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> D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)
Gone in 60 Seconds

Directed by:
Dominic Sena

Nicolas Cage as Randall "Memphis" Raines
Giovanni Ribisi as Kip Raines
Angelina Jolie as Sarah 'Sway' Wayland
T.J. Cross as Mirror Man
William Lee Scott as Toby
Scott Caan as Tumbler
James Duval as Freb
Will Patton as Atley Jackson
Delroy Lindo as Detective Roland Castlebeck
Timothy Olyphant as Detective Drycoff

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • Bombay (Emilio Estevez) and Tibbles (Michael Tucker) discuss the Iceland team after a press conference; Les Averman (Matt Doherty) and Jesse Hall (Brandon Quintin Adams) walk off the platform behind them...after Bombay and Tibbles leave, Guy Germaine (Garette Ratliff Hensen), Julie Gaffney (Columbe Jacobsen- Derstine), and Kenny Wu (Justin Wong) stand in the same spot Bombay and Tibbles had been, and Averman and Hall leave the platform again - guess they wanted a second look from the platform. - Sean
  • When Jessie Hall takes the overtime shot, he starts off holding the hockey stick right handed. Then a second later, he is holding it left handed and continues that way. - Axle
  • Did anyone realize that Banks screamed louder when he was hit the second time "just on the pad" than he did the first time when he was hit on the bare wrist? That didn't seem correct to me at all. - Axle
  • This isn't big but some players keep switching between playing lefty and righty. I thought the bend in the stick would prevent that. Why don't they make up their minds? - Axle
  • While team USA is playing some team (I don't remember which team) #96 (Conway) is on the ice playing but, while they're still in play, Conway is seen on the bench next to Banks (I think it was Banks). - Axle
  • (Revealing mistakes) Just before the 2nd game against Iceland, Adam Banks walks into the locker room and tells Coach Bombay "I woke up and the pain was gone." If you look directly behind him at Connie, you can see her mouthing his lines. - Mallory
  • (Misc.) When Don Tibbles is passing out Team U.S.A.'s new red, white, and blue uniforms, he tosses one to Bombay. But the jersey that he tosses clearly says "Mendoza" on the back. - Mallory
  • (Revealing mistakes) After they become team USA and Tibbles reveals the team on a Wheaties box he shows them jerseys from the people at Hendrix. Look at the name on the jersey he throws Gordon... It does not say BOMBAY or COACH ??? It says Mendoza. Maybe he changed his name. (VHS) - Chad McCallum
  • (Continuity) When the team is playing Iceland, and they are at the shoot out, Adam Banks is the last player to shoot for Team USA. After he shoots and scores, you see him on the bench cheering. - Nicole
  • (Errors made by characters) During Team USA's first game at the Jr. Goodwill Games, the announcer says "Captain Adam Banks with the puck", but Charlie is the captain of the team. - Nicole
  • (Continuity) When the Ducks and Iceland go to the shootout and the scoreboard is shown with USA:0 Iceland:0, a woman in a red shirt is shown exiting the arena. After Jesse scores and the scoreboard is shown as USA:1 Iceland:0, the same woman is shown walking back out of the arena. - Gabby
  • (Revealing mistakes) If Mendusa Didn't know how to stop, why does he stop when Tebbles introduces the new ducks to coach Bombay? - Maryaileen Bialza
  • In the 2nd game against Iceland,when Team USA takes a time out and it wasn't in the locker room, how could Goldberg and Russ switch jerseys without being seen by the referee, Team Iceland, or the audience? - Maryaileen Bialza
  • In the beginning, a group of the team skates to Eden Hall, Goldberg says he's a goalie not a skater. But in D1, he skates with his team when Bombay was training Fulton how to skate, and in D2, the old Ducks skate to Duckhead restaurant where they where to meet Bombay. - Maryaileen Bialza
  • (Continuity) When Team USA is facing off against Iceland (the first time) Fulton Reed took his special shot. The goalie had caught the puck in the net part of the goalie glove, where no part of his hand was located. Then, when he takes his glove off, he has the imprint of a puck in his palm, which is not where he caught the puck (you must look close to see him catch the puck in the net part of the glove). - Axle


Commented Goofs

  • I'm not a hockey expert so this is really a guess. I'm guessing that tripping the goalie is illegal, such as Stahl did to Goldberg. If I'm wrong about this, someone make a correction to this statement. - Axle
    • Comment: Tripping the goalie is illegal. that is a goalie interference call. - Schofs9
  • Once again, Sanderson (bright little ray of sunshine isn't he?) hits Banks on the injured wrist. He once again got only 2 minutes for trying to hurt it more. - Axle
    • Comment: The other teams players do not realize his wrist is hurt. He only deserved a 2 minute penalty, once again for slashing. If you are hurt u have to take that risk of still playing. - Schofs9

Corrected Goofs

  • Sanderson (or whatever his name was lets leave him at #27) only gets 2 minutes for hitting Banks in the unprotected wrist WITH A HOCKEY STICK and injuring it. But, later that game Julie gets ejected for hitting Stahl and Sanderson (making more trouble) in the heavily padded body with HER HANDS. Those players should receive switched penalties. Or at least send both off for intentionally trying to hurt opposing players even though Julie's offense wasn't as extreme. - Axle
    • Correction: The calls were right. Being a referee myself, although Banks was injured it was just a slash and julie was obviously body contact. it doesn't matter if they have padding or not, it all depends on what type of infraction it was. - Schofs9
  • (Revealing mistakes) Alright, apparently the Ducks are a big time hockey team, right? And they've all played before, know the rules, etc. Well, if the knuckle puck is such a great shot, wouldn't it be legal? And isn't it illegal to lift your tick that high, for fear that you'll hit some guy in the noggin? Hmmm??? - superchik1288
    • Correction: Obviously, superchik made no attempt to learn anything about hockey before posting. the "knucklepuck" (as they call it) happens all the time, although usually inadvertently, in the NHL, but it isn't illegal, and isn't nearly as deadly as they make it seem in the movie. also, it isn't illegal at all to raise your stick, its illegal to hit someone with your stick when its high, but you're allowed to raise it all you want as long as you don't hit anyone, or score a goal with the stick, while its above the crossbar (it would be called back in that situation). - edwin
  • In the scene where Russ skates up as the goalie. First of all, it takes longer than that to change equipment. Second there's 2 penalties in that scene, he skates past the blue line as a goalie and he drops his gloves and takes off his helmet. - Kevin
    • Correction: Actually, the penalty for goalies is if they cross the red center line, not the blue lines. - Gabby


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