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  What Dreams May Come (1998)   Buy this movie
  • When Robin Williams stands up in a small boat in the beginning of the movie, he starts to tip it over. For a split second, a "hidden" cameraman is exposed lying on his back in the bow of the boat. The cameraman is wearing sunglasses and is partially hidden by a red cover. (DVD) - Hagaphus


  What Lies Beneath (2000)
  • In the scene where Michelle P. looks at the overflowing bathtub and is about to unplug the rubber stopper, she pulls up her shirt sleeve on her right arm. The camera is then focused from behind her and she tugs the same sleeve up again. - prootski
    • Correction: Actually Michelle roles up her sleeve once and then when you see the other view, she roles it up more. Anyways, she could have she was at different range from the bathtub when she rolled it up the first time, so it couldn't be the same. - HorrorMovies
  • The husband burns the lock of hair in the fireplace and it burns quite slowly. Real hair would have taken much faster to burn. - prootski
    • Comment: Yeah, dry hair would burn quickly, but I thought that scene came after he rescued the hair from the water... making it possibly wet hair. I don't know how well wet hair burns, but it sounds like a good science fair project. - Andrew
  • When Michelle begins to see the face in the water when she is standing on the dock, the phone rings at a MUCH higher volume than it should have regarding the volume set in the scene. - RuThiE jO jO
  • If you look closely at the part where the shoe falls from the back of the boat you can see someone dropping it. - kyara


  What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993)
  • When Gilbert turns up at Becky's camp site after he has hit Arnie, he secretly watches Arnie playing at the lake with Becky. In the previous shots it is night time and the sky is pitch black, yet in the shot showing Becky and Arnie at the lake, the sky is still a little light, like it's just before sunset. The reflection on the water also shows the light. The shot directly after shows the sky as black. - Treloars


  What's Love Got to Do With It? (1993)   Buy this movie
  • Two Tina Turners? I have watched "What's Love Got To Do With It" about three times but on the third time when the movie is ending and Angela Bassett is singing "What's Love Got To Do With It" on stage, they flash the crowd closest to the stage about two or three times. If you look to the right hand side of the people standing close to the stage, the "real" Tina Turner is cheering for Angela Bassett and is smiling big as day. So who's the real Tina? I know who the real one is ... lol. I just wanted to point this out. - The Blaq Gypsy


  What Women Want (2001)
  • During the scene when Mel Gibson is talking to the psychologist type lady, he asks her to think of a number. She does, and he tells her what it was. Then, this is where the goof happens. She (the psychologist) moves her hand toward her mouth, and says "Oi vey!" or however you spell it, but her mouth doesn't move! - Scott F.
    • Correction: It's not a goof, the psychologist says oi vey in her mind and since Mel Gibson can hear what women think, he hears her thinking oi vey. - pookies309
  • During the scene when Mel Gibson is typing a letter to his competing lady-friend, you can plainly see he is using a Mac since Apple paid SO MUCH to have this done on movies, TV shows, etc. everywhere. But if you look at the word processor he's using, you can see its the PC version of Word! - Scott F.
    • Explanation: He is right and it is Microsoft word, but Microsoft has designed a Special Microsoft Office which includes Word and such to be used on Mac OS. (DVD) - Jar Jar
  • When Mel Gibson goes into the girls' room at his daughter's prom, he goes into the stall next to the one his daughter is in. He then passes a roll of toilet paper under the stall so his daughter can dry her eyes, etc. However, when the camera shows the daughter in her stall, we can plainly see a full roll of toilet paper on the right side of the screen! (note: it's covered by some plastic thingy, so we can only see the bottom of the roll.) - heavenly sax
  • When Mel Gibson's character is speaking to his boss about Helen Hunt's character joining, when Mel Gibson enters his boss is on the phone he mentions a stain on his tie. Once he sits down after putting the phone down, you can clearly see there is no stain! (VHS) - Dan
  • In the scene where Mel Gibson is ringing the door bell to Helen Hunt's apartment for the first time, there are four buttons on the buzzer. When he comes back later and rings it again, it is a different buzzer with only two buttons.- skipping rope
  • When Mel Gibson is trying on the pantyhose in the bathroom, in one scene the panty hose on his left leg are torn and you can see his leg exposed. In the following scenes they are not torn or are not torn as badly. - clownsrus2


