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Total Recall

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Directed by:
Steven Spielberg

Tom Cruise as Det. John Anderton
Colin Farrell as Det. Danny Witwer
Samantha Morton as Agatha
Max von Sydow as Director Lamar Burgess
Lois Smith as Iris Hineman
Peter Stormare as Dr. Solomon Eddie
Tim Blake Nelson as Gideon
Steve Harris as Jad
Kathryn Morris as Lara Anderton
Mike Binder as Leo F. Crow
Daniel London as Wally
Neal McDonough as Officer Gordon Fletcher



  • The eyes Tom Cruise's character receives are from a Japanese/Asian fellow called Mr. Yakamoto in the movie. But how many Asians has got blue eyes? (Theatre) - dawid
  • When he's in the car that climbs the walls he kicks the window out and gets on top of his car and the cliff comes and he grabs on to the opening he made, then he pulls him self up, the camera pulls away and the window is back in place and he is now standing on it, but the car could have repaired it self. Goof or not just thought I'd point it out and let you judge. (Theatre) - i saw Minority Report
  • (Plot holes) Precrime is chasing John Anderton because they got a brown ball, indicating that Anderton would be committing a premeditated murder. In fact, John couldn't and didn't premeditate the murder of Leo Crow because he didn't know who Crow was until shortly before the murder was scheduled to occur. Plus, only when Anderton saw the pictures of his dead son on the bed did he consider killing Crow. Looks like more a crime of passion to me. (DVD) - perri
  • (Spoiler) (Revealing mistakes) This mistake takes place during the image scrubbing of Leo Crow’s murder. When John first sees his face on the screen and was shocked to see he’s the killer, he says, “Wait, wait!!” Jad, the technician, turns around and says, “What?” John quickly motions his hands to put away the image on the screen so Jad would not see it. The screen is now empty. A little later after Jad leaves the room to get a piece of cake, John goes back towards the screen and behold, the image of his face has magically re-appeared on the screen! (He did not use his hands to bring the image back up). - Spook
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the precrime commercial that plays half way through the movie it says that a girl almost got raped but because of precrime she didn't but they said that the precrime can't see rape larceny or suicide. (DVD) - brad
  • (Plot holes) The eye-doctor gives Anderton (Tom Cruise) a device which allows him to temporarily physically alter his face. The doctor tells him that, when his face will return to it's normal shape, it will hurt terribly. However, after Anderton has used the device, his face just slowly (unnoticeably) turns back to