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  Stagecoach (1939)
  • (Anachronisms) During many parts of this John Wayne western classic the stagecoach is seen running through wide tracks left automobiles as opposed to the thinner ones a stagecoach would leave. - deuce


  Stakeout (1987)
  • (Revealing mistakes) The scene when Aiden Quinn's character is in the infirmary trying to escape, he removes the nightstick from the prison guard. You can clearly see that it is a soft and wobbly prop, unlike a real nightstick. - andrabell
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Maria and Chris have spent the night together and are waking up the next morning, Chris is getting dressed in a hurry. When he puts on his sneakers, they are on the wrong feet. As he runs through yards to avoid his police buddies catching him, they are back on the right feet. - Georgiagal64


  Stand by Me (1986)
  • When the boys cross the water, where they all get soaked. Teddy's hair changes six times, from wet to side parted to partly dried and even freshly soaked again. Bad hair day, was it, Teddy? - LeonPhoenix
  • In the scene where Chris and Teddy are fighting on the train tracks, the camera tripod can be seen in Teddy's glasses. - Mandy
  • When the boys are crossing the train tracks over the river you can see a camera above them hanging down. - JakeeB
  • This movie is set in 1959. When Gordie is running from Chopper in the junkyard, you can see a couple of early 80's/Late 70's cars in the background, you have to look quick. - Mr Tragedy
  • There is a boom mike visible at the top of the screen in the billiard scene with Ace and Charlie. (VHS) - Kay D
  • Right after Teddy tries to "Dodge the train" and him and Chris "skin it," the boys walk back onto the railroad track. If you look closely at Vern's (Jerry O'Connell) feet, you can see his microphone box and wire (they are white) hanging out from the bottom of his pants. (VHS) - Kay D
  • At the end when the kid fires the colt .45 automatic pistol he fires it once, then cocks the hammer for a second shot. A colt .45 does that automatically that's why its an automatic. - butthead


  Starship Troopers (1997)
  • When Rico receives his letter from Carmen the music in the back ground is Intense by Alisha's Attic why would they be listening this in the 23rd century. - Storm Trooper
    • Well, Alisha's Attic to them is like darn old classical music to us.
  • The state of the handkerchief in Rico's front pocket changes throughout the scene where he gets ready for the school dance. - Steven
  • While defending the outpost where they are grossly outnumbered, you get a close look of their weapons. Modified bullbup mini-14's, which have been manufactured since the late 1980's. So much for the super high tech weaponry of the future, eh? - leroy
  • When the Drill Instructor throws the knife into ----'s hand, blood comes out before the knife hits it. But you must watch the scene in slo-mo. - David
  • Carmen's arm gets stabbed by a particular bug with such force and with such a big sharp blade, that her arm would be rendered useless. So she shouldn't be able to use her rifle with such ease as she does afterwards. - steelflesh
  • Why do they even use men with guns instead of some kind of air planes, or autonomous M1 - Abrams tanks (like in that one scene where they bomb the hell out of the bugs advancing on their position) and why do they use still use standard fully automatic gas powered machine guns. You would think, at the pace we are technologically advancing right now, that those types of guns would be decommission by the military and in the place of them, some kind of "lazers" or something. - rock
    • Comment: Back in the 1950's, people thought everyone would have flying cars by the year 2000. Don't second guess the movie makers. Asking why wouldn't they be using this and that is not a goof. - mbmott21
    • Addition: Robert A. Heinlein included alot of hi-tech weaponry like Power Armor and mininukes. Only 300 hundred years from now i doubt the changes will be that massive as from 300 years ago. I liked what they did with the movie. The mininukes were included in the movie, only as a very rare thing. Anyway, this is not a spoof. I recommend you read the book, it's awesome. Or if you want to see high tech Starship Troopers stuff then see the animated series (which has its own storyline). - Nim
  • This movie has one of the biggest plot holes in History. As big as the asteroid crashing on Buenos Aires, in fact. Okay, I know that they explained during one of the Network Flash that the bugs used asteroids to spread their eggs and colonize other planets. That could be understandable if those eggs could hibernate in the void of space for thousand of years, and if the Insectoids have a means to reach the asteroids (maybe with the plasma-firing bugs). I’m not discussing that. However, how the hell would they sent one asteroid to the Solar System and pinpoint it to the Earth? Asteroids usually don’t leave their system, and they don’t travel at the speed of light. So, since it would have taken BILLIONS of years for it to cross the distance between the Solar System and the Bugs’s system, how come the asteroid was attributed as an attack from the Insectoids, which humanity discovered only a few years ago? The only conceivable hypothesis I see is that the human propagandists accused the Bugs in order to feed the war, after a perfectly accidental asteroid hit Buenos Aires. But then it would suggest that everybody on Earth was gullible enough to swallow that. - St Fan


