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> Gladiator (2000)

Directed by:
Ridley Scott

Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius
Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus
Connie Nielsen as Lucilla
Oliver Reed as Proximo
Richard Harris as Marcus Aurelius
Derek Jacobi as Gracchus
Djimon Hounsou as Juba
David Schofield as Falco
John Shrapnel as Gaius
Tomas Arana as Quintus


  • In the battle between the Legions and the German Tribes, The barbarians are chanting Zulu warcries. Sound bytes from Zulu and Zulu Dawn are played in the background. - pat
  • Without giving too much of the ending away, 'someone' collapses in the arena at the end, in the next shot, someone has thoughtfully made a little pile of sand under his head to support it as his armour is so big his head would fall back if it wasn't there. - Sidewinder
  • The day after the battle against the German, Maximus is wandering in the army camp. At some point, he gives a piece of what seems an apple to a horse. Watch very carefully the left of the screen at this moment: you can see a guy in blue jeans! The guy steps back, realizing his big mistake, but it is too late. - Aurore
  • During the battle in Germania, you can see the cables guiding the fireballs at various points in the battle. - pat
  • In the film, there is a scene where Maximus must fight about six guys by himself. In a lot of the shots where Maximus stabs the gladiators, the blood comes from off-screen not from the "supposed" wounds. - David
  • In the big battle with the chariots, one of the chariot drivers gets stabbed with a spear. If you watch this scene in slo-mo, you will see that even though the guy never looks in the direction that the spear is coming, he still winces before it hits him, and once the spear stabs him it wobbles like rubber. - David
  • In the opening battle, Maximus cuts off a man's head and his sword gets stuck to a tree. If you watch this scene in slo-mo, you can see a wig come off of the decapitated head. - David
  • Being the good Latin and Roman history student that I am, I have to mention 2 of the numerous flaws in research details: in the movie, all the saddles of the Romans have stirrups (look closely, you'll see them). Romans didn't have stirrups!!!! Stirrups were invented somewhere in the medieval period or later. - Jennie
  • Another goof is scenes of Rome during the day. The movie showed lots of people (this is true) but also carts (see when the gladiators came to Rome for the games). For the safety of the people, Rome had a law saying that no carts were allowed on the city's streets until after dark. Hmmmm... - Jennie
  • In one scene, that takes place in the castle, this one female (don't recall her name, sorry) drinks from a modern day glass cup. Polished glass wasn't made before 1900's. - tero
  • In one scene, blood sprays all over Maximus' arm, but in the next shot the blood disappears. - David
  • This is common in movie, but in the beginning scene where Maximus is to be killed by the petorians, there is snow everywhere on the ground except where the actors are about to step but haven't stepped there yet. Like when Maximus and the petorian get off the horse where they are walking has no snow but everything else around it does. - rock
  • When Maximus fights the defending Gladiator champion (the fight with the tigers), he wedges the axe in the defending champion. The defending champion is there hunched over bleeding from his mouth. Then Maximus kicks him over onto his back. If you watch the defending champion's helmet face plate, it flips up. Then in the next scene when Maximus is deciding whether to listen to Commodus, he flips up the helmet face plate... Isn't it already flipped up Maximus? - Us badger
  • Throughout the film, scenes set in Roman buildings seem to be taking place in places we might see today- faded and chipped paintwork, worn stonework etc. Would it be fair to say that in ancient Rome all these things would have been pretty well new? We know their interiors were typically beautifully colourful with vivid mosaics onth efloors. What a shame they had deteriorated so soon. - max
  • I forget where but after one of his fights you can see a jet trail in the sky. - Eddie
  • How is it that all the slaves/citizens/soldiers understand each other? They came from all over the Empire and beyond. Did they have a bable fish or borrow Kirk's universal translator? - flashback
  • The scene after Proximo buys Maximus you see him going into his house. He begins to speak I am Proximo etc. If you look to the left of the screen you clearly see Proximo walking away not talking. - Pierre
  • To my knowledge, Roman Generals were the centurions who had a red crest on their helm that was horizontal. (The crest went from left to right.) I couldn't see very well, but in the Germanic invasion I think Maximus was wearing a centurion helm, but his crest went front to back. No centurion ever had a front to back crest. Can anyone confirm if his crest was red? (Centurion helm) - Atrocity
  • The biggest mistake found in this move is the famous gesture of the "Thumbs Up" signal to let the gladiator live. In recorded historical documents the thumb symbolizes the sword of the gladiator. When the crowd points their thumb up, they pointed toward their chest, signifying that they wanted the victor to pierce the loser's heart. Pointing the thumb down signified that the crowd wanted the winner to point the sword down and away from the vanquished foe. - historicorrection
  • This is the scene before Maximus fights the retired undefeated champion. He is talking to Proximo about how the former Caesar had a dream and that was not it. He points his sword to the side and you can see it bounce up and down. I don't think he could have hurt that many people with a rubber sword. - Jman
  • At the end of the chariot battle one of the chariots flips up into the air. If you watch very carefully you will see the rug in the bottom of the chariot come up, revealing a green oxygen tank. I would assume that this tank was used to create the effect of propelling the chariot in to the air. - djmoehl
  • In the scene where two certain people are fighting at the end, one cuts the other in the leg. Then he is cut in the arm, but some how miraculously both swords are still clean and shiny. - gypsiegrl
