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> Jurassic Park (1993)
Jurassic Park

Directed by:
Steven Spielberg

Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant
Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm
Richard Attenborough as John Hammond
Bob Peck as Robert Muldoon
Martin Ferrero as Donald Gennaro
B.D. Wong as Dr. Henry Wu
Joseph Mazzello as Tim
Ariana Richards as Lex
Samuel L. Jackson as Ray Arnold


  • When Tim tells Lex to turn off the flashlight, Lex says, "I'm sorry" without moving her lips.
  • The air, which blows off Grant's hat comes from below, not from the T-Rex.
  • When the helicopter is landing, you see the cars move to the edge of the pond, where they can't go back any farther, but when the helicopter lands, and Malcom ect. are getting out, the cars are moving back. - Vic Cherubini
  • When the kids are running away from the raptors in the kitchen, notice when the little boy is at the end of a long stainless steel counter, a large ladle / spoon suddenly drops. Look closely at the grid just below the counter, you can see someone push the spoon onto the floor, he never even touched it. - monica polo
  • As Dennis leaves the jeep when he is at the main gate he leaves the jeep door open. When he returns the door is closed. - Steven
  • When Ian Malcom is talking to Elle about unpredictability the time on his watch keeps changing from 6:20pm to 7:45pm. - Steven
  • Not a goof but this has always bothered me, when the velociraptor is trying to get through the door near the end and Alan and Ellie are holding it shut, she try's to reach for the gun but says "I can't get it unless I move". Why didn't Tim who was just standing there watching grab the stupid thing. - FlyBoy
  • In the final scene, Lex is holding onto the skeleton but then lets go and starts to fall, but then, after she has fallen, she somehow has managed to fly and grab back on. - FlyBoy
  • In the scene where Richard Attenborough is looking at the blueprints, he says Disneyland opened in 1956, in fact it opened in 1955. - Unblown
  • In the scene where Laura Dern is running toward the building to turn on the main power switch she jumps over the same log twice. - Unblown
  • The kitchen scene, when the raptors look through the window in the door, you can see a reflections from a moving hand or something! - Mads Hansen
  • When the helicopter arrives at jurassic park they ride through the first gate than the man is shown closing and sliding the large bolt to lock it. Just before the camera leaves the scene you can see the gate start to open. - Vic
  • As the lawyer runs to the toilets, he leaves the door open, the next time we see the explorer from the rear car, the door is clearly closed. Yet as the T-Rex moves towards the car, Tim reaches over and closes it. - Martin
  • Steven Spielberg went through the trouble to recreate some really lovely dinosaurs. However, in the beginning of the tour through the park, a Brachiosaurus, tallest of the sauropods (and perhaps all of the dinosaurs) standing on its hind legs. Now this is silly. Virtually all sauropods could do this. The only one which couldn't--was Brachiosaurus. What made it so tall was the fact that its front legs were so long. It also precluded it from rearing. - Pertinax
  • In the scene where t-rex pushes the car over the concrete cliff thing with tim in it, the car is upside-down. Then the next time they show the car (when grant finds it in tree) the car is positioned in the tree right side up. The way the car was falling down it would've had to do a 90 degree turn while sliding, and i don't think a car going at that speed and the angle on the concrete wall it would have flip a whole 90 degrees. - jpfreak
  • At the beginning of the movie, the helicopter lands, and the man and woman run to the trailer to see who has arrived, in the kitchen, the grey haired bearded man is wiping a glass with a small white dish cloth which magically changes into a pink one!!!! - ArtMan
  • The scene towards the end when they are re-activating the power generators, the actor suddenly turns around to see the raptor snarling behind the chain-link fence... meanwhile, the light up above the animatronic raptor is actually burning it! you can see smoke and all!!! - Lord Raidis
  • Frogs DNA was used in association with the blood of dinosaurs to bring them back, but from all the scientists knowledge of dinosaurs they didn't seem know dinosaurs are closer related to birds. Seems kinda strange don't you think? - Kaz
