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> Commando (1985)

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The Terminator

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Directed by:
Mark L. Lester

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Col. John Matrix
Rae Dawn Chong as Cindy
Dan Hedaya as Arius
Vernon Wells as Bennett
James Olson as Major Gen. Franklin Kirby
David Patrick Kelly as Sully
Alyssa Milano as Jenny Matrix
Bill Duke as Cooke
Drew Snyder as Lawson
Sharon Wyatt as Leslie

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • The chase with the Porsche and the little red car, the Porsche is all banged up in one scene and perfect the next and so on for a few shots. - Vic
  • Just after the wrecked Porsche, when Arnold is holding a bad guy over a ledge, you can see the cable attached to his ankle. - Billy Voltaire
  • In one scene, when a soldier gets shot and falls off of roof you can see the safety mattress that he lands on. - David
  • When Arnie blows up parts of the baddie compound, you can see the bad guys are just dummies on poles. - David
    • Addition: Indeed, even when the house blows up right behind them shooting debris and stuff all over, they won't budge. Talk about standing in guard. - Webmaster
  • When Arnold blows up some bad guys who then fly through the air, you can clearly see the air ramps that launch them up. - David
    • Addition: Yes, it is in the scene, where Arnold throws his first hand grenade.
  • When the car crashes, the dummy posing as Rae's head comes off. - Troy
  • The line of bullets going into Arnie's gun grows and shrinks throughout the final shootout. - David
  • In one scene Arnie jumps behind bushes, and bullets hit the bushes but they don't hit him. I guess they were bulletproof bushes. - David
  • Why does Arnie go around blowing up a compound that his daughter is in? He was never told what building she was in, couldn't he have blown her up in the process? - David
  • When Arnie is captured by the police, Rae fires a missile at the truck he is in to save him. Why on Earth would someone try to save their friend by firing a missile at the truck they are in? - David
  • When they blow up the boat near the start of the movie, as it pulls away, you can see the detonation wires (they don't blow it up with remote control as they want you to believe) - jpb
  • When Arnold escapes out of the airplane and lands in the marsh (which I doubt anyone would survive since he's traveling over 100mph, but anyway...) he starts the countdown function on his watch and it beeps for each second, yet we don't here the beeps ever again. - floyddog
  • During the slaughter towards the end of the movie, Arnie aims to the right, from out of the jungle. Soldiers are clearly seen mistiming their deaths on the left of him. - Matt S
  • When Arnold kidnaps Rae and steals her car to chase after on of the bad guys, at the end of the chase the crashes into a tree. The both of them aren't wearing any seat belt, but amazingly they both stay on their seats. (TV) - Soulman
  • After Arnold has just drop a bad guy off a cliff, he and Rae takes the bad guy's car which is on it's side and all dented up. When he brings the car down on all fours, no dents. (TV) - Soulman
  • When Arnold is storming the compound his daughter is being held at, he plants explosives beside several buildings. When the explosives are detonated the buildings explode from the inside. - Todd Stewart
  • Not sure about this one, I saw this movie some time ago, but I remember when the girl ask for help on the radio of the plane, she says a different number than the license of the plane. - BiK
  • Arnold has too many guns at the last part. A man can't have 1349084 guns. - JDH83
    • This is no ordinary man - we're talking about Ah-nold, who can never have too many guns on him.
  • (Crew/equipment visible) When Bennett drops Matrix (Arnold S.) off at the airport, you can see the camera crew in the reflection in the window of the car he drives off in. (TV) - Webmaster
  • (Continuity) When Matrix drives the little red car, he hits a van with the back of the car causing a hubcap to fall off. In the next shot the hubcap is back on. (TV) - Webmaster
  • (Continuity) When Matrix gets on the seaplane at the docks some bad guys fire at it, bullets hit the plane leaving bullet holes around the entrance door. Later on when Matrix gets off the seaplane, the bullet holes are gone. (TV) - Webmaster
  • (Continuity) When Matrix puts on all his commando gear, he has a pair of binoculars around his neck. In the next scene when he walks up a hill the binoculars hang at the height of his balls. Later on the binoculars are gone altogether. He could have ditched them, though. (TV) - Webmaster
  • (Crew/equipment visible) When Arnold is leaving the mall, he backs up to chase the guy, you see the cameraman's reflection in the car door. - GringoMike
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Rae shoots the rocket launcher the wrong way into a parked car trying to save Matrix from the police van, there's no recoil from the launcher, but when she shots it the right way she falls back from the recoil. - padextra
  • (Factual errors) When Matrix gets in his truck at the start of the movie (which has had all it's wires and brakes cut) and it is "rolling" down the hill with the "engine off" to chase the bad guys - you can see the brake lights come on a few times and at the end of it's journey you can see grey smoke coming out of the exhaust (as opposed to lots of brown dust). - Russ
  • (Continuity) When Arnie crashes his truck following the kidnappers he's out and running almost before the crash settles.
  • (Continuity) When Arnie goes into the garden shed before the soldiers shoot at the shed to clear it, u see him take off his vest cause he's shot. He has black camouflage lines on his torso, but when he's loading up his guns when he's on the beach by the raft, he gears up, then he puts on the camo paint last. - stephen
  • (Continuity) When Matrix gets hit by a car while fleeing the Galleria you can see his wallet fly out of his pocket. Later he produces the same wallet to show a picture of Jenny. - HAFAB


Commented Goofs

  • When Arnold is arrested after stealing all the guns and ammo, the cops never handcuff him. I'm sure the police would cuff a big muscle guy that was stealing enough guns and ammo to blow up a small country. - Floyddog
    • Addition: Arnold drives a tractor into an army weapon storage facility to steal the guns & ammo. How come there is no security anywhere? The storage facility should be guarded 24/7. When the cops finally get there, there are only 2 of them. Where is the swat team, the FBI guys and all the dozens of police officers, who usually surround places like that in situations like this. - Webmaster
      • Comment: He doesn't break into a compound to steal guns, if you look at the big flashing neon sign (literally) it says "surplus city" it is an army surplus store. - stephen


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