  • When Maximus flies over the colloseum, you can quite clearly see the wires holding him up. Are we to believe that these are some kind of telegraph wires? roman times, I think not!?! - maxibon
  • I was watching the coliseum chariot battle in slo-mo to try and see how they did the "cut the woman in half" effect. I caught something completely different. As a female archer is forced to take the reins of the horse after her driver is killed, you'll see that there is actually a modern day-attired stunt driver, dressed in black and lug-soled boots, kneeling in the chariot interior. You can see him as you pause, slo-mo, through DVD marker 1:26:18. At normal speed, this would never be caught... Ridley Scott is still a master at his craft! - Kieth Moreland
  • In one of the original long shots of the coliseum chariot battle; you'll see Haken, with the arrow already in his shield (DVD marker 1:24:45). Thirteen seconds later (DVD marker 1:24:58) there's a closer view of Haken, where his shield is hit for the "first time" with the arrow. - Kieth Moreland
  • In the fight 'the barbarian hord' when Maximus saves the life of The German Gladiator (I think Haken), after he got hit by the arrow, he holds his wound but there is no arrow, then you can see that he holds the arrow in his hand (not in the leg) while Maximus pushes him back. A few seconds later you can see a shot how he removes the arrow from his leg. - eukje
  • In the first battle with the Germans when both armies collide. In the first shot of fighting one of the barbarians is just standing around smiling. - Michael Farris
  • Roman citizens weren't subject to crucifixion. - corvus13
  • In the scene where Maximus is surrounded by guards, awaiting the emperor, one of the guards is wearing a watch. - bobo
  • In the first fight with the women gladiator, did you notice that she gets killed once by getting cut in half, and she dies again by the chariot flipping over! (VHS) - lina
  • In the opening battle scenes, the opposing army already have arrows stuck in their shields even though the roman army has not yet begun to fire at them. They could be arrows from a previous battle, but you could assume that they would have removed them. - Snepts
  • Ok, during the fight as the Barbarian Horde, Haken is shot in the leg with an arrow. When he hunches over, Maximus puts his shield down and then reaches to hold it up (DVD marker 1:26:07). Then a few seconds later it shows Maximus asking Haken if he's ok and Maximus's shield is back in his hand. I also wanted to bring to attention that after Maximus all the chariot guys are killed in the arena, Maximus is shown riding the horse with a blood stained sword in his hand. Then in the next screen shot when he raises it up to salute the crowd, the sword is clean. And then, when he throws it down and pulls the spear from the ground, the sword is bloody again. (DVD) - Gladiator Wannbe
    • Addition: (Continuity) Not only does Maximus' sword become immediately un-bloodied after the shot of him riding his horse in a victory lap, but the sword instantly switches from Maximus' left hand to his right (as he salutes the crowd). Damn those left-handed stunt doubles! - Slade
  • The scene where the family of Maximus is butchered there are tractor traces on the grain fields. Wonder why these weren't removed in editing phase. (DVD) - Mika
  • As the camera descends through the clouds to show Rome for the first time, the viewer can clearly discern, to the left of the Colosseum, the Basilica of Constantine and Maxentius, built more than 100 years after the events in the film. The filmmakers must have used an existing museum model, though (probably one showing the city in the 300's AD), since otherwise every single monument is in its precise historical location in the shot. (VHS) - CCG
  • There are some white marble busts in the tent of Marcus Auralius. Actually these would've been painted in life-like colors. The paint's wore off those we see in museums. Still the best sword & sandal flick to date. - jim
  • In Gladiator, during the first scene the Roman legion advances on the barbarian horde with their "spears" held for stabbing. The Roman legionaires were equipped with a sword called a Glavius, and a javelin-like weapon that had a malleable metal tip. This weapon was not used in melee but was hurled before the lines closed. The purpose for the tip was to either pierce the enemy's flesh or to lodge in his shield. Once it lodged in his shield it would bend and he would have to either discard his shield or take the time to pry it out. - Jeremy
  • At the end, when Commodor's sister (name escapes me at the moment) closed Maximus' eyes, the lids flickered. Not a huge mistake, but slightly amusing. (VHS) - Lydia
  • If you watch carefully, you twice can see mud on the camera/lens during the opening battle (DVD RC2 at 0:10:56 h), one big spot on the left, several small ones on the right side if the screen. (DVD-RC2) - gladiator-fan
  • Well, I don't know if this has been mentioned before or is correct. But when Maximus is fighting the Gaul, at one shot, when he's about the kill him, you can see a tiger on him and in the next shot there isn't, well, there's something wrong with the tiger on him :) - Wim
  • (Anachronisms) Some of the weapons in the movie such as the crossbow, pole ax, and morning star mace, were actually invented hundreds of years after the Roman Empire declined. (DVD) - Mike
  • (Misc.) For some reason, Maximus decides to ride back to Spain (about 1000 miles away from Germania!) only in his tunica i.e. underwear, leaving armour and weapons behind. Very strange, if we consider that he would have known that the journey takes about three weeks. - JPB
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Maximus falls to the floor of the Coliseum you seem him pause and then covertly, or perhaps not quite so, move his arm into his body. In the next scene Commodus' sister kneels down by Maximus exactly where his arm was before it moved. - Kayne
  • (Revealing mistakes) At the first fight with the warrior's vs rome, in the forest, when the warriors charge into the roman fighters you can clearly see two female actors standing and chatting, while 3 feet away people are crashing into each other. - imbored