  When Harry Met Sally (1989)   Buy this movie

Billy Crystal as Harry
Meg Ryan as Sally

  • When Harry and Sally are leaving the University of Chicago to go to New York they are heading north, but when the overhead shot shows their car on Lake Shore Drive, they are in the southbound lane. - ABair


  Where Eagles Dare (1969)   Buy this movie

Richard Burton as Major John Smith
Clint Eastwood as Lieut. Morris Schaffer

  • After Smith and Schaffer place explosives in a storage room, they climb out of a window next to which is a poster with the word warning in English. - trevor mather
    • Info: They were on German territory.
  • Helicopters weren't used in military operations until well after World War II, and especially not in the 3rd Reich. The helicopter shown is a US-Model, which wasn't built before the 1950s.
    • Comment: Someone wrote that helicopters not were used in World War 2, especially not by the Germans. That is wrong. Germany flew the Focke Achgelis Fa 61 helicopter in 1938 and did in fact have a small number of 2-seat Flettner-machines in limited service during the war. They even flew larger transport-helicopters in test flights. The Americans used Sikorsky R-4B helicopters in rescue-missions in the Pacific in the closing stages of the war. The helicopter in the film was of course an American Bell-47 of the late forties design. - Olav Westerman
  • After the fight on the cable car, Smith (Richard Burton) places explosives on the top of the cable car but if played in slow motion, the cable car explodes from inside. - trevor mather


  Where the Heart Is (2000)   Buy this movie
  • There is a major mess up in this movie b/c Walmart has security cameras everywhere. They would have seen her in the store, and also the store has alarms and can detect whether or not someone is in the store. - krysti
    • Correction: I work at a department store, don't want to name it to avoid trouble, but we'll say it is well known, the security cameras aren't always running and security isn't that good, because it isn't always checked out, so I am sure that they may have thought that there was a fault in the system, because this has happened at my store and we ignored the security devices. - moorehugs21
  • When the main character is in the hospital. The mom comes in and is smoking in the hospital. Hmmmmm. Besides smoking in a hospital, watch the cigarette very closely. The cigarette is done and she throws it down and steps on it. In the scene following it she's smoking again. Now that's the fastest I've ever seen someone light a cigarette. - Kara
    • Correction: First of all, when the mom walks in to the hospital room she is not smoking. She lights up a cigarette after she is in the room and the door is shut. Second, she does not throw the cigarette on the floor and step on it, she just ashes the cigarette and steps on the ashes. It shows the cigarette in her hand while she is stepping on the ashes. (VHS) - mah76
  • When the boy and the girl stop at the Walmart the guy gives her $10 to buy a pair of shoes. She goes in and gets the shoes and when she gets the change it's $5.55. Later on in the movie she's looking at the same pair of shoes and the price is $1.97. (TV) - surgeongeneral13


  While You Were Sleeping (1995)   Buy this movie
  • At the very beginning, Lucy goes up to the hot-dog vendor and tells him she wants the usual, "mustard, coke". As she leaves, all she has is the hot-dog. - Jessica
  • while Lucy is visiting Peter in the hospital, when she first arrives, Peters head is laying on it's left side on the pillow. When Lucy wakes up and starts to leave, Peter's head is laying flat on the pillow. - Jessica


  Whipped (1999)   Buy this movie
  • When one of the guys is buying condoms with Mia he grabs a box of Magnums, and she grabs the box while it is in his hand then in an angle change she grabs the box again. - Loaded1215
    • Comment: Oh come on, she only drops her hand before the grabs the box, that's no goof, don't try to see a goof in every scene, that sucks... - RoadRunner