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  Star Trek Generations (1994)


  Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)


  Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982)


  Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)


  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)


  Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)


  Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)


  Star Wars (1977)


  Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace (1999)


  Steel Magnolias (1989)
  • In the scene where Julia Robert's character (Shelby) is having a seizure, a "magic" glass filled with orange juice must have been used. As the scene moves from character to character then back to the held juice glass, the levels keep vacillating. What's up with that or is it just me? (TV) - GrandmaSan
    • Explanation: Evidently GrandmaSan doesn't live around a diabetic. When a diabetic is having a seizure, they don't drink alot at a time, and they have a habit of spiting the juice back in the glass, or spitting it on you. - izzy
  • When Ouiser brings over tomatoes to Truvy's, she grabs a Coke, goes over to a chair, sits, takes off her hat, and then burps. In the next cut with Truvy and Shelby, you see Ouiser's reflection in a mirror with her hat back on! (DVD) - RickG1469


  Stigmata (1999)
  • At the end of the movie, a dove lands on Patricia's hand, as a symbol of her reconciliation with god (and herself). now, the dove was supposed to be attracted to her because of this change. But notice how it starts feeding on whatever she is handing out. - Yann Ropers
  • When Frankie is in the bathtub she reaches to pick up the dove feather and you can see the holes through her wrists already. She hasn't been attacked yet though! - thelegend
  • I got this from the director's commentary on the DVD and I thought some people like might to know- after Frankie has open the package from her mum and after she makes a micro-coffee she picks up the rosary in one hand but in the following close-up shot it's in her other hand. - Jesus
  • (Revealing mistakes) Towards the end of the movie, where the girl and the priest are in the room together and all the stuff is flying across the room, you can see the cable that is pulling the bed across the room. (VHS) - derekmorgan


  Stir of Echoes (1999)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Kevin Bacon is up on the telephone pole talking to the psychic sister and trying to figure out what she's done to him the phone cord falls out. When he's done with the conversation he pulls out another cord. - chris


  Straight Story (1999)    Buy this movie
  • Lead actor refers to his experience in world War 2 as "fighting in the trenches". We had Fox holes no trenches. - Gene


  Strange Brew (1983)
  • The brothers are fighting over who is going to get their father a drink. When they are fighting, the glass is full of the beverage. However, when the glass falls to the's empty! - Daria
  • The McKenzie brothers are in court and they are asked if they will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Both brothers agree to this, and then Bob asks a question. The judge bangs on his gavel, yells 'order, order' and Bob promptly tells the judge what he would like to eat, thinking he is in a restaurant. True, the brothers aren't rocket scientists, but I seriously doubt that even Bob is that stupid to actually think that the judge wanted him to 'order' a meal. - Tracy
    • I haven't seen this movie, but what you described sounds like a joke in a comedy movie - not a goof.
    • Comment: Good God, Tracy; you need help... BIGTIME! - Cren


