing happened and keeps his gun in that position for a while. Then, he slowly and casually puts it inside the holster. - tochi


  Joe Somebody (2001)
  • Near the beginning of the movie, Tim Allen is driving a car while talking to his daughter (who is in the passenger seat). Behind him, we see out the car window and he drives past a restaurant called "Macaroni Grill". The scene then cuts to a shot of the girl, then back to Tim, and guess what? He drives right past the same restaurant again. - James D. Zimmerman


  John Q (2002)
  • (Spoiler) This may be a giveaway, so f you haven't seen the movie, do not read further. At the end, when the boy is given the heart surgery, you hear the beeping noise as a background to the surgery, common noise in most surgeries, sounding heartbeats, yet, when a heart transplant is done, the patient dies, literally. So, how could there be a heartbeat noise when the heart is not pumping? (VHS) - Al

  • During a hostage scene John (Denzel) racks his gun to chamber a round and the slide fully slides forward. Later we learn that the gun was never loaded although the clip was in. On every semi-auto I have ever used and or owned, the slide on an empty clip will lock back when the clip is empty. (VHS) - mm


  Joseph: King of Dreams (2000)
  • On the back of the movie cover for Joseph one of the pictures is when Joseph says he knows about his brother going out late with Weman and his brother is pointing his finger at him and there is only seep in the background, but in the movie the other brothers are in the background too. - Cerasi


  Josie and the Pussycats (2001)
  • When Josie, Mel, and Val are in the "girly room" with Fiona, Fiona asks Josie her weight. Josie says 119 pounds and Fiona says "Ha, 115, I'm 3 pounds lighter than you", but 119 minus 115 isn't 3 it's 4! (DVD/VHS) - Lexi
    • Correction: Rachel Leigh Cook (Josie) clearly says 118, not 119. (DVD) - Grand Funky


  Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)
  • (Continuity/anachronisms) When Pat Boone falls after the rock bridge collapses. On his left hand you can see a wrist watch, later no watch. Wristwatches were not made in those days. - bobby


  Joyride (2001)
  • When Fuller, Lewis, and Venna are running through the corn field to escape the semi driver (toward the end of the movie) all three characters are running together. If you look closely when the camera flashes to them you will see Fuller is wearing a state troopers hat and uniform. No where in the movie does he even wear a hat but this scene for a brief moment he has it on. I suppose the director filmed it with the police involved and then changed his mind. (DVD) - Jill
    • Comment: In the dvd version there is a deleted scene where fuller is wearing a sheriffs hat and jacket. (DVD) - chetty
  • When the CB radio gets installed, the antenna is on left rear of car, a bit further when on freeway/road it magically is shown on passenger rear side (right side). (VHS) - Dan


  Judge Dredd (1996)    Buy this movie
  • When the man who owns the red sports car is trying to bribe Judge Dredd, you can see a boom reflected in Dredd's visor. In the next shot of Dredd's face you can see the man who holds that particular boom in the visor. - steelflesh
  • In the shot where Dredd ask the man to get out of his red car there is a woman sitting in the passenger side. The man gets out but the woman stays in the car. Dredd then blows the car up. - Matt S.
    • Correction: That's not really true. I thought the same thing, but in actuality, she does exit the car. You can see her with that exasperated look on her face and you could probably hear the door slam as she leaves. (VHS) - Lucifiel


  Jumanji (1995)
  • After Alan shaves and cuts himself, the bits of paper disappear from his face when he turns around as Peter accuses him of being afraid. - Sean
  • The die that falls through the crack in the floor is back in the box in the next shot - perhaps the dice magically come "home" when the game is over? - Sean
  • As Alan begins driving, Carl is momentarily unhandcuffed. - Sean
  • Where Robin comes out of the game he goes and takes a bath he sings the song to Gilligan's Island, if he went in the game in 1969 then how did he know the song? That show didn't come on TV till the 70s so did he know about the show was there a TV in the game or what? - surgeongeneral13
    • Correction: I believe Gilligan's Island first aired in September 1964. - yarballs
      • Correction: By the way I have looked at alot of Gilligan's Island web sites and it says it came out in 1970 and the lost pilot or first Gilligan's Island was out then but was not the same song. - surgeongeneral13
        • Correction: According to the Internet Movie Database Gilligan's Island came indeed out in 1964. I don't know about the song.
          • Comment: Yes there have been many corrections, but the final comment, is that the show ran from 1964-66 with the title song form the start. Believe it or not, there was a world in the 1960's. - Silver
  • When the game sucks every thing from the game at the end the hunter man's gun gets sucked in but that wasn't part of the game. (VHS) - BJ


  Jurassic Park (1993)


  Jurassic Park III (2001)


  Juwanna Mann (2002)
  • (Spoiler) Even though Jamal/Juwanna is told that dunking the ball is not allowed in the WNBA, he wins the final game by dunking the ball. - Nate


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