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> Galaxy Quest (1999)
Galaxy Quest

Directed by:
Dean Parisot

Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith/Comm. Peter Quincy Taggart
Sigourney Weaver as Gwen DeMarco/Lt. Tawny Madison
Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane/Dr. Lazarus
Tony Shalhoub as Fred Kwan/Tech Sgt. Chen
Sam Rockwell as Guy Fleegman/Security Officer 'Roc' Ingersol
Daryl Mitchell as Tommy Webber/Laredo
Enrico Colantoni as Mathesar
Robin Sachs as Sarris
Patrick Breen as Quellek
Missi Pyle as Laliari/Jane Doe


  • Well, this more of a re-edit then a goof but I feel it's worthy of mentioning here. Near the end of the movie, Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver reach "the choppers" a hallway full of hydraulic smashers. When Sigourney sees them, she says "Well, screw that!" however if you read her lips, you can tell she originally said something more R rated. ;) - littlenemo
  • Also, during the scene when the main villain is torturing the good alien (forgot their names), you can clearly see the actors mouth inside the villains mask especially when he says "Prepare a tear harness for the female." - littlenemo
  • Just like later on in the movie (with the bad sound editing for Sigourney Weaver's character) the black pilot says "You are so full of it." but if you read his lips he says "You are so full of sh*t." - ManiacMovieMan45
  • In the scene where Gwen, Alexander, Guy, Tommy, and Fred are about to join Tim in the ship, Fred goes over to get some food out of a machine, leaving four people. But, when it shows a shot of Fred, you here three pod zaps instead of four! - heavenly sax
  • When Guy says that there's a "red thingy moving towards the green thingy," you then see a shot of a red dot moving rapidly towards a big green dot(the ship). Then he says it again, then, "I think we're the green thingy!" At the speed the red thingy(missile) was traveling, it should have already hit the ship before he finished saying "Red thingy moving towards green thingy" for the second time! - heavenly sax
  • At the beginning of the movie, in the convention center, Tim Allen is explaining to a boy about a mission. In the back of that shot are two blondes wearing Sigourney Weaver suits(one tall and skinny, one short and fat). However, when Tim follows Sigourney down the stairs and starts to embrace her, you see the same two girls in the background! He then turns around, and they get bashful! - heavenly sax
  • In the scene where Tim Allen is changing channels in his house, you here different sounds when he changes the channel. After you here "Hi, I'm Dave Letterman!", he jerks the remote like he is changing channels. It's supposed to now be on Galaxy Quest. BUT! If you listen closely, you'll here a groan from the first channel he was on before it shows Galaxy Quest! - heavenly sax
  • I don't know if I've already added this goof, but in the scene where the rest of the crew are being zapped to the ship in the pods, Fred goes over to a machine for food. There are still four people on the pods; but when it shows Fred again, you only here three pod zapping sounds. - heavenly sax
  • When Guy looks at the monitor, he says,"Hey guys. There's a red thingy moving toward the green thingy." Then it shows a shot of the red dot(missile) moving toward the green dot(ship)on the console. It's moving really quickly. Then he says the same sentence again. At the rate the missile is going, it should have already hit the ship. Guy then says,"I think we're the green thingy!" The missile still hasn't hit! - heavenly sax
  • When the crew is eating with the Thermians, Alex gets a bowl of very hyper Tet Moplet Ticks. These things are moving all over the place! However, for the rest of the scene, every time the camera pans to Alexander, notice the Ticks aren't moving anymore! I don't think that they suddenly decided to drop dead or take a nap! - heavenly sax
  • Saris starts chasing the Protector for the first time. He says,"Thrust ahead! Full!" It then shows a shot of the viewscreen that Saris is looking out of. You here him say in the background,"Fire at will!" When the following two missiles are fired, they go through the viewscreen! To help you see this better, look at the sides of the viewscreen. You will see the smoke trail left by the missiles. - heavenly sax
  • Before I explain this goof, I want to make everyone sure that the planet that they land on is entirely rock. This means NO vegetation whatsoever. But, right after Tim Allen says,"There they are. Berillium Spheres," the angle changes to a shot of the crew walking toward the camera. In the far left of the screen, there are two little shrubs. I thought there was no vegetation on that part of the planet! - heavenly sax
  • Starting from the shuttle landing, Fred has a bag of snacks that keeps disappearing and reappearing while they are finding the sphere and rolling the sphere to the ship. - heavenly sax
  • When Tim is fighting the pig lizard, the pig lizard grabs his jacket and starts swinging it AND Tim around in a clockwise direction on the monitor up in the ship. However, when it cuts to a shot down on the planet, the pig lizard is swinging him counter-clockwise, and then Tim falls down. - heavenly sax