  • Notice the incorrect spelling of stegosaurus on the freezer. - brad
    • Addition: In addition to Brad's goof, that stegosaurus was spelled wrong in the freezer, the big star of the movie, Tyrannosaurus, was also spelled wrong in the freezer, with only one 'n', instead of two. - Ryan
  • When the goat's leg lands on the car, blood is draining from the leg. Yet in the next scene when the t-rex is pushing down the fence, there is no blood on the goat's leg. - david lewis
  • When T-Rex flips Tims and Lex's JEEP over in the background is a plant in a pot and a stagelight. OOPS!!! - James
  • The T-Rex would have never gone after those minute, meaningless, morsels of people when there were much larger, meatier, satisfying dinosaurs for it to snack on. - Naslectronical
  • The Velociraptors sure know how to clean their plate well. After the steer is lowered into their holding area, and the crane is lifted back up, there's not so much as a piece of flesh or a drop of blood. - Naslectronical
  • During the scene where the rapters are fed the steer, we don't get to view them yet but do hear their snarles and see the bushes shake violently. If you look closely or slow-motion it you can see part of a man's head and shoulders crouched down apparently aiding the effect of the leaves shaking. He's in the middle/upper right part of the screen. - Scott
  • Not a goof but, ever wonder why when Nedry wrote 2 million lines of code for the automation of the park, but a human 'gatekeeper' MANUALLY opens the cage, while standing on top of the cage no less, to allow a 'raptor out? I guess the technology of ropes and pulleys had not been discovered yet. - Robot Tekk
  • The scene in the computer room, while Dr. Grant and Elli are holding the door, the raptor hits the door open for a second, and you can see the raptor's head in the door's window the whole time, but as the door swings open, you can't see the side of the raptor. It looks as though the raptor was flat. - CBStryker
  • After Grant calls up Hammond, the raptors start to come in through the window. We hear 4 shots, but there are only 3 shells shown in the scene following. (I watched that particular scene and counted: 4 shots fired, 3 shell found.) - Straea
  • When the kids are stuck in the SUV, the windows are dry, then there are raindrops, then the windows are dry again. - Kieth Moreland
  • Toward the end of the film, Richard Attenborough is eating ice cream, lamenting the failure of his park. In a long shot, Laura Dern is seated across about an eight foot table from him. The shot switches to a close up of Laura Dern who extends her arms (clearly not far enough based on what we know to be the length of the table) to get her own spoonful of ice cream. - Kieth Moreland
  • In the scene where the T-Rex is eating the goat, the leg of the animal falls onto the sunroof of the vehicle. You can't help but notice, when the T-rex tries to break through the glass to reach Tim and Lex, that there's no sign of the goat leg, or any blood. Weird huh? - Rose
  • This movie is absolute garbage - among the many mistakes - Velociraptor's in real-life were only half the size of a man. - The Briggster
  • Grant tells us that the T-rex's sight is based on movement - how does he know - I read it wasn't! - The Briggster
  • In the scene where the t-rex is attacking the kids in the explorer the t-rex breaks the sun roof in half and in the next scene the glass for the sun roof is back together again. - chris
  • When Tim and Lex run into the kitcen, and when the two raptors open the door, and enter as well, you can see a crew man grab the raptor's tail and pull it down. - Ryan. - Ryan
  • Near the beginning where they are feeding the raptors a man falls back towards the camera you can clearly see the camera man put up his hand to support the man. - jordan
  • When Dr. Grant and Timmy are climbing down the tree to escape the jeep that is slowly falling toward them, wouldn't it just be common sense to climb to the other side of the tree where the jeep isn't? And when the three are driving away from the T-rex Dr. Malcolm does a cool trick where he is in front then in back all in a matter of a microsecond. There is some real editing magic going on in that scene. Nevertheless, it is still only a movie... not a documentary. - Spayro65
  • When Elli turns the power back on she turned the power back on for all the fences, but when she runs out of the shed and inside the chainlink fence the holds onto it. The fence is clearly marked "DANGER 10,000 volts". - Andrew c.