  Strangers on a Train (1951)
  • Shadows change when they shouldn't: During the tennis match, shadows cast by the players and linesmen change direction in contrary ways. The game starts about the middle of the day but the shadows indicate some shots were played in the late afternoon, followed by some in the early morning and some about noon. The sequence is repeatedly jumbled any which way. - Soma
  • Shadows don't change when they should: The Official Time clock that shows 4.22 casts shadows. When the clock is next seen it is 5.24 but the shadows have not changed. - Soma
  • When the wife of the main character is murdered, her glasses are seen lying on the ground near her. The reflection in the glasses should be a mirror image, but it is not. Near the end of the movie, Brunno loses his cigarette lighter in the gutter, but he calls it a cigarette case. (TV) - Utah Trader


  Straw Dogs (1971)    Buy this movie
  • At the beginning of the film when Dustin Hoffman and Susan George are driving and then suddenly stop, the reflection of the camera can be seen twice. One time in the window of Hoffman's side of the car, the other in the window of George's side of the car. - David
  • In the scene where the old drunk is trying to get in to David's (Dustin Hoffman) house and David blows off the drunk's foot, if you watch subsequent shots there is substantially less damage. - David


  Striking Distance (1993)
  • (Continuity) Sara Jessica Parker goes to a party with Bruce Willis and she is wearing a strapless dress showing her bare shoulders. When they get back to Bruce's houseboat she is still wearing the same dress, however a few minutes later when they are in bed she is wearing a bra with straps. - Mad Mel


  Stripes (1981)
  • When Bill Murray is going awol Harold Ramos tackles him by the tanks. In one seen his duffle bag is off to the side. In the next shot the duffle bag is under his head. - Dan Burgert
  • Early in the movie when Bill Murrey's girlfriend is getting dressed to leave him, she puts on 3 boots as if she has 3 legs. - Chaz
  • As they first ponder joining the Army, Bill Murray bets Harold Ramis three dollars that he (Murray) can do five push-ups. Murray wins the bet, but lays on the floor exhausted. Ramis throws the six bucks at Murray. The next scene has Murray laying face up with three of the dollars face down on his chest. The camera cuts back to Ramis for a shot. Upon the shot returning to Murray, there are now 5 or 6 dollar bills, a couple of them face up, on Murray's chest. - Kieth Moreland
  • When Bill Murray is driving the lady to the airport at the beginning he's on the bridge and in the back you see there's a van behind him but when he stops the car and gets out there's no van in sight. - Ryan
  • When the recruits get their hair cuts for training, how come all of their heads are shaved except for Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. Were they so special that they had the privilege of getting nice clean cuts for boot camp? - crazyJ


  Striptease (1996)    Buy this movie
  • Demi Moore's get away car magically appears by the front door of the mobile home when she runs out it kidnapping her daughter. It wasn't there in the scene prior, the ex-sister in law walks right where the car appears. - Kris


  Stuart Little (1999)
  • The Little family lives across the street from Central Park, where the traffic actually runs North to South, not vice-versa. - Kevin K.
  • That sailboat racing scene seems to combine at least two different ponds that don't really connect. (Of course, since mice don't really talk, maybe these observations are moot.) - Kevin K.


  Stuart Little 2 (2002)
  • When Stuart is talking to George from the phone booth, he speaks through the ear piece. (Theatre) - alman


  Substitute 2, The (1998)    Buy this movie
  • When the car gets hijacked in the beginning, one of the hijackers smashes the passenger window with the butt of his gun- at which point you can clearly see there is no magazine in it. A few moments later, he shoots the same gun. - Scott


  Sudden Death (1995)    Buy this movie - Buy Posters
  • Late in the game when the starting goalie was out and while the backup "Van Dam" was in you will see the starting goalie number 35 in a scene where he should not be in. (VHS) - Al


  Sudden Impact (1983)
  • When Dirty Harry's partner get out of his car while Harry is target shooting, he closes the car door and you can clearly see the reflection of the cameraman in the door's window. - kwd
  • In the scene where Harry's friend pulls up to where Harry is target practicing, when he opens the car door, you can see a reflection of a camera man in the window. - Eddie