Debated Goofs

  • Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but in the beginning of the movie, He says "At my signal, unleash hell.". But the time period was before A.D. was recognized. So wouldn't it have been all "Hades"? - KleptoOne
    • Correction: The movie takes place in 180 AD, therefore, "unleash hell" would technically be accurate. - Jennie
      • Correction: The movie takes places in A.D. 180, however the Roman empire did not recognize Christianity until the emperor Dicletion much, much later than this. Christians were as persecuted as Jews during that period, the use of A.D. and B.C. came after the empire adopted Christianity as its main religion under the rule of Constantine. - you dumb asshole
    • Comment: The script writer needs to use words to explain the mood of the moment. The word Hades would not a good description for the term "Hell", because the good as well as the bad went to Hades. Because Heaven and Hell was both located in Hades. Proximo uses the word "queer" to describe the tainted giraffes he was sold. Unless writer could find a Roman slang word for "queer", that word would be appropriate. - pat
      • Correction: Heaven and Hell were not both located in Hades, Hades was/is referring to the grave. I don't think Heaven would be referred to as the grave. - CBStryker
        • Correction: Hades DID actually have Tautarus (the bad place) and Elysian Fields (the good place). Also, to all of you dissing this line, its the best line in the movie so why not leave it alone? - Moviefreak
    • Comment: Obviously in 180AD, Latin would have been spoken rather than English. When Latin dialogue is translated to English, it is common practice to take a little "artistic licence" so that it makes more sense in the modern day. Therefore, it is not unusual to hear more modern, western phrases used in movie of this type.
    • Comment: During the opening battle scene, Maximus states "On my signal, unleash Hell." This is historically incorrect because the Romans were pagans and did not believe in Heaven and Hell. Case in point, they fed Christians to the Lions. - MovieBuff
    • Comment: Debating on saying the word "hell" seems a bit odd when you take into consideration that since English wasn't a spoken language back then, none of that movie was on track. - Stonebone