  • In Jurassic Park there is a scene where you see a computer screen showing fences of the park losing power and going out. Included with this bunch is a fence labled "Raptor Fences" Later, Muldoon asks Ray Arnold, the computer guy, weather the raptor fences are out. Arnold says no, the're still on. I checked with other Jurassic Park websites for this flub but they did not have it. - grasshopper
  • When Nedry's jeep gets stuck, he looks down and the sign shows the road going straight, then after he falls down the hill, the arrow is pointed another way. And did anyone notice that when Ian, Satler, and the other guy are driving away from the T-rex, Ian feels up on Satler's leg. (You cannot notice it in the widescreen version). - bill
  • After the first T-Rex incident Dr. Grant and the kids decide to sleep on a tree. Before they fall asleep we can see the tree has practicly no branches nor leaves (at least around them). Yet they wake up with a dinosaur eating tones of leaves that were not there the previous day! - Monterrey
  • In the very beginning while they are getting ready to release a raptor into the pen, you will notice that they are all on a platform (look at the bottom of your screen as the crane is bringing the cage to the workers). Well, two times during the movie (once while feeding the raptors and second while Ellie and the hunter are going to reset the power) there is no edge shown. (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
    • Comment: STOP copying and pasting flubs that are clearly on other websites. All your doing is putting them in your own words. I saw a website that has some of your "flubs" worded, word for word. STOP! - Mac
  • Another thing is while they are opening the cage, that door looks very heavy, yet as the raptor rams it and the cage slides back, it stays up. (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • Also, as the raptor trying to eat one of the workers, why doesn't it go after Robert being more accessible instead of fighting him for his dinner? (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • Another goof is in the computer room when (Samuel L. Jackson) is typing, it shows that what he is typing and saying are not the same things (in fact!, they are reversed). (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • While Needry is having a net meeting w/ his buddy about reaching the docks in time, you can see that the conversation was pre-recorded being the play bar is moving at the bottom of the window. (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • Also, note that while Needry is stealing frozen embryo's some of the dinosaurs names are spelled incorrectly. (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • Also in the beginning, as Dr. Grant, Ellie, John, Ian, and the lawyer are all flying to the island in the helicopter, note the seating arrangement. Now after they land, it is totally reversed. John would have to climb over all of them to get out first, and same w/ everyone else. (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • Right after Ian, Ellie, and Robert have just escaped the chase from the T-rex, Ian says "Think they'll have that on the tour?" Well if you look in the background right as he's saying that, you can see a vehicles headlights peering through the forest for just a second. (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • Speaking of that scene (above) , as the T-rex is munching on a tasty raptor, for a split second (you have to use slow-mo to see this) the raptor disappears out of the rex's mouth. (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • Another funny goof is while on the tour. They stop in front of the T-rex's pen and at one scene it shows water on the windows, but in a later one a couple seconds from them, their windows are dry. (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • In conclusion, my final goof to point out is in the forest as Robert is telling Ellie to run towards the shed. If you notice, it shows 3 logs to jump over, but she ends up jumping 4 times, did she jump over one of them twice? (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
  • When the kids are first attacked in the jeep the T-Rex breaks through the plexy glass top breaking it in two. The next camera shot shows the kids on their backs using their feet to hold up the unbroken glass. - Guido
  • Remember when the people come to see the T-rex for the first time and the T-rex breaks the fence and you see it clearly the dinosaur before coming on the road he is walking on the ground with trees in back of him and when the T- rex goes after Lex and Grant they back up to the fence and there is a cliff and they go down it with the wire. Then how come when the T-rex is coming it look like he is walking onlevel with the fence. (VHS) - Jurassic boy
  • There was one ridiculous scene where Dr. Sattler has escaped the raptors in the power station. She emerges and sees Dr. Grant, then says, in a very dramatic voice, "RUN!" as though there is a raptor bearing down on him. Immediately after she says the line, she jogs up to him and they stand there hugging. (VHS/Theatre) - Stupendous Man
  • Also, for some reason they edited Mr. DNA's voice from the theater to VHS. In the theater version, Dr. Hammond says, "Oh! Mr. DNA! Where did you come from?" and Mr. DNA answers, "Your blood" in this weird drawl reminiscent of Dracula movies. But in the VHS version, Mr. DNA says, "your blood" in a perfectly normal voice. (VHS/Theatre) - Stupendous Man