  • At the convention in the end of the movie, after the ship crashes. It shows a sequence of shots in the crowd. I don't remember the order of shots, but I do know that there is a shot of a man in a blue hat staring at the ship, trying to find a seat at the front. Now, that same guy is on the left side of the screen in the back of the room when Brandon and his friends come in. - heavenly sax
  • After the pig lizard turns inside-out and explodes, it shows a shot of Tim Allen on the little monitor standing in the exact same place he was fighting before the pig died. But there are now no rocks of any kind near him at all. Plus, it looks as if he's super-imposed on the screen. - heavenly sax
  • At the very end of the movie, when they are introducing the cast again, it shows a shot of Tommy at his little control pad. If you watch his fingers very carefully, in slow-mo if you must, you'll see that his fingers are not landing on all of the buttons, which means he really is pretending. - heavenly sax
  • When Saris orders his men to destroy the ship and kill the Thermians, it shows a long shot with the following people left to right: Mathesar, Jason Nesbith, and Saris. In this shot, Saris says to open the air chamber for the Thermians and kill them. You will see Tim's lips mouthing everything that Saris says in this shot, waiting for his cue to turn and jump Saris. - heavenly sax
  • The crew has now been taken down the ship to be released into space. When Tim starts hinting Alexander about his acting in Episode...I forgot the number, it shows a shot of Alexander suddenly going,"Oh...right! Well.." Behind him are two televisions with Saris's "stormtroopers" running down the hallways. If you look closely, you'll see the top TV repeating the sequence over and over! - heavenly sax
  • You guys know that little computer ball that vibrates when it talks? Well, when it's not, it's just making soft little ripples, right? So, it's in constant motion. RIGHT?! WELL.... When Tim Allen is giving out orders for everybody in the hallway, he tells Fred to take Guy and Laliar to turn of the oxygen valve and save the Thermians. Behind Guy, Fred, and Laliar, the computer ball is just sitting there motionless. No ripples. No nothing. You can especially see this when Tim throws Guy the gun, and Guy dips down to catch it. You can see the whole screen now. - heavenly sax
  • Ok, it's standard regulation throughout the entire movie that everyone on the ship wear their vox on their right hip, correct? Well, when Tommy is practicing his driving while watching an episode, the camera in the show pans to a shot behind the young Tommy, and you see that his vox is on his LEFT hip! Traitor!!!! - heavenly sax
  • This one is kind of complicated. When Brandon is guiding Jason and Gwen through the ship to the neutron reactor, Brandon calls his friend to get the sequence of the chompers. Now, the vox is nowhere near the phone in his hand, yet Jason hears the friend babbling on his vox! - heavenly sax
  • After Gwen and Jason go through the chompers, Gwen says,"Whoever wrote this episode should die!" However, if you look at her lips real closely, you will see that she says,"Whoever wrote this episode should be shot!" I'm sure of this because I saw the movie in theatres, and she said,"...should be shot!" The exact reason that the people changed this was because of the shooting at Columbine. - heavenly sax
  • I don't think that this is a sexual reference, but here it goes. When Gwen and Jason are at the core, Gwen is counting their steps. Her suit is zipped up. When the camera cuts to a shot of them lifting the glass casing to shut down the core, her suit is unzipped to show her boobs! People who have the movie on DVD and have seen the deleted scenes know why this happened, but it's just weird! - heavenly sax
  • When the ship is landing and it starts to throw cars into the air, the scene cuts to various shots inside the convention. If you are viewing the movie on tape or DVD, watch carefully. The people on the right hand side of the screen in the last shot start running before the ship crashes! - heavenly sax
  • When Jason and Alexander are fighting, Alexander calls Jason a raving lunatic. However, when they jettisoned the "stormtroopers" into space, Jason asked why Alexander called him a raving EGOMANIAC. He wasn't called a raving egomaniac!!!!! - heavenly sax
  • The rock-monster has Jason upside down shakes his shirt off and then tosses him off to the side. Jason gets up and runs away, shirtless. Later when he gets beamed up to the ship, he reaches down and picks up his shirt and puts it on. He was nowhere near his shirt so it couldn't have been beamed up. And it's not a different shirt because it is ripped exactly where he had been cut after tumbling around on the planet. - RJK
  • When Laredo is piloting the ship out of the star port for the first time, he scrapes along the left wall as they exit. However, it is the main portion of the ship that scrapes, and the left wing or whatever you call it -- which extends much further left than the left side of the ship that gets damaged -- is untouched. This is impossible, the ship would have been inside the wall of the star port. (Theatre) - oaks
  • In the ship's cafeteria, how are the Thermians able to make a dish native to Dr. Lazarus' home planet when he is of a fictional race? (VHS) - MarkD