  Summer of Sam (1999)
  • (Anachronisms) In the beginning of the movie which is supposedly taking place in 1977, the song "Grace of God" is playing in a club. "Grace of God" didn't come out until 1979.
  • (Anachronisms) One of the guys in the film is wearing a link chain throughout it. This type of link chain wasn't out until years later.
  • (Anachronisms) In one scene there is a POW/MIA flag being flown on a building. The POW flag was not flown regularly during this time period. It was first flown on National POW/MIA Recognition Day in 1988. The flag was around prior to this but has been modified to the one we see flying today. Mrs Huff an MIA wife was the designer. (DVD) - ddrasner
  • (Anachronisms) If you watch when they smoke, Marlboro miles didn't come out until the early 90's. - Jenn
  • (Anachronisms) In the film, outside the punk club, several of the girls have various facial and body piercings. The type of jewelry(captive bead and barbells) that they are wearing does not come into use until the mid-late eighties. Also one of the girls has a tongue piercing, which was also first performed and popularized in the late eighties early nineties. Many retro films that feature punk rockers or S/M themes make mistakes of this type. - glowimperial


  Summer Rental (1985)
  • Bad dubbing seems to be the error of the day here. In some scenes when a character is speaking, they are moving their mouth but the words are not coming out at the same time. This error happens throughout the movie. - Caitlin


  Summer School (1987)
  • You know how Mr. Schoop gets mad and throws away his dog's (watermut) toy BOB. It was a cut off head of a rag doll and he throws it in the water. Well later on in the movie when he gets Watermut a new doll and cuts off the head, Mr. Schoop says "Look Watermut, I found Bob". The only problem is the camera shot doesn't show his mouth moving when he is saying it. - Tbone


  Sum of All Fears (2002)
  • After the blast, when Ryan reaches into the copter to adjust the radio, the control designations on the radio are backwards - the image was obviously flipped. (Theatre) - Scott
  • After Jack Ryan's helicopter is knocked to the ground by the shockwave of the nuclear explosion, he uses the helicopter's radio to call for help. The electromagnetic pulse associated with nuclear detonations would have rendered the radio inoperable. (Theatre) - Gordon3968
    • Correction: Jack Ryan uses the military radio on the helicopter and is able to communicate through because it is a vacuum tube radio, thus not affected by the electromagnetic pulse after the nuclear bomb explosion. He knows his cell phone is useless. - barney
  • When Jack Ryan is searching for clues near ground zero, he uses his cell phone to call someone for info. A nuclear device would have rendered all cellular phone towers in the area useless. (Theatre) - Gordon3968
  • When the helicopter that Jack Ryan is riding in is knocked to the ground by the shockwave from a nuclear detonation, it rolls over and the pilot's body seems to be partially ejected through the right side of the helicopter. Ryan climbs from the wreckage only to see the dead pilot in the seat on the left side of the helicopter. (Theatre) - Gordon3968
  • When they show the football game the arena is a dome. Baltimore is an open stadium. Also when they show the ariel view of Baltimore, the stadium is an open arena and there are no people there even though it is the Super Bowl. (Theatre) - mercedes81
  • Based on the previous Jack Ryan movies -- this movie would be about 15 years before Patriot Games. Which would make it in the 80's sometime. Therefore, the technology is all wrong. They use Netscape messenger for the instant messages, and Netscape didn't come into existence until 1994. They also have Windows XP or perhaps ME as their operating system. (Theatre) - Jen
    • Comment: Jen points out that based on the previous Jack Ryan movies, certain software is out of place. She's right, IF, we base it on the previous series. But Sum of All Fears was meant to be a 'stand alone' and separate movie from the series. To watch this movie we must forget the others. The bonus material in the DVD explains it all. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Factual errors) If a nuclear blast went of in stadium full of people when the robot was driving around you would probably see some bodies, or pieces of bodies. - KrazyKid13