  • The film starts with a mistake the gate keeper falls off the top of the cage and fall on his back, but is shown in next scene turning over from his back. Really poor jump shot. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • Next when the doctor enters the trailer he grabs the knob with one and it closes on the opposite side inside the trailer. They must of had more than one trailer with the end cut off and door was not hinged on the same side. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • When in the copter the raptor claw he is holding is vertical then side ways and in one hand then two hands. Again bad jump shots. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • When they are seated in the copter they exit in a different order than when in flight. No time to change seats. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • Jeeps are backed up twice at copter pad. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • The lawyer when seated for the show of DNA was siting back and then next scene he is leaning on the seats in front of him. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • When the wonderful jeep driver loses control and lands in a ditch up to his head lights but when he gets out front is clear and a log is holding it. Next this charming fellow starts to pull out the cable on the wench turns and he performs the process all over again. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • At the jeep scence with Rex roaming around the glass brakes more than once when attacked but old rex. Also when the lambs leg is thrown into the scene it comes from the opposite side that it should have flown in from. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • When the Prof. and little girl are about to climb down the cables are all flat on the wall below but when on the the cable it loops up behind them. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • Look close at the tree climbing to save the boy when going up and down you can see the ladder he is using to climb on. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • When the boy is fired off the fence he is vertical but land in the hands of the actor horizontal. Otherwise he would have bumped his head. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • At the end when the blond Prof. is hanging from the dino bones she rotates clockwise oneway and counter clockwise in the next scene no time to unwind. (VHS/DVD) - teacher man
  • In the scene where they are just arriving at the island when the helicopter is coming down to the landing pad the jeeps in the scene pull up to the pad twice in different camera shots. - bdude7
  • Okay. Some people think that in the part with the Galimimus, Dr. Grant "mistakenly" says that the Galimimus look like "a flock of birds 'avaiding' a predator." If you were any smarter, you would see that he says "evading" not "avaiding" or "avoiding"! - MichaelMyers666
  • Just an FYI in the scene where the kids and Grant and Ellie run to the computer room while they are waiting for the kid to
    turn on the locks (this can be seen on the video as well) when the raptor pushes the door in you can clearly see and man outside pushing the door open in the glass reflection. - Michelle
  • (Continuity) When I was watching Jurassic Park I have noticed a big mistake: When Alan and Tim are up in the tree with the car, and they start climbing down, the car starts to move and falls down. Allan bends over and the car is stopped by a branch. When this happens, the left headlight smashes. When they start to hurry down you see a different shot (probably stand-ins) and the left headlight is perfectly fine. And in the next shot it's broken again. - Jimmy
  • (Factual errors) At the beginning we find Dr Grant digging up Velociraptors in Montana. He must have dug a very very deep hole, Velocirator came from Mongolia! Before any one suggests it that was the opposite side of the world in the Cretaceous to. (DVD) - Tallon Trooper
  • (Errors in geography) Does it strike any one as strange that the amber Ingen used to create the dinosaurs came from the Dominican Republic but not one of the dinosaurs they got comes form that continent? (DVD) - Tallon Trooper
  • (Factual errors) The velociraptors in the movie are explained and appear to be 6 feet tall when the fact of the matter is the velociraptor only reached lengths of 3 and a half feet the dinosaur used in the movie was more likely the velociraptors cousin the utahraptor or any other raptor variety. - Big Mike
  • (Plot holes) Ok, when Dr. Grants woman is looking for Lex, Dr. Grant and Tim. How do they get down in that pit and if they do get down there the way Grant and Lex did how did they get back up. This mess up has always bothered me. - ALex WEightman
  • (Revealing mistakes) At the beginning of the movie they said they clocked the T-rex at 32 m.p.h, and when Ian and Elle get chased by the T-rex that truck could get away in 1 or 2nd gear and it shows the guy shifting 2 or 3 times. - Alex
  • (Continuity) When the helicopter is leaving the island,in the side window you can see they are flying through the island.Yet when Alan is looking at the seagulls flying over the ocean the camera comes back to him. You can clearly see they are still flying through the island. - FlyBoy12
  • (Crew/equipment visible) When the T-rex knocks over the car with Lex and Tim in it, after it stops rolling you can clearly see a light stand used in the movie and other pieces of movie equipment. Pretty interesting. NOTE: You have to pause the movie at just the right spot to see it. - FlyBoy12
  • (Misc.) The T-Rex has just recently pinned Tim and Dr. Grant and the girl are trying to free him; but they hear the T-Rex and stop. The next scene is the shot of the T-Rex standing right over them and the girl screams... when the girl screams Dr. Grant Reaches up to cover her mouth, he misses and grabs her breast; he then quickly corrects this and covers her mouth. (VHS) - Fuderyuu
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronized/gag) Dennis Nedry has just recently crashed and has his jeep stuck. When he gets to the bottom to tie his Jeep to a big tree, he is followed by a Dilophosaurus (forgive my bastardization of the spelling) and quickly tries to get up the muddy and slippery hill to the Jeep. Pay close attention to the sound played when he slips; the sound is that of a whistle like in cartoons when a character slips and falls. (VHS/DVD) - Fuderyuu

Debated Goofs

  • The cars are parked next to a concrete wall, a couple feet high, on which was mounted a large electrified fence. Now on the other side of that wall, we saw earlier GROUND. Later, in an attempt to escape a hungry dino Grant and Lex jump over to the other side of that same wall and rappel DOWN A CLIFF!