Corrected Goofs

  • If there are people out there who are looking for goofs in Galaxy Quest and are watching it over and over again so that you may post a goof here... you're stupid! How could you have missed this goof! Okay: You know how they are in the pod about to land on the planet, and Guy says that nobody knows his last name? Well! They goofed! Even though you find out his last name at the end of the movie (I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it!), you can find it out when they land on the planet! Tim Allen is giving out orders to everyone before they go for the sphere. When he tells Guy what to do, he addresses him by his last name! - heavenly sax
    • Correction: About Guy saying that nobody knows his last name, doesn't mean that it's true. He was just being hysterical. - Bart
  • Near the very end of the chompers, when the fire comes up, Jason says to Gwen, "Look out, Commander! Jump!".... HE'S THE COMMANDER!!!! - heavenly sax
    • Correction: In the scene with the "compy things", Brandon, not Commander Tagert is saying "Go" and "Stop" etc... because they are listening to him for instructions on how to get out. And it is Brandon who say "Jump now Commander!", not Jason because that would be stupid. - Dannie212
  • Brandon says that the omega 13 is a 13 second time jump to the past. When Saris attacks, if you count, it takes 67 seconds before Jason acctivates the omega 13. (VHS) - elvega
    • Correction: The 13 second jump into the past was merely a theory probably based on the title of the apparatus. It is possible that when the Thermians duplicated this device (or found it, whatever) it was created with a longer jump back in time in order to allow more time to rectify a mistake. - BLOTT
  • When Saris attacks near the end of the movie, guy is alive when the omega 13 is acctivated. So why couldn't he remeber that Saris attacks. (VHS) - elvega
    • Correction: It's clear that the only person who retains memory after the Omega 13 is activated is the one who pushed the button. Many other people were not dead also, they were merely dying, and they also did not keep memory of the first time around. - BLOTT
  • When Jason gets teleported away from the rock thing, the monster is on top of him. Why doesn't it get teleported to? - (VHS) - elvega
    • Correction: The "teleporter" that is used to save Jason is obviously something that can grasp on to a specific being. That is why later in the movie they are able to transport the rock monster on board the ship even though it is several seperate pieces of stone when resting. - BLOTT
  • When Jason and Gwen are going through the chompers, you here Jason's voice saying, "Go!" over and over again, but his lips aren't moving at all. In fact, he's just concentrating on the chompers so that he doesn't get killed! - heavenly sax
    • Correction: When you were talking about Tim's character saying "go!", the reason, you moron, is that HE is not saying anything. It's the kid talking to him on his "Walkie Talkie" thing! - Ma

Commented Goofs

  • This one I thought was SO hilarious! At the end of the movie, when the bad guy comes out of the ship, Tim Allen starts rolling around with his puny little gun. If you look in the back of both shots of Tim rolling, you'll see Alexander Dane and Fred Kwan hugging each other and rocking back and forth. (wink wink!) - heavenly sax
    • Comment: There is NO DICTION to support this while there is plenty of diction to support other sexual messages in the film.

Explained Goofs

  • Tommy broke his arm in the first attack, correct? How did it cure so fast when he was watching TV? - heavenly sax
    • Explanation: Ok, once again, you are a moron... the "reason" his (Tommy) arm is no longer broke is beause the aliens fixed it. You don't think a species this advanced can't fix a broken arm, but they can fly across the galaxy? I know you're stupid, but come on.... use common sense. - Mac


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