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> Braveheart (1995)

Directed by:
Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson as William Wallace
James Robinson as Young William
Sean Lawlor as Malcolm Wallace
Sandy Nelson as John Wallace
James Cosmo as Campbell
Sean McGinley as MacClannough
Alan Tall as Elder Stewart
Andrew Weir as Young Hamish
Gerda Stevenson as Mother MacClannough
Ralph Riach as Priest No. 1

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • When Mel is in having a private meeting with the princess of Wales she seems to be having a little trouble with the scarf around her head. In every scene it jumps up and down her chin. One minute it is perfect the next it is wrinkled and squint!!! - Cookie
  • When the soldiers ride into town, at the wedding in Lanark, and announce that they will take the bride away, a small fight ensues between a few soldiers and some townspeople. A soldier rushes toward a man with his sword risen. The sword then collides with the man's head and, being rubber, bends over it!
  • At Stirling, Wallace is charging against the English. At first he draws a sword, then he is running with an ax, then he is running empty handed, then finally with his sword again.
  • The English soldier who was thrown on the sharpened fence post earlier in the movie (when Wallace and his men attacked the fort) "magically" fights in the battle of Stirling.
  • When the guard goes to tie the rope around William's feet to rack him during his torture, you can see William is wearing modern shoes - laces and the metallic eye holes to string the laces through.
  • At the end, Wallace's friend is charging in slow motion, and if you look closely you will see his battle axe flopping around like it's made of rubber.
  • During one of the big battle scenes, a white "panel van" is seen driving by in the background.
  • As Mel Gibson is running to meet his wife in the grove after saving her from getting raped he does not have a sword. Then when he reaches the grove, he has a sword to thrust into the ground! - Jrock Dogg
  • When Wallace first comes to ask Murron to ride with him in the rain, the mothers head wrap changes position with every scene. - angel
  • After that one crazy guy kills William Wallace's would-be assassin, he pulls his sword out of the guy, revealing that the sword has no blade. - David
  • During the big battle scene two soldiers in the background can be seen about to hit each other but right at the very last minute they drop there weapons and walk away next to each other. - dudimous
  • During the first scene at Edinborough when the noblemen are talking, you see a stable boy in red in the background. In the climactic scene where Wallace is caught several years later, the stable boy with the evil eyes who's in on the capture, is the same boy. Wouldn't he have grown up, or been promoted? - april
  • When Wallace is knighted, and honors his captains, the camera then pans out to see them shaking hands with men behind them. The father makes a gesture that would be impossible after the previous battle. He hugs someone with the hand that was cut off!! - Syko
  • After winning the first battle, when Wallace is standing there surveying the battlefield, over his left shoulder you see an Englishman and Scot stick fighting slowly. - Syko
  • When Stephen kills Wallace's assassin, the assassin drops the sword as Stephen's sword hits him. Yet when the scene changes and the assassin falls backwards the sword is still in his hand. - ryan
  • In the scene where William Wallace and Muron are taking their wedding vows in the forrest, you can see William (Mel) look towards the camera if by mistake and suddenly looks towards the priest. - Coombes
  • An assassin is after Wallace, while Wallace is hunting a deer with bow and arrow. As Wallace is first seen hunting, his arrow is already "notched" on the bowstring. As Wallace gets closer to the deer, he has to notch the arrow for the first time. - Kieth Moreland
  • There is a distinct pattern of dirt on Wallace's face after his first battle with the English. Wallace's face is "cleaner" when he goes to bury Murron. Later that evening, the original pattern of dirt is back on his face. I think they had to re-edit the sequence as it was not possible for the embroidered cloth Murron gave to Wallace, to be present at her burial, if they had buried her the next day. - Kieth Moreland
  • After the first round of arrows is shot at Stirling, Wallace has an arrow stuck in his shield. However, when he gives the noblemen the sign to flank the British, the arrow is gone. On the next scene that shows Wallace, the arrow has reappeared. - largeman
  • When Wallace begins his "one Man" assault on the English fortress, he throws a sword at the fourth soldier he encounters. When this stuntman is thrown back by the force of Wallace's blade, you can see the wire that he's attached to. It's hard to see on video, but in the theatre (and I'm sure on DVD) it's easier to see. - Kieth Moreland
  • This is the scene when Mel and the other Scottish soldiers are around the campfire in the woods... I noticed that the campfire is inside of a modern day tire ring made of metal..Car tires weren't around till the 1900s let alone 1314. - Big D
  • Yes, I am related to Robert the Bruce, which was an important character in this movie. The fact that they said that he had a father with that disease was false. His father was not in a tower, and did not have that disease. If you want to talk about it, E-mail me and I will show you my family tree. Thanks. - QuickEye
  • Steven's hair is all over the place when Wallace and the others first meet him in the woods. He is talkin with the almighty and his hair goes from across his forehead to on the sides between cuts. - Shane
  • During the uprising (after Mirrin had been assaulted), Wallace jumps on top of a cottage to escape. His black shorts can be clearly seen under his kilt. As you all know, we Scots don't wear anything under our kilts ! - weesaint
  • Mel Gibson's vaccination shows up on his arm. (Regular/Trailer) - Kurt
  • When William Wallace is knocking over that British guy who killed his wife, you can see his blue-jeans under his other clothes as he rolls! (VHS) - Kelley
  • In the first major battle, right after some poor schmuck gets his "head" smashed in by a sledge hammer, a fair amount of fake blood splatters on the camera lens for about 5 frames. - Southpk28
  • In the scene after William and Murron are married and they make love in the woods, it appears to be nighttime, but if you turn up the brightness function on your television, you will see that it is really daytime. (VHS) - Benny
  • In this scene, Mel and his soldiers are setting fire to the English fort. When Steven hands Mel the torch, he acts like he is placing the torch in between the gates, but in the next scene he tosses on the side of the gates. - drmmr
  • In this scene, at the Battle of Falkirk, Mel jumps a horse to track down the King and he jousts with Robert The Bruce. Mel lands on the ground as if he were injured, and Robert comes to him and Mel flips him over. When Mel comes to him he has his dagger out, then Mel lifts up Robert's helmet and then Mel takes out his dagger. Didn't he just have it out!! - drmmr
  • The battle scene with the blue paint on the Scottish warriors is outdated. Scottish warriors did not paint their faces during this time. - dogmeat
  • (Factual errors) In the whole film, you never hear James Douglas being mentioned, in fact James Douglas was second in command to wallace during the battle of stirling and throughout Wallace's life as a warrior. hmmmm!! - doogie
  • After the 2nd large battle when William Wallace see's that it was Robert the Bruce he was getting ready to kill, he walks backward, sits down, and then finally lays down on his back. Earlier, he was shot with an arrow which is still in him at this point. As he's laying down the arrow, which is tangled in his long hair, bends with his hair up toward his shoulder. (VHS/DVD) - SpiceGirl28