Commented Goofs

  • Commodus reign in the movie lasted no more than a year. The historical Commodus's reign actually lasted 12 years. - pat
    • Correction: Actually, (in pats goof about Commodus reining more than 12 years) it didn't take place in only one year, because when he is fighting wherever he was before he went to Rome to fight, he was probably there a lot longer than a year if it really took place. - KelseaGurl
      • Comment: The Gladiator games were to last 150 days to honor Commodus father's death. The games were already in progress when Proximo received the invitation. Lucilla's son would have been 20 years old by the time Commodus dies. So by the time Commodus returns to Rome and dies at the end of the movie, would be a span of at least 5 to 6 months. - pat
  • At the last scene in the coliseum, supposedly rose petals are scattered over the arena and more float down from the stands. Instead of cannibalizing thousands of rosebushes, the film makers used the little red part of remembrance day poppies - you can see the holes in them as they float past the camera! - Sidewinder
    • Comment: To Sidewinder, they never say that roses are being dropped, they're just red petals! Get a life. - cold
  • In the huge battle that involves chariots and a scary female gladiator, one gladiator throws a sword to Russell Crowe's character and shouts "Maximus !". The goof here is that to all the other gladiators Maximus is known as the Spaniard, not his real name Maximus, which he never told the them about. How could that guy know his real name? And why wasn't he fired? - steel flesh
    • Comment: Before the chariot fight, Maximus asked if any of the gladiators fought in the legion. A few said they serve under him in previous campaigns. So it is assumed that the gladiators did know his real name. - pat
    • Comment: If u watch the cut out scenes on the DVD, Maximus' second fight ever fight as a gladiator (where it's just him vs. all those other guys) he is in a wooden cage along with all the other slaves and when he is called into the ring to fight he's walking down the path made with the wood poles and everybody is cheering Maximus! Maximus! - rock
  • In the fight where Maximus is chained to his friend, he stabs one guy, and the blade goes through his back. Or does it? If you watch this scene in slo-mo, you can see that the sword is just by the guy's side and never really went through him at all. - David
    • Comment: Well seeing as this is a movie we don't want extras stabbed to death for real do we? - robwb
      • Comment: Of course we don't want extras stabbed...but we also don't want to see goofs like that (well, I do)...the filmmakers should have disguised it better. - David
  • During the first battle and subsequent scenes in the snow, it changes from snowing, to not snowing, to snowing again etc. etc. etc. - David
    • Comment: The 'snowing' is sporadic... but it's because they are ashes, not snowflakes. Take a closer look. - Lacey
      • Comment: Well, if I recall correctly, Ridley Scott said on the DVD's commentary track that it was snow....and if not, snow is shown covering the ground in subsequent shots (watch the part where Maximus escapes from the guards). And if it is indeed ash, the amount of ash in the air around certain people changes from shot to shot, therefore I still consider it a valid goof (I maybe wrong though). - David
  • Being the good Latin student that I am, I have to mention that the Colosseum was not know by that name, in that time period. It was known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. From what I can recall, it was changed after the fall of the Roman Empire, but I can remember the exact time period. - Sam
    • Comment: If you listen closely you might also notice that they don't actually speak in Latin throughout this entire film! So they might as well use The Flavian Ampitheatre's modern name... - Jagannatha
  • OK I am not an expert on Roman history, but in the second Gladiator battle, Tigers were used to make the battle more dangerous. Tigers are from Eastern Asia (India, maybe Persia), to my knowledge, the Roman empire had no trade with eastern Asia, hence there could not be any tigers in Rome. - Andrew
    • Comment: There was contact with East. During Marcus Aurelius's reign, he sent a delegation to the court of China. So trade was established during this period. - pat
    • Comment: Today, tigers are only present in Asia. But, during the Roman era Europe had a native species of tiger that was called the Caspian Tiger!It was hunted so heavily by the Romans for the games that it went extinct! So, tigers were readily available during the Romans time! - Jaybird
  • At the end of the movie Maximus stabs another man in the throat. If you notice he stabs well off centre and when he pulls out the dagger there is no blood or wound. - flshbk
    • Comment: Um I think he is stabbing him in the Juggular which is on the side of the neck, and I think he left the little knife thing in the guys neck because he never had total control over it he was holding onto the other guys hand. - Ian
  • (Anachronisms) In one of the deleted scenes (DVD, RC2) where these two Roman soldiers are to be executed, the archers get the command "fire!"... but how can they "fire"!?!? There is neither fire necessary to use an arch (OK this is not really a reason not to use the term "fire"), nor was gunpowder even known in Europe 1xx AD, isn't it? (DVD-RC2) - gladiator-fan
    • Comment: The use of the word "fire" also bothered me, but I couldn't figure out what they should have said instead. That is, until I watched Braveheart again. The word give to command archers to "fire" is the word "loose." He should have said "loose." (DVD) - dhull

