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  To Catch a Thief (1955)
  • At the picnic, the perspective of the view changes. The reason could be that this scene was shot in a studio. - Darev


  Tom and Huck (1995)
  • When Tom and Huck are in the graveyard (before the murder) you can hear someone say "be careful" (no ones lips move) and then both Tom and Huck look up. (VHS/Theatre/TV) - Paige


  Tomb Raider (2001)    Buy this movie


  Tombstone (1993)
  • When Kurt Russell goes outside after his [censored] dies on the pool table and it is raining real hard on him, look about 10-15 feet behind him on the ground, it is dry and dusty. If you look closely it is only raining on Kurt Russell and not behind him you can clearly see the line in the dirt where the rain meets the dry ground. - Rick
    • Well, that has happened to me in real life. I got soaked in the rain and a few meters ahead it wasn't raining.
  • Just before the big showdown at the OK Corral, and just after Billy Barnes runs out of the gate, you can hear the director yell "Cut!". On dvd it's at 1:14:15 into the movie. (Vista Series DVD) - watcher
  • In the scene where Kurt Russell's Brother is dying on the pool table, Kurt Russell's hands are covered in blood. You'll notice that he is rubbing his brother's forehead with his thumb but none of the blood comes off and gets on his brothers forehead. - tombstone
  • (Revealing mistakes) During the showdown at the O.K. Corral, Doc Holliday fires three shots from a double barreled shotgun without reloading. - tombstone
    • Correction: Doc Holiday does NOT fire his double-barrel shotgun three times during the fight at the OK Coral. If you pay attention, it is obvious that he fires it only twice: once to scare the horse, a second time to blow the crap outta the guy standing behind it. Yes, the director took the liberty of showing his second shot twice, but it is obvious - namely by the way the guy falls - that it is the same shot shown twice for effect. Trust me, after the first time the second shell blow apart this guy's chest, a secondary shot to his body would've been completely unnecessary. - shoemkr


  Tommy Boy (1995)    Buy this movie


  Tomorrow Never Dies (1998)


  Tootsie (1982)
  • (Continue) When Dustin Hoffman's character comes over to Jessica Lange's character's apartment for the first time, he brings her a bunch of flowers. In this shot from the living room, she tosses the flowers on the table. The next edited shot is from the kitchen, where she tosses down the flowers again. (Where's the continuity editor?). - Princess


  Top Gun (1986)


  Top Secret! (1984)    Buy this movie
  • (Spoiler) When Nick is explaining to the Germans that his manager is on his way to the American Consulate to rescue him, he is told that this will not happen [I won't spoil the movie but it does involve an electrical gadget] that Nick gave to his manager as a present. The problem with this is: Nick is a famous rock star, Martin is his manager, therefore Nick's safety should be a high priority with Martin. If he really was on his way to the American Consulate to get his client out of trouble [remember, the Germans are threatening to execute Nick] shouldn't he have just gone there instead of getting sidetracked by electrical gadgets. I guess he wasn't all that concerned about his famous client's safety.... that's not good! - Tracy
  • At the pizza restaurant, two girls approach Nick Rivers to ask him if he is Nick Rivers. One of the girls has long blonde hair and she is wearing a pink sweater. Nick lies about his identity and the sad girls leave. But, a couple of seconds later, when Nick is forced to prove his identity, the blonde haired girl is saying something to her friend, and you can see that she is no longer wearing her pink sweater. You never see it again for the rest of the scene! (VHS) - Tracy
  • When we first see Nick Rivers, he is on a train talking to Martin [Nick's jittery manager]. Martin is worried about how Nick is going to handle things in Germany. Nick tries to put Martin at ease by explaining that he has been practising his German and demonstrates by saying 'is your daughter 18?' in German. Nick then tells the German guy [in German] that he is going to put his name on a mailing list. But, on Nick's first night in Germany, he goes to the hotel cafe for dinner. The waiter approaches him and Nick says 'I'm sorry, I don't know any German'! Did he forget that he had been speaking German on the train? - Melanie


  Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)    Buy this movie
  • When the Japanese bomb- and torpedo-planes go to attack at Pearl Harbor, with the exception of one man in a close-up shot, no rear-gunners have opened their cockpit-hoods and made their machine-guns ready to defend themselves. Unthinkable! - Olav Westerman
  • The Japanese fighters don't drop their external fuel-tanks before they engage in battle. That's unthinkable too! - Olav Westerman
  • There is too little smoke in the battle-scenes, especially during the attack on the PBY flying-boats at Ford Island. Compared to photos of the real attack. - Olav Westerman
  • The Japanese aircraft-carriers in the movie have their "island-structures" (the bridge and smokestack areas) on the starboard side. In reality the Japanese ships had them on the port side. Since none of the aircraft in the movie had any letters or numerals painted on them, it had been very easy just to "flip" the film during editing and thereby make it look right. - Olav Westerman
    • Correction: Actually, of the six Japanese carriers that attacked Pearl, only one (Akagi, or Kaga if I remember)had the island to the left. The others had the island on the right. If an aicraft misses a landing and has to go around, the added throttle will make the aircraft tend to veer left if the pilot doesn't correct in time. If the island's on the left, dead pilot, damaged ship. If its on the right, pilot and plane maybe in the water, maybe flying. Ship undamaged. - The Sneak
  • During the real attack, the Japanese planes had large identification-codes on their fins, but in the movie they don’t. - Olav Westerman
  • In the movie all the Japanese planes in the first wave fly together and arrive at Pearl Harbor at the same time. In real life the slow divebombers started earlier than the fighters and torpedo-planes and circled around Pearl for several minutes while they waited for the rest of the strike-force to arrive. (They were observed by Americans, but they thought it was their own planes). - Olav Westerman


  Torn Curtain  (1966)    Buy this movie
  • During the scene where Paul Newman takes Julie Andrews on a hill to tell her that he didn't really defect, you can see the mikes, the lights and the top of the painting behind them. - Gerard Morvan


  Total Recall (1990)


  To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995)
  • In the scene where the "ladies" are shopping for clothes in the Snydersville General Store, Vita gives the stuttering kid who runs the place a paperback book entitled 'D.V.'. A little later, he's reading out loud from the book, but it's magically become a hardcover. - Phroso
  • When Vita, Noxie, and Chi Chi are stopped by Sheriff Dullard ("It's a misprint!"), he asks Vita to get out of the car. As they go to the police car, the Sheriff makes advances towards Vita and his arm, depending on who the camera is on at the time, is sometimes around her neck and sometimes not. - Phroso
  • Noxy and Vita win drag queen of the year and they make their way to Hollywood to compete again in a drag queen contest there. They decide to take Chi Chi with them and she wins the contest in Hollywood but how could she even compete if she was not a winner back in New York.


  Toy Soldiers (1999?)
  • When "someone" gets shot by one of the guards on the stairs, as he falls down, the wire and box (used to create the 'bullet hole' effect on his chest) falls out of the bottom of his jeans. - Kay D


  Toy Story (1995)


  Toy Story 2 (1999)
  • In Toy Story 1, Woody got a burn spot right between his eyes from Sid. In Toy Story 2, it's not there. I was actually looking forward to seeing it repaired. Ohwell. - angel
  • I noticed in the second one that the backpack in Andy's room in the beginning, when Woody is looking for his hat, it's the same backpack that was Sid's in the first movie (not necessarily a goof). - angel
  • When Woody is trying to get his arm back from Al (asleep), The TV is still on. The Blue-tinted light from it never disappears. I think it's too old to have a sleep timer. Then, when #@$%^ pushes play to start the Woody's roundup, they all referred to it as the TV turned on! - Bob
  • At the part where all the toys walk into Al's toy Barn, There are a bunch of Buzz Lightyear Magazines by the door. When they leave, the Magazines are gone and Board Games are there. Maybe the workers moved them or Maybe not... - Bob
  • (Revealing mistakes) After Woody has been stolen the rest of the toys are scanning the TV channels to get the map to find Al's Toy Barn. Sketch draws a copy of the screen which Buzz looks at. Next we get a shot of the other toys in front of the TV which *still* shows the map so there would have been no reason for sketch to copy it.. Someone at Pixar forgot to put the next commercial on :-) - Søren Pingel Dalsgaard
  • (Continuity) When Woody is kidnapped by Al, Buzz jumps out the window, with no helmet, exactly in the scene where he lands, he already have his helmet on, and the net scene when he runs, the helmet is gone again, come on!!! You are Pixar. - Javier Fernandez


