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> Halloween II (1981)
Halloween II

Directed by:
Rick Rosenthal

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode
Donald Pleasence as Dr. Samuel 'Sam' Loomis
Charles Cyphers as Sheriff Leigh Brackett
Jeffrey Kramer as Graham
Lance Guest as Jimmy Lloyd
Pamela Susan Shoop as Nurse Karen Bailey
Hunter von Leer as Deputy Gary Hunt
Dick Warlock as Michael Audrey Myers/Patrolman #3
Leo Rossi as Budd
Gloria Gifford as Head Nurse Mrs. Alves


  • At the very beginning of Halloween II and in a subsequent scene when Michael Myers falls from the balcony the porch lights of the Doyle house are on. But a scene inserted in between from the original film with Tommy and Lindsey running out of the house as Dr. Loomis approaches it, the porch lights are off. - Jerry
  • Loomis says many times; I shot him SIX times. If you watch part one it is right, he shoots him six times. But in part two if you count the shots you can clearly hear that he shoots Michael Myers SEVEN times. Why stupid. - halloween fan
  • When they bring Annie's body out of the house, and her dad shuts her eyes, and pull's his hand back. If you look closely she squints her eyes. - josh howell
  • In the first Halloween movie Jamie Lee Curtis pokes Michael's eye out with a coat hanger. But a few hours later she shoots both eyes out including the one that was already poked out. - josh
  • At the beginning, the masked man that Dr. Loomis mistakes for Michael Myers walks into the street and is sandwiched between two vehicles from the waist down. There's an explosion, the body bends and drops to the the hood of the car. Then we go to a close-up of the body as it burns and it's still upright. - Sam
  • (Continuity) When Jimmy finds Mrs. Alves on the gurney bleeding all over the floor, he turns to run out the door to get help and slips on the blood and knocks himself out when his head hits the floor. In fact, he's laying right in the middle of the blood! Later when Laurie is hiding in Jimmy's car, he gets in and the back of his shirt is not a bloody mess at all, it's clean!
  • (Continuity) When The Shape is drowning the nurse in the scalding water, her towel suddenly goes from being wrapped just below her shoulders to being tied around the waist.
  • (Continuity) There is a flashing orange light in the back of the marshal's car, but when they turn around to head back to Haddonfield it is nowhere to be seen. It is gone.
  • (Continuity) In the scene where the boys ask Mr. Hunt about Ben Tramer, Mr. Hunt says that "it's just a little past 11." Following this up in the next scene Bud lures Karen into the room to kiss her and wish her Happy Halloween. During this scene, as Bud reaches up to kiss Karen, his watch is clearly visible and shows the time as 1:00!
  • (Factual errors) In the scene where Marion is calling for help on the police car's 2-way radio, she speaks, "Marion Chambers with Doctor Loomis at the clinic; He's here." Right after that, the policeman on the other end of the radio starts to talk. However, Marion never lets go of the "talk" button on the radios microphone, until the middle of the policeman's response to her request. You can't listen and receive anything on the radio while the button on the mic is pressed.
  • (Revealing mistakes) If you pause the widescreen version of the movie at exactly 1hr 35min and 34sec (at the end of the film when Laurie is blown off of her feet by the explosion in the Operating Room). If you examine the right side of the screen you can actually see behind the "set" wall. You can see the vertical planks that are holding it up and you can see a coiled up cable of some sort hanging there. Fast forward three seconds to 1hr 25min 37sec you can see behind the wall again, only this time the scene is a little bit darker. If you watch closely from the moment the explosion goes off and we see Laurie in the corridor, you can see the wall on the right shaking making it obvious that this is a set and not a real corridor. (DVD)
  • (Continuity) After the explosion and Michael is walking on fire, you'll notice he is right next to the burning stretcher. Then they cut to a scene of Laurie hiding behind a water fountain. In the next scene of Michael, he is now about 8 feet before the stretcher walking towards her again. He obviously didn't back up. (VHS/DVD)
  • (Continuity) In Halloween Dr. Loomis shoots the shape out the window 7 times. But in the sequel, where it shows the end of the last movie, he only shoots him 6 times! - Jackson Blackmore
  • When Michael is drowning the nurse in the sauna where she and the paramedic had been making out, you may notice that the towel is wrapped around her upper back. But at the final submersion, you can see that the towel is wrapped around her waist allowing for a full view of her breasts when he takes her out of the tub. - Jenikay

Commented Goofs

  • In the beginning of the movie Loomis shoots Michael off the balcony, the balcony is open with a low railing. But in the end of Halloween the balcony is covered by a canopy with waist high railing. - Zach
    • Comment: In the first movie Michael falls off the back porch, but in Halloween II it has him fall off the front balcony. (VHS) - Michael Myers Fan, Kevin


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