    • Comment: You said that at the T-Rex paddock, first we see ground, and then later it's a cliff when Lex and Grant are trying to escape the rex... actually, I've watched the tape several times, and the cliff appears to be on the *opposite* side of the road from the previous shots. - Sean Mearns
      • Correction: Sean's remark about the wall being on the other side of the road, is wrong. The cars turned around and the scene is a huge goof, no doubt about it. It's plain to anyone who has ever seen the movie. - Andrew c.
        • Comment: After the cars leave the T-Rex place aren't they shown driving forward? Then later it shows them heading back. Last time I checked there was no place to turn the cars around at... - Jax
  • Amber found in The Dominican Republic only dates back 20 million years, whereas dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago.
    • Correction: The earth is not millions of years old as most people think. There are thousands of things that make this and evolution impossible. - Bob
      • Comment: 1) BOB, this is a MOVIE site, not a "preach your good word to the masses" site. 2) This is a fricken MOVIE! Take it easy man. 3) Why didn't they clone Adam and Eve? - god-x
        • Comment: Thats right it's a movie goof site, and there is a goof in this movie! DUH! - Bob
    • Bob, I'd love to hear a theory that proves that the earth is not millions of years old.
    • Comment: I agree with Bob the earth isn't millions of years old it's over 1.5 billion years old and I know im probably going to get some S@$# over this but oh well. - ash
      • Comment: First of all, there has not been one solid piece of proof ever to say that the earth is billions of years old. These "radioactive-dating" methods are frauds. I wont make a speech here. Get a Book! - Bob
      • You have your own little conspiracy theory, eh? Everything we learn in school about evolution and stuff is all wrong? How old is the earth then, Bob?
        • Comment: You're darn right that evolution is wrong. There are plenty of proofs for the earth being about less than 10,000 years old. Again, get a book! - Bob
          • You believe that in less than 10,000 years there was time for enough dinosaurs to evolve and to die and for humans to evolve to what we are today? Unlikely. Anybody else got an opinion on this issue?
          • Comment: Bob, You tell us to "get a book". I've read a lot of scientific books, and nowhere have I seen a proof, or even a hint, that the Earth is just about 10,000 years old. I have also read some non-scientific books, that without presenting any acceptable proofs deny the scientific observations of the age of the Earth. - Olav Westerman
          • Comment: Bob, what year do you think it is? - Ruby
          • Comment: Bob, the earth is about 4.5 billion years old. You tell all of us to get a book?! Maybe you should b/c if you did you would learn the earth is older than 10,000 years! You should add a few more zeros! - paige
          • Comment: Bob, I believe you are correct in saying the Earth is only 10,000 years old and that the theory of evolution is false. Besides if Evolution could actually be proven it would be a law by now and not a theory. - B2
            • Comment: Okay, let's take it that we can't prove Evolution Theory. Can you disprove it? Moreso, can you prove an alternative? - El Loco
            • This debate ends here.

  • Mosquitoes didn't exist when dinosaurs did! - Mrs.Sippy
    • Correction: This is not true, mosquitoes did exist when dinos did. If you believe in creationism they did and if you believe in the theory of evolution they did. Either way they did. - David
      • Comment: Who's heard of "creationISM"? - CBStryker
        • Comment: "CreationISM" is the belief in Creation, as EvolutionISM is the belief in the theory of evolution. - David
    • Correction: They did exist then, but I would like to see a mosquito that could puncture through thick reptilian skin! - Manacle
      • Comment: Mosquitoes in the Jurassic Period were very large. I'd say about 5 times as big as today's average one. They were probably tough little suckers. - Mew
      • Comment: There is only speculative evidence to suggest that dinosaurs had "thick reptilian skin". It's not even certain whether or not they were reptiles at all. - El Loco
  • Steven Spielberg made some huge mistakes when making this movie. Half the dinos that appeared in the movie don't belong! The Mesozoic/Dino era consisted of three main periods, the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. The T-rex, Triceratops, and Velociraptor all didn't appear until the middle of the Cretaceous period! The only dino that really belonged in THE JURASSIC was the Brachiosaurus! Plus, the Velociraptor isn't really the way paleontologists predicted how it looked, for it was modeled by computer animationists looking at the skeleton of a Utahraptor! That huge claw on the Velociraptprs' feet do not belong. There is a species of dinos called the Velociraptors, but they aren't portrayed correctly in the movie. - kris