  Traffic (2000)   
  • (Continuity) When Michael Douglas is looking for his daughter, in the first scene he goes by in one car, I think a mercedes, but in the next scene he goes by in a different car. It's even a different color!! - tahur


  Training Day (2001)   
  • When Jake busts into the room with Alonzo. Jake tells him to give him the gun at his ankle well Alonzo gives him the gun in his back pocket but not the one at his ankle. (DVD) - josh
  • In the very last scene, where Ethan Hawke's character is getting out of his car you can see a car on the street just as he pulls up. When he gets out of his car, through the back of the car you can see people getting out of the parked car. This is part of the alternative ending that has Ethan talking to the 3 rich bad-cops. It still shows them getting out of their car even though Ethan's character does not talk to them. (DVD) - Robin
  • There is a scene where Alonzo is crashing into cars. His car is dented front and back. Later his car doesn't appear to be wrecked especially in the back. (DVD) - TBears
  • As Alonzo backs up his car and crashes into a silver van, his lights blow out. Next scene his lights are on again. (DVD) - TBears
  • This story takes place over a single day. Although it briefly rains, and the streets are wet downtown. We never see it rain again. This causes some problems: (1) When Jake and Alonzo "bust" the college kids, the area where they parked and the dealer's place was bone-dry. (2) When Jake goes home at the end of the day, the streets are still wet. - Kieth Moreland
    • Comment: I figured that LA is a big city and they seemed to cover different areas. When it rains in part of the city, it doesn't necessarily mean it's raining throughout the entire city. - Christine
  • I'm pretty sure that Alonzo is seen to lock and load the same gun twice. Once after leaving the restaurant, and then again before he and Jake stop the VW. Although I know Alonzo wears two guns in shoulder holsters, we never see any transition indicating that he's loading the "other" gun. That, too, brings up an interesting question, he carries two guns, yet neither one is ready to shoot? (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Plot holes) Alonzo and his crew serve the search warrant, use the chain saw to cut through the floor, then use pick axes and shovels to dig up the money. After this cutting/digging, Alonzo shoots ----, then shoots a crew member in his bulletproof vest and goes on to concoct some story about how ---- shot the cop, so Jake had to return fire. Jake is "framed" by Alonzo as the shooter. This scenario is wrong for two reasons: (1) How would they explain cutting up the floor and digging out the money after the officer was shot and ---- was killed. As the officer was bleeding, awaiting an ambulance, they did their digging? (2) There is such a thing as gunshot residue tests (GSR). Although Jake would have GSR on his person from being in a room where a gun was shot, he wouldn't have the concentration on him that Alonzo would have from firing the weapons he has all day long! (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
    • Explanation: They could've said easily Roger was the one doing the digging. That's perfectly plausible. - OKSAN
    • Explanation: I wondered to about the digging in the kitchen, but remember when Alonzo is on the phone with a member of his squad. He tells him to sign the equiptment out for 'maintainance'. - Christine


  Trapped (2002)   
  • (Continuity) After the daughter is kidnapped she is shown sleeping on a couch in front the fat eye glass wearing kidnapper. As he talks on the phone you see the little girl sitting up as if awake, then when he looks at her she is still asleep. (VHS) - bkerr32
  • (Continuity) Also, Charlize Theron is hit with a cell phone by Kevin Bacon, hitting her left cheek. Wehn he cleans her wounds back at the house, her right cheek is injured. (VHS) - bkerr32


  Tremors 2 (2001)
  • Hey, since I am a fan of guns, I just HAPPENED to notice that when the young guy with the older guy are driving around in the truck trying to attract the Tremors, the young guy is trying to shoot the tremor with an M-16. The first time it shows, the guy is shooting the gun easily without aiming, but afterwards, he is aiming and the gun has a recoil (it kicks) were they out of blanks or what??? - Joey


  Tru Confessions (2002) (TV)
  • I noticed this only after the 2nd time I was watching it. The part where Tru's mom comes in to Tru's room to tell her why she pretended to be DeDe is where the slip-up occurs. After Tru slams the door in her mom's face for a split second you see her door. There's a poster of what DeDe looked like on her computer hanging on her door. How could she have a poster of her when it was her mom all along??? - Jason