  Superman (1978)    Buy this movie
  • Has anyone ever wondered how Lois Lane, a newspaper reporter, can afford a penthouse apartment? - Soulman
    • Well, what do we actually know about Lois Lane? Maybe a relative left her a fortune, or maybe she sells drugs on the side. Or, when Superman has finished off some bank robbers Lois grabs the stolen money and puts it in her own pocket when Superman is looking the other way. Maybe Superman is paying Lois money in exchange for some bedroom action. I could go on, but it's best for us all if I don't.
  • Superman stops a jewel thief from climbing up a building with suction cups which makes the thief fall towards the ground. The thief has a flash light hanging from his belt which in the first shot when he is fall is pointing towards the ground, but in the second shot it is pointing towards the build, but in the last shot it is pointing towards the ground again. - Magnes


  Superman II (1980)
  • When General Zod and his evil friends invade earth, they initially land in this small town. He lifts a man into the air with his mind over matter power. This is a hick town in Montana or Idaho I think. Yet the man's son pleads for Zod to "Release my Daddy" in what is clearly a British dialect. Why? What's this little lord Fauntleroy doing living in this one horse American town? - Dave
  • (Revealing mistakes) During a scene in a Niagara Falls motel, Clarke trips and puts his hand into a fireplace. This reveals to Lois that he indeed is Superman as no burn or injury to his hand is visible. The long sleeve sweater he is wearing is in perfect condition with not even a mark. Does Clarke Kent wear super sweaters??? - Steve


  Superstar (1999)
  • When Mary-Catherine's hyper friend approaches her to tell her about the talent contest, she is spinning a basketball on her finger. The ball is spinning way too slow to stay balanced on her finger, and later you can see her pulling her finger off of whatever is keeping it stuck to the ball. - KilljoyTheKlown
  • After the basketball shot I was talking about, the two see Slater. When Mary started to make a comment about him she was in the process of turning around. When she is doing so you can hear what she is saying, but her lips aren't moving. - KilljoyTheKlown
  • Mary breaks the coffee table when her and the other students are learning to dance. In the next shot it is back together, and in the shot after that it broke again. - KilljoyTheKlown
  • When Mary is giving the gang a little pep talk before the talent show, Helen is wearing her outfit that she is supposed to perform in. Later, (before Helen performs) when Mary and Helen are stretching Evian wishes the two luck and Helen is back in her school uniform, then later back in her performing outfit. - KilljoyTheKlown
  • Every time that there is a street in the background, a green Volks Wagon Beetle drives by at least 5 times in every street scene. The green Volks Wagon Beetle is Sky's car. (VHS) - sweetcheex04


  Super Troopers (2001)
  • All of the local police cars in the movie (the white Crown Vics...) have the red light on top on the left side, most if not all police cars in the U.S. have the red on the right side so you can see it from the drivers side of your car. - BK
  • When the two state (not local) troopers (I don't remember the names) are about to pull over the trucker they call in the "radio" and tell him that they have a suspicious white caprice with Vermont plates but that car is really a crown victoria. - John
  • When state trooper calls up Ursella and tells her about the naked guy in front of her station. If you look closely you can see he really isn't naked he is wearing tan underwear. - John
  • (Factual errors) When the two state troopers pull over the flirtatious european couple and are both standing outside, the one cop's son exits the squad car from the BACK seat. The back doors on squad cars don't open from the inside. (DVD) - Gabriella
  • (Revealing mistakes/errors in geography) The highway scenes were filmed not too far from me and it's only about a 3 mile stretch of highway. If you notice they actually only use about 1/2-1 mile of it over and over again in the chase scene in the begriming. And again throughout the movie. When they exit during the pursuit they went to somewhere else cause that's not off the highway where filmed. - Hognewyork


  Sure Thing, The (1985)
  • (Continuity) When his character is in his room getting ready for his study date with the girl, John Cusack's character is seen tucking in his shirt twice. - Stacey


  Swamp Thing (1982)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When swamp thing rips off the hood of the car in the chase scene after it is pulled off you can see it clearly pulled up and away by strings. - dan