    • Comment: About the supposed goof that the different dinosaurs didn't belong together: This isn't a movie about time-travelling, and nowhere (as far as I know) it is said that all the creatures the scientists managed to recreate, originally did exist in the same era. - Olav Westerman
    • Correction: It's true that the velociraptors are wrong, but not for the reasons listed. They weren't modeled after the utahraptorm the utahraptor hadn't been discovered until AFTER the movie came out. Spielberg wanted to make the raptors bigger and scarier, so he had them built that way. - Dazz
      • Comment: You said Spielberg didn't model the Velociraptor after the Utahraptor, he just made the raptor bigger. Well if he wanted a bigger raptor he should have just used another dino from the family - Deinonychus (excuse the spelling) it was bigger, and looked very similar to the velociraptor. This would rid any confusion. Oh well, velociraptor is still cool. - myname
        • Correction: Myname, Deinonicus (sorry i spelled it wrong) were actually no bigger than veloceraptors, they were just about the same size. - Malcolm
    • Comment: Yo kris! Just because it's called *Jurrasic* Park, doesn't mean that all the dinosaurs came from that era! I heard somewhere that the movie needed a catchy name. - Greg
    • Comment: Actually I don't think that by including all of these dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Steven was making a goof. He was just using the dinos that Michael Crichton had in his book of the same name. There were others mentioned in the book that weren't even included until the later movies. - Wendi
  • I got a question. If frog dna was added to the dinos, wouldn't they come out to be dino/frog hybrids? The only thing I could think of is that they didn't need enough frog dna to alter the dinos physical appearance. - myname
    • Correction/Answer: The dinosaurs wouldn't have been dino/frog hybrids because something like 90% of ALL DNA is the same. It's that small 10% that specializes species and individuals. It explains that more in the book than in the movie. Also, it's for this reason that Grant assumes the rex can only see movement: Frogs can't see things that don't move. And don't believe everything you read about can't predict behaviour from bones, no matter how hard you try. You can only theorize. - Dazz
      • Comment: First of all, thanx, Dazz for answering my question, but I think there is a goof there. You said that Grant assumes that the Rex can't see moving objects because frogs can't, and frog DNA is blended w/ that of the Dinos. But this can't be, because in the early scene when Grant is lecturing the kid about raptors in the Badlands, he says "you might think his visual acuity is based on movement like a T-Rex; he'll lose you if you don't move." Yet this is before Hammond even landed, so Grant would know nothing about Jurassic Park, therefore nothing about the frog DNA in the Rex, so this is false information. Plus, T-Rex, unlike a frog, is one of the greatest carnivores of all time, and it is highly unlikely he can't see still objects, like trees or even the ground, or he would walk right into objects like the electric fence. - myname
        • Comment: There's some evidence now that the T-Rex wasn't the carnivore we'd like him to be but rather a scavanger, this being the reason why he had such short arms and his legs weren't really proportioned for running.. But this is just a comment, a bit of interesting info that if found to be true would make the whole movie a goof since the T-Rex is a main character.. - orly9


Commented Goofs

  • When they are leaving the island and (blank) is looking at the birds, over his shoulder are some trees flying past the window, yet they are way out at sea!!! - Bob
    • Comment: They couldn't possibly be way out at sea, because sea birds do not travel far from the coast. - tracy
  • Dilophosaurus did exist, but no dinosaur ever spit black goop. - Naslectronical
    • Comment: How do you know that? - CBStryker
    • Comment: You're absolutely right! Dinos cannot spit! I think it would hurt the dinosaurs to have acid in them too. As for CBStryker, shut up you moron. - kfdsiohfasdbuut
      • Comment: First of all, name-calling is NOT going to help your argument in the least bit, so don't do it. Second, since neither you, I, the makers of "Jurassic Park", or the paleontologists that study dinosaurs have ever seen, let alone study, a live dinosaur, making a blanket statement like "No dinosaurs spit out goop." or such is incorrect since nobody can be quite sure. Now someone could say "It is unlikely that dinosaurs spit out black goop" and have a valid point, but making blanket statements about ANYTHING is a big no-no when it comes to science. - David
      • Comment: How do you suppose snakes spit venom? They don't die from their own. - Ignite
        • Snakes do not spit venom. Venom comes from their teeth.