  True Lies (1994)


  True Romance (1993)    Buy this movie
  • When ---- is shot point-blank in the forehead, you can see his skull cave in for a split second, and then there is only a little hole and some blood replacing the gaping wound. - David
  • When the mobster's head is set on fire, you can see that he is wearing a protective mask. - David
  • After Elliot gets off of the roller-coaster, he has puke all over the side of his yellow sweatshirt, but in the next shot the puke is magically gone. - David
  • When ---- gets shot in his nuggets, there is a bit of blood squirting out, but in the next shot there is blood all over his belly. There is no way so much blood would come out in so little time. - David


  Truman Show, The (1998)    Buy this movie
  • Truman tries the escape in his car. As he rounds the fountain, his wife is clearly shown strapped in her seatbelt. The next scene shows her attempting to buckle-up. - pat
  • When the director is taking phone calls from fans, one guy asks how many cameras are on the island and the director says about 5,000. But there would be more than 5,000 cameras because you never know where he will go because there is more than 5,000 places on the island. - Nicko
  • At then end, when Truman is supposedly looking straight into the sun, the light source is clearly to the side of him, since half of his face is in shadow. - Daz Mooze
  • When Truman's friend is stocking the vending machine, the candy bars switch around or disappear every time the scene changes. - john


  Tsui Hark's "The Blade" ( ? )    Buy this movie
  • Throughout the film, the length of the hero's severed arm changes significantly. - David
  • Also, at the end of the film, the tattooed man's tattoos smear, change and disappear at random. - David


  Twelve Monkeys (1996)
  • (Factual errors) When Bruce Willis goes outside in the beginning of the movie. When he is walking in the snow, he is attacked by a Bear. But if it is Snowing wouldn't the Bear be hibernating. - Monkeyguy39
    • It is possible that the bear has waken up. It happens.


  Twin Dragons (Shuang long hui) (1992)
  • In the dubbed version of the film there are numerous amounts of scenes where Jackie and his twin are shown on screen next to one another. Whenever their clothes seem to touch it appears as if they just walk through one another. It happens most noticeably during the whole hotel scene and when they first meet in the bathroom. - Matt S
  • When in the hotel and there is a knock at the door one of Jackie's characters goes to answer it,when he turns around to tell the other Jackie to hide it is clearly a cameo appearance from a completely different person. However he is well tanned and looks Spanish/Mexican. - Matt S


  Twins (1988)    Buy this movie
  • In the bathroom scene Arnold and DeVito are talking and there is a beer bottle on the paper towel roller, then the camera goes away and then back again and the beer bottle is gone. - Ryan Wonser
  • At one point, a mustang is driving through a parking lot on two wheels. When the car slams back down onto 4 wheels you can see the driver's side airbag blow! It's a long shot, but it definitely happens. - scott
  • When Danny and Arnold are walking along the street wearing those suits that look the same, notice a lady wearing a red and white striped T-shirt walking behind them from the left hand side to the right. A couple of seconds later she walks past again from the right to the left, then a couple of seconds later she walks past again, and again and again! - Nicko
  • The car is driving on two wheels and it comes down and the window shaders and on the next shot it's perfect. - Boss187


  Twister (1996)    Buy this movie


  Two Can Play That Game (2001)    Buy this movie
  • In the movie ( Vivica Foxx's ) character is at a party and decides to hurt her man ( Morris Chestnut ) by leaving the party with someone else .. To do this she goes outside and flattens her left rear tire on her jag to get some man to help change it..One does.. later in the movie when she gets home the man follows her in his BMW .. In the drive way is her jag with a (FULL) size tire on the left rear...."do jags have full size spares or do-nuts" ? - cocohuevos


  Two Jakes, The (1990)    Buy this movie
  • The Hudson convertible used in this film is a 1952 or 1953, but the dash inside has the instruments in the middle and the large chrome panels unique to the 1951 model! In 1952 the instruments were moved directly in front of the driver. - bizzybody


  Two Mrs. Carrolls, The (1947)
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) When Beatrice Carroll runs across the room she calls out "Mother!" but doesn't open her mouth. - Soma


  Two Weeks Notice (2002)
  • (Crew/equipment visible) Come on I could see the equipment through out the entire movie! Especially toward the end. - John


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