Corrected Goofs

  • In the scene where Maximus, Juba and Hagen are eating, in the background noise someone calls for "Warren" several times...then asks about a radio. Um, I don't think they'd been invented yet (circa 180 AD)... - TJ
    • Correction: In response the "warren" comment, some gladiators were playing chicken will a cobra by tossing grain and pebbles at it. What they were saying was "more! more! more in! not "warren". - pat
      • Correction: In response to pat's comment about how some of the gladiators were playing chicken with a cobra and yelling, "more in, more in!" You are wrong. If you listen closely in the background, you can actually hear somebody shout "Warren, Warren. . . . . . . radio?" In actuality, TJ was right all along. - scarlett
  • In the scene where Proximo talks to the slave dealer, he says "I'll give you four thousand for the slaves and two thousand for the animals, that's five thousand for an old friend" Well, I guess Proximo didn't go to his math classes! :) - Mr Tragedy
    • Comment: However, after much speculation, roughly two seconds worth, I've come to the conclusion that proximo, being the bargainer he was, said 4000 and 2000 adding to 5000 as part of a psychological plan to buy them at a lower price. The man that was selling them would hear 4 and 2 and think 6 and go.. "wow cool, sounds great". However, proximo would ammend to 5000 but the guy would still be chubby about getting 6000 so he'd agree more readily. - Lando!
    • Comment: Either Proximo and the slave master have very bad math skills or Proximo knows the slave master can't add and is taking advantage of him. - Cathy
    • Correction: It is obvious that 4000 and 2000 add to 6000 but this does not mean that Proximo or the slavemaster cannot add. It simply means that the slavemaster would be obliged to take off a 1000 from the price that Proximo is willing to pay simply because the two are such "old friends" (keep in mind proximo was screwed by the same slavemaster when he was sold the two gay giraffes. This is a sort of payback). - subwayrat
  • During the period of the movie (180 BC) the Colosseum was not there! In fact the Colosseum was built under the Flavian emperors and originally called the Flavian Amphitheatre. Construction of the Colosseum was begun sometime between Ad 70 and 72 during the reign of Vespasian; the structure was officially dedicated in AD 80 by Titus in a ceremony that included 100 days of games. - Nello Castellano
    • Correction: Commodus reigned from 180 AD, not 180 BC, therefore the Colosseum would have been standing for up to a century by the time he came to power. - dayle
  • The biggest flub of all. Roman's citizens/soldiers were not allowed to become slaves. They could be put to death but could not serve as a slave under the Roman Empire. - whocares
    • Correction: When Maximus is found at his home, the people who find him don't know he's a Roman. They just assume he is from Spain. Even at the slave fights he is known as "Spaniard" and not "Roman." - Atrocity
  • Gracchus would not of been there. He didn't become a senator until the 200A.d. Don't correct me cause I learned this stuff in school. - Drew
    • Correction: While it is true that Gracchus was a senator in 200 ad, there may have been a number of Romans named Gracchus who could have been senators. (I learned this in school, too. He's not the only one who can learn from teachers.) Just because the famous one you're referring to wouldn't have been in that time period, that doesn't mean that there couldn't have been a Gracchus in the Senate in the time period of the movie! - Jen
  • In the fight where Maximus is fighting that undefeated guy with all the tigers around, why wouldn't the tiger also try and attack the guys holding the chain who are like 15-20 metres away? - someguy
    • Correction: The chains they were holding where strung through some loops in the pits they came from, there by not being able to reach those slaves, they probably would not have attacked them.... - Ill Logik
  • As Maximus is going trough the arch infront of the coliseum written in english letters was coliseum, I don't think the English alphabet was in use back then, then again I could be wrong. - weedster
    • Correction: The Romans of course used the same alphabet as we do, with some minor exceptions. For example the letter "U" was invented later. - Olav Westerman
  • (Plot holes) Maximus manages to kill all his executioners - and it would be only too logical that if they did not return back to the camp, something is not quite right... Instead, we learn later on that Quintus told Commodus that Maximus was executed as planned. If Quintus lied on purpose, it would be very stupid of him since Maximus would most likely not just stay away from public life given the fact that his family was slain and he has lot of influence. - JPB
    • Correction: I can't recall if it has an explanation in the released version, but in the DVD deleted scenes, there is an execution of the sub-commanders who told Quintus that Maximus had been executed. They assumed all members of the execution party and Maximus had died at the hands of the Germans who had survived the battle. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Misc.) Maximus manages to arrive to his home right after his family is slain (the fires are still burning...) Since there were no phones, airplanes or autos back then, it is very interesting how Commodus managed to organize the murder out of Germany so it took place before Maximus arrived while it was shown explicitly that he was riding even at night!!! - JPB
    • Correction: You'll recall that when Maximus is taken prisoner and told he is to be killed, Quintus tells him that, "preparations have already been made for them to join you in the afterlife." That indicates that soldiers were sent to kill the family long before Maximus was taken into custody...we also don't know how many hours or days the soldiers had for a head start. Unlike Maximus, those soldiers weren't wounded, took fresh horses and supplies, etc. so they didn't have as difficult a journey as Maximus. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Plot holes) As Commodus mentions in the film, Maximus' son and wife were crucified. In that case they must have been crucified to an invisible cross since we can see nothing but their feet while the camera is facing Maximus (as if they were hanged). - JPB
    • Correction: Crucifixion requires only that one's arms are outstretched and the hands are bound or nailed. There is no need to have the feet bound or nailed. In the movie Spartacus, the rebellious slaves are all crucified, but their feet are free on their crosses. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland


Explained Goofs

  • In the Germania battle scene, Maximus has a dog. The dog jumps to the fight at one point, saving Maximus' from an attacker and then it appears the dog gets injured in the fight. However, the dog is never seen again. Ridley Scott has admitted this was a little "detail" they forgot about. The fate of the dog is never addressed.
    • Explanation: The unlucky (German) dog that helps Maximus fight the war against the Germanians was seen in one scene but then disappeared completely in the next. Why? That's because Ridley Scott (my fav director) filmed the dog actually being killed but decided (thankfully) it was too cruel and violent. They also decided to kill him from the final credits, but then again, he was no Rin Tin Tin. - Stanley Coolbrick
  • It does a close up on one of the lead characters who dies near the end of the movie in the arena. If you look close enough at this character's neck you can clearly see the pulse in the neck. Next time, Ridley, use a still frame on the close ups of the dead. - Joe Toler
    • Comment: To Joe Toler, about the pulse in the character's neck...what do you want him to do? Really die? Bet that would be a great hit... - Moviefreak
      • Joe says he wants a still frame.
    • Explanation: The scene where Proximus speaks and shows a pulse and then the next similar scene shows a still picture of him (with no pulse) happened because the actor passed away before the movie was completed , so the director (Ridley Scott) was forced to use (cleverly) a stunt double, recycled speech and a still photo of Oliver Reed to finish this master piece. This was not a goof but a smart decision by Scott. The biggest goof was done at the Oscars by not mentioning the great Oliver Reed at the arbituaries. - Stanley Coolbrick
      • Comment: Did you know that Oliver Reed died and they had to computer generated his head on his body. - Ridley Scot
      • Explanation: Oliver Reed wasn't mentioned at the obituaries at the oscars because he died the year before. At the oscars they honor the actors who died that year. - scarlett
  • About timelines. How is it that the initial battle took place near the Rhine (Germania). He was injured the next day escaping, rides hard to the south of Spain. Gets enslaved, travels all the way to Morraco. Yet his wound just heals, I know that the Romans had good roads but the horses/caravans could only travel at best 50-60 miles per day. A trip like that would take months. - flashback
    • Explanation: Well you also have to put into perspective that riding and passing out on the ground in the middle of the desert, his wound probably got infected and reopened so it had a harder time healing. - steph
  • Just before the last fight in the movie you see Maximus lifted up to ground level of the colosseum from a chamber below, then it disappears. I don't think hydrolic lifts were invented back in Roman times. (DVD) - Justin Credible
    • Explanation: There were trap doors in the arena for the theatrics and choreography of the games. They were operated by pulleys. If you have the DVD, there is a segment regarding the life of a gladiator. It is explained about the prison cells and animal cages, etc., below the arena. - mike


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