  • How is it possible that from the DNA from a mosquito they can also recreate prehistorical plants and vegetables? Do musquito's suck on plants?! - gerard
    • Comment: Urrr...YES. Only FEMALE mosquitoes suck blood. Male mosquitoes feed on plants. - Jagannatha
  • When the movie was in the theaters, there was a scene where Laura Dern is in the jeep and reaches up to grap a leaf from a plant. The next scene we see here looking at the leaf, but in the VHS, T.V. and DVD copies of the movie, this scene as been removed. Anyone know why? - Scoprion444
    • Comment: That scene isn't removed from any copy I've ever seen. - daner21
    • Comment: The scene where Laura Dern pulls the leaf from the tree has been removed. We see her looking at the leaf, but do not see her pull the leaf off. - Scoprion444
  • When Dr. Grant, and all the rest are flying to the island for the first time, Dr. Hammond is sitting, facing the rear of the helocoptor, meaning he would have to turn around to see where they were flying to. However, when they are approaching the island , he looks infront of him and says "There it is!" This means he was flying backwards and the island was infront of him when it was approaching him from behind. - Mama Mahala
    • Comment: Possibly he was only telling the others, "there it is" and wasn't directly meaning it was in front of him. - Ignite
  • First, in the kitchen scene, while the raptor is running towards the freezer (after Tim), the way they made the raptor run was ridiculous. First of all they should have used animation for that shot. Second of all you can clearly see that the raptor body was being supported steadily and the feet were just flopping around on the floor. *Ever notice how much the raptor's eyes change throughout those 8 years between all three movies? And I know that the Dilophosaurus's frill was made for "coolness" (and in fact I liked it very, very much, but no dinosaurs had the bony attachments to the base of the head to pull up that sort of frill. - nemesis
    • Comment: Exactly how do you know there was no sort of creature like this? Have you personally seen every creature from that time period? - Ignite
  • In the lab when the egg is hatching the robotic arm in one scene is very close to the hatching egg, the very next scene is bent and away from the egg. - monica polo
    • You probably mean that in the next 'shot' the robo-arm is in a different position.
      • Comment: Well, it does more than that. It totally disappears from one shot to the next. One shot it's there and the next it's totally gone. I saw this goof posted on another site and checked it out, it's a goof alright. So the blue text saying "You probably mean that in the next 'shot' the robo-arm is in a different position." Nope, you're wrong and Monica Polo is right... even though he/she probably saw this goof posted on another site. - Mac

Corrected Goofs

  • When Tim is electrocuted, his hair is all messed up, but when they go into the cafeteria, his hair is all combed, and matted down neatly. - Vic Cherubini
    • Correction: Actually, it took time to walk from the place of electricution to the cafeteria, so in the hot sun he may have broke out in a sweat, and Alan Grant also pats down Tim's hair and states that it is standing on end. "Big Tim the human piece of toast." (VHS) - tracy
      • Correction: I believe it's "Baked Tim the human piece of toast." not 'big'. - Ruby
        • Correction: Ruby, it is "Big Tim, not Baked Tim." - SLY
  • If all the Dinosaurs are supposedly behind electric fences, how is it that they can all get out of the cars and walk directly into the Triceratops paddock. - FlyBoy
    • Correction: Not all dinosaurs are behind the electric fences, only carnivorous dinos who may pose a threat to humans. When they first enter the park they see a herd of dinosaurs, they tend to the triceratops, and feed the bracchiosaurus, none of these animals fed on meat, only plants. - MuNiaCo
    • Comment: My problem with that is that some of the most dangerous animals in the world are herbavores.. For example, Elephants, Rhinos, and Hippos. Hippos kill more people in Africa than any other animal. SO? Would you let a wild Triceratops run free??? I know I wouldn't! Never mind a Brachiosaurus who may not even notice you when he steps on you!!! - Darkfox
  • Robert Muldoon says "I told you, we needed locking mechanisms on the vehicle doors." This means that none was to allowed out of the cars. so why is there public toilets right next to the t-rex paddock. - Dave
    • Correction: John Hammond says this because there are NOT locking mechanisms. This means that people could get out of the cars to use the toilets. He says that they NEED to be able to lock the doors, for future tours. - tracy
  • When everyone is in the computer room, and the raptors are trying to get in, Dr. Grant fires several shots at them through the glass with his shotgun. If you look at the glass while they are fleeing, there are three or four small "bullet" holes in the glass; obviously not fired from a shotgun. (Just a note, in the book, instead of shotguns they had laser guided missile launchers. Wouldn't that have been better? I think so.) - leroy