  Sweetest Thing, The (2002)
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Jane and her boyfriend are stuck together, when you see him from the front he has no shirt on, but when you see him from behind he has a plaid shirt on. The scene switches back and forth many times. It's quite obvious! (DVD) - essence416
  • (Continuity) This takes place in the scene at the dress shop (near the end of the movie) when Peter and his brother are helping the owner with the mannequins. She asks him to sign the guest book. When he is turning the pages, the right side page of the guest book is always the same. (DVD) - chiapet0750
  • (Continuity) When Courtney wakes Christina up in her bedroom the day they leave to go to Peter's wedding, the white stuff on her face keeps moving and disappearing, then reappearing. (Cable TV) - Jessica


  Sweet Home Alabama (2002)
  • (Continuity) In The end when Melanie and Jake begin to kiss after she tells him she wants to stay married to him, she grabs him by the face/neck and starts kissing him, however another angle is then shown, showing her arms coming out and around (like a hug) and then kissing him. Big blooper! (DVD) - luckysoul
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the beginning of the movie right after Melanie wakes up at her desk, she drinks her coffee in the office while it is storming heavily, then just a little while later, she goes outside everything is wet looking except the cars. - Katiebug
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Reese Witherspoon is talking about "Bear" (Jake's deceased dog) at "Bear's" grave, Reese starts to cry but hardly at all. However in the next shot where Jake says something to Reese she stands up, and it looks like somebody threw a bucket of water on her face. (DVD) - weeman


  Swimfan (2002)
  • (Continuity) During the scene where Madison is chatting with Ben. Her screen name is "SwimFan85", but when she signs off it says "SwimFan has logged off." (Theater) - doughboyee


  Swingers (1996)
  • In the scene when Mikey checks his messages and then walks to the kitchen, you can notice that the machine is missing, and when he returns from the kitchen, both the answering machine and phone base are missing. - kcb
  • After Mikey meets Lorraine in that club he and Trent and Su all go to a late night diner. Trent starts to dance on the table and he takes his shirt off and swings it around his head, but if you look carefully at his reflection in the diner window, there is a reflection of him swinging his shirt around his head before he even takes it off. - jgirl
  • After Mikey and Lorraine meet the club, Mikey walks Lorraine to her car. There is a motorcycle parked behind Lorraine's car that disappears and reappears in that entire shot. - jgirl
  • While Mikey and Trent are debating on whether or not they should double-down on their blackjack hand of eleven, there is a close-up shot of the two hundred dollar bet already next to their cards on the table. About five seconds later Mikey lays the 2 hundred on the table. By the way, always double down on eleven... seriously baby. - Japhysun79
  • In a scene where two of them are talking, mikey and someone else... I forgot.. but one is sitting on a chair and the other on the floor. It shows him crossing his legs, and then the camera angle changes and he's not ... and it changes back mid sentence and he's crossed again. - Saint
  • When the guys are at The Derby and they are talking to three girls if you listen very closely you can hear someone off camera say "Mike go and get a drink." right before Mike gets up to meet Lorraine at the bar. - Loaded1215


  Swing Shift (1984)    Buy this movie
  • At the start Ed Harris comes out the shower wearing a robe, as he goes to sit down you can see that Ed was not wearing any underwear. - Fisky
    • Comment: I don't consider it a goof not wearing underwear in the shower. It would have looked ridiculous if he had been wearing underwear under the towel when he left the shower! - Olav Westerman


  Swiss Family Robinson (1960?)
  • When father, Fritz, and Ernst are on the boat trying to get extra lumber, pirates come for the second time. (The first time being right before the storm) Ernst (the smart one) says "At least we have something to fight back with now", after looking at the cannon on deck. The thing is, the cannon had to have been on the boat the whole time in order for it to be at sea with them. They could have used the cannon to chase away the pirates the first time. (VHS) - alicat


  Swordfish (2001)
  • (Factual errors) In the movie the captured computer hacker from Finland and the representative from the Finnish Embassy speak German to one another - not Finnish!! Typical for Hollywood to spend millions on special effects and neglect simple facts!


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