Commented Goofs

  • What about the title: "Braveheart"? Where did that come from? No one says it in the film. It's not based on a book by that name. Historically, Wallace has never been referred to as Braveheart. Who makes up these movie titles! - paulie
    • Comment: Come on. Lets not be too picky, I think we can all agree that the title is appropriate. - Hooper
  • Young Wallace throws left handed and adult Wallace throws right handed.
    • Comment: Perhaps Wallace was ambidextrous? -
      • Info: ambidextrous = Able to use both hands with equal facility
  • When the first skirmish at the town happens, and when Emish (I think that's how it's spelled; Wallace's big Scottish friend from childhood) throws a guy off the fort and the man lands on the gate with the wooden spikes. Well, if you look closely, when Emish head butts him, its the same character that tried to rape Murron. - Us badger
    • Comment: I believe it is 'Hammish'. - jinxie
  • As for the battle at the river for the bridge I must ask first where was the river and most important where was the bridge. Truth is the director ran out of money for the scene but this is crucial for the scene. Also in that battle they used spears for the first time which is false because they did not use these spears until the later battle in Falkirk 7 years later. - dogmeat
    • Comment: Nay, it was not a budget issue. Mel Gibson wanted a big battle scene, and the slaughter of Englishmen as they crossed the bridge did not exactly allow for that. They were also safety concerns, such a battle over water would have been too risky. - jinxie
  • At the scene when Wallace is asked to the meeting and refuses, Campbell says, "Your father was a fighter, and a patriot." The word patriot was not developed until 1605 (so says Webster's).
    • Comment: If all the characters in the movie spoke in words that were used in 12th century Scotland, most of us would not understand ANY of it, I think it is safe to say that the script was written using modernized vocabulary. - Henny

Explained Goofs

  • When William asks Murron to ride in the rain they get wet. When they are talking ontop of the hill they are dry, then when they get back to her house they're wet again! (VHS) - Katter
    • Explanation: You apparently haven't been to Scotland... the weather is like that! Besides, the scenes are not supposed to be exactly sequential... there is time between them. - Jake20ForU
  • When Wallace asks Murron to go for a ride with her it is raining outside, In the next scene it is sunny! (VHS) - Kelley
    • Explanation: You apparently haven't been to Scotland... the weather is like that! Besides, the scenes are not supposed to be exactly sequential... there is time between them. - Jake20ForU


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