    • Correction: Shotguns can also fire solid slugs. A 12 gauge slug would put a raptor down pretty nicely (A .22 caliber rifle round will put a hole in you the size of your fist on the way out.) - snooz
  • When Robert Muldoon and Ellie sattler ride up to the t-rex paddock, Ellie looks over the edge and sees the other car. In ` the next scene, she's down there in the t-rex paddock beside the car. - dave
    • Correction: This isn't a goof. Obviously they walked down the cliff, Spielberg just didn't take the time to show us that. - daner21
  • The electric fence that supposedly can kill a dinosaur seems to only shock a kid boy. Are boys alot stronger then we thought? - Kaz
    • Correction: I don't think they would want the fences to kill their multi-million dollar dinosaur creations if they accidentally "bumbed" a fence. Muldoon even says the raptors attacked the fences when the feeders came, and it obviously didn't kill the dinos then. The fences were electrified to zap the dinosaurs and give them something to think about if they wanted out. - Atrocity
  • The dilophosaurus didn't spit anything in real life, and I heard that it was actually around 20 feet long! - myname
    • Correction: Dilophosaurus was much bigger than shown, but the creature which attacks Nedry could have been a baby! - tomk
  • The girl shouldn't have been electrocuted as she wasn't touching the ground - you have to be grounded. - The Briggster
    • Correction: First of all it was a boy that was electrocuted on the perimeter fence, and second of all, it is true that you half to be grounded to be electrocuted, because you finnish the circuit, but you can also get electrocuted if you are touching two wires, which Tim was (his hands were touching one, and his feet were touching one)...your are still completing the circuit. Birds don't get electrocuted, because the are only touching one wire, and not completing the circuit, so the movie was right in that Tim should have been electrocuted like he was. - Ryan
  • When everyone is in the lab where the raptor eggs are hatching, the baby raptor is bloody when it comes out of its egg. Reptiles are not bloody when they are born. - Naslectronical
    • Correction: Dinosaurs were not reptiles!!!! - ClioBaby
      • Correction: What kind of science you studying? Dinosaurs are indeed reptiles. What did you think they were, arthropods? - Naslectronical


Explained Goofs

  • When the T-Rex has his head over Tim and Lex's jeep, he opens his mouth slightly, when he does, he shakes a little bit, it is VERY easy to notice, he shivers sorta. Also when he eats the goat, and swallows it and looks at the people over the fence, he slightly shakes. - Spikey
    • Explanation: Actually, that was a problem with the robot T-Rex. The rain would get inside and mess with all his gears and wires, and he'd start to shake uncontrollably. They had to dry him off every 2 minutes while shooting the scene. Guess the 'shivering' shots were the best they could get :) P.S. Jurassic Park was originally, a BOOK, as some people don't seem to know. - snooz
      • Addition: You can also hear the gears/hydraulics creak as T-rex moves it's head towards the auto. (TV-digital pvr) - galina
        • Comment: In most major films especially in the States the sound is completely done in post production. The 100% dialog is rarely used even if there would be a chance to get good sound from the set. It is VERY doubtful that there would be any sound in the film that wasn't meant to be there. In this case (I'm not currently watching the film) I would suggest the sound is meant to come from the vehicle. - janila
  • One thing that has always bugged me, and I don't really think this is a flub, but how in the world did that T-rex even get into the building at the end? No one heard it, and I don't recall ever seeing any doors that big. (VHS) - LadyLaraCroft
    • Explanation: The raptor who attacked Muldoon finished his snack while the diversion raptor and the raptor who was chasing Ellie both went to the kitchen (they met there). Remember, there were only 3 raptors. The raptor was not finished eating Muldoon when the Tyrannosaur scared it off (the tyrannosaur finished Muldoon so the raptor wasn't eating for that long) The raptor ran to the building and came in from a CONSTRUCTION GAP. The right to the doors (from the inside of the building) had a big sheet over it with some supports and stuff because there was a huge hole there (remember- the park wasn't finished yet.) Anyways, the raptor that was eating muldoon came through that way (remember when he lifted the sheet up with his head? Well the T-rex must have been still stalking him. So the tyrannosaur followed him to the building and through the large gap. Also, would you notice a tyrannosaur walking in w
      hen your about to be mauled by two viscious raptors!? No! Lastly, remember the other raptor was locked in the freezer. He was the last one to die probably a day later. - Nemesis


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