  White Christmas (1954)
  • When the Haynes sisters first appear, Vera-Ellen pours a cup of a coffee. She then puts down the pot and then it jumps back in her hand. (DVD) - White Christmas
  • Not exactly a goof because it was deliberately put into the film. During the "Gee I Wish I Was Back in the Army" number, the length of the Haynes sisters pants changes from ankle length to rolled up above the knees when the oversized civilian costumes pop up. It looks like they did this because the girls mock-ups wore dresses and the pants would ruin the effect. (DVD) - 94McBill
  • On the train, the Haynes sisters are seen sleeping in drawing room A, but when Wallace and Davis go and pick them up, they are in beds in the train corridor, with Drawing Room A behind seen behind them. (VHS) - megan
  • (Continuity) In the scene where the General enters the restaurant dining room, his granddaughter steps back. When the camera angle changes, she's back beside him and steps back again. - Barb


  White Men Can't Jump (1992)
  • (Crew/equipment visible) In a scene where they're about to start a game and they are all huddled together talking, look closely at the bottom of the screen and you can see a grey mic boom! - kalel
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) After Flight start talking trash to Billie, a few seconds later in the background you here him saying the same thing over again. - scottiejay


  Who Am I? (1998)
  • Directing & starring Jackie Chan. The car chase in South Africa when they go down the stairs is in fact already Rotterdam. During that same chase the car is on it's side spinning, but afterwards there are no scratches or whatever on that side (good paint!) - Mike
    • Addition: I can confirm the fact of the carscene that is already in Rotterdam just before they intend to go to Rotterdam. I have seen the movie as well as I do live in Rotterdam and I must add that the scene makes the audience think that the stairs look like some passage, but it has absolutely no way out! The passage is to small for a car plus you need to drive the car a same stairs up out. So if you watch very carefully you can see the car go no farther. Also this part in Rotterdam is overcrowded on broadlight day so a car chase here is absolutely impossible. - Dennis
  • Use pause and look the scene at the end, when Mr. Morgan gets kick by woman agent, and you can see the man who's get kick is some Chinese stuntgroup member, not Mr. Morgan. - Levine
  • This goof occurs several times throughout the movie. When Chan and two Asian women are driving throughout the city in the white car (forgot what kind of car) to escape the guys in the black BMWs, they go through many crashes, bumps, etc. But in the next scene the car never even has a scratch! I don't know what kind of car they're using, but I want one! - Scott F.


  Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)   Buy this movie


Who's Harry Crumb? (1989)   Buy this movie
  • There's a scene where Jennifer answers the door, Talks to Harry and yells for her dad, only her lip movement doesn't match. - mlmlisa


Whole Nine Yards, The (2000)
  • (Continuity) Matthew Perry goes to Chicago, meets a friend for lunch at a restaurant. In that scene Matthew doesn't have a wedding ring on, but in the next scene when he is in his hotel room he does have a ring on. - Ruth
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Matthew Perry throws up he has his mouthful with something for good breath, that he got from a bottle, then he leaves this bottle where is still possible to be seen. Then they show Bruce Willis, and then him again, and it goes like this certain times and in one moment when Matthew Perry is shown again, the bottle is gone.
  • (Continuity) I think it's the scene where Bruce and Matthew are talking and sitting on a wall or something and Matthew's hands change from his lap to his sides between each cut. I only saw it once, so let me know if that's right... - JBone


  Wild America (1997)   Buy this movie

Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Marshall Stouffer

  • Marshall is cleaning the toilet with his brothers toothbrushes (blue and yellow). He then puts them in the brush holders (also blue and yellow). Later that night however when all 3 are cleaning their teeth, Marshall is using one of the brushes he cleaned the toilet with. - Cookie
  • A quarter into the movie, when Marty throws the rock, and scares Marshall, Marshall says "Cut it out guys" only, his lips doesn't move! - Kelli
  • When the guys go into the cave and throw the snow over the rattlesnakes, one pops up. If you look closely you can see the rod underneath it holding it up. - Melissa


  Wild Bunch, The (1969)


  • In the first shoot-out of the film, a horse falls over in slow-motion. If you look closely, you can see a wire which is pulling the horse, causing it to fall forward. - David
  Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991)   Buy this movie
  • Sonora is talking to the vendor with the hot dog wheel made from an old bicycle, one scene the chain is on the next it is hanging off. - Centaurra


  Wild Wild West (1999)   Buy this movie


  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)   Buy this movie


  Windtalkers (2002)
  • As you hear the future windtalkers pledging their oath, the screen is first filled with a waving American flag with staggered stars meaning it's a 50-star flag. All other flags in the movie had the correct 48, though. (Theatre) - RJK


  Wing Commander (1999)
  • On the insert in the DVD version of this movie, Jurgen Prochnow's picture appears beside the biography of Tcheky Karyo. - Cathy


  Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (1968)   Buy this movie
  • When Pooh encounters Tigger for the first time, the interior of Pooh's home shows that the front door is secured by a wooden plank held up, one each side of the door, by two L-shaped brackets. Later in the scene, the front door is instead secured by a hinged plank that is held in place by a single L-shaped bracket. The door type switches back again, later in the scene. - Kieth Moreland


  Winning London (2001) (Video)
  • In the end when London wins, that girl with the short red hair, her hairstyle changes so many times! (VHS) - Cerasi
  • In the scene near the end when everyone is in that big room for the final part of the competition (the one where they take kids as hostages), they zoom in on one of the girls from Chloe and Riley's school, and she has a hair clip on one side of her head. They later show her again and it is placed on the opposite side. (VHS) - Chopez


  With a Song in My Heart (1952)
  • During the song "With A Song in My Heart" Susann Hayward is lifted in the air by he co star and spun around. During this spin Susan's Left nipple is exposed. - Jeff from Australia


  Wizard of Oz, The (1939)  


  Wood, The (1999)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where Mike, Slim, and Roland were in the convenience store (in 1986) they were getting tic-tacs for the dance. In the background on the shelves there were packs of Winterfresh gum. Winterfresh gum did not come out until the mid 1990's. - Liz Cox
    • Info: Winterfresh gum was introduced in 1994 to be exact. And the very first patent for chewing gum was issued in 1869.
  • When I first saw the movie I said, "Did anybody else see that?". When they're in the pizza parlor you can see the microphone come down over them....sooo tacky! (Theatre) - nadanuf


  World is Not Enough, The (1999)
  • In the speed boat chase James Bond spirals the boat and you can see the stuntman wearing a helmet in the boat. - pat
  • Also, when he spirals the boat, you can see the gas used to make the boat spin. It looks like smoke coming out of the back. - Bob
  • Bond fires the top missile from his boat, but when the angle cuts the bottom one is fired instead. - David
  • After M asks "What's the time?", Elektra's bodyguard Gabor closes the door on M, yet less than a minute later, he is all the way across the harbor in Istanbul to greet Bond as he is leaving the safe house. - Mth
  • In the boat chase scene, when James Bond fires the torpedo's, the top is fired first. Then on the close-up, the bottom looks like it was fired first and the top was fired again. - Daniel Forson
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Bond is running away from the helicopter with the blades in the dock, he roly polys down some steps, at the bottom there is a close up of him, you can clearly see that it is a chinese man. I think that it looks like Jackie Chan but thats just me thinking. (VHS) - macca_j
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) During the boat chase two traffic wardens are soaked as a boat passes. One shouts (in an American accent, BTW), "What was that?", but his mouth does not move. (VHS) - El Loco


  Wyatt Earp (1994)
  • (Anachronisms) When Wyatt, (Kevin Costner) returns to Missouri to court his childhood sweetheart, he approaches her house with flowers, and we see a jet trail in the sky above his head. - J.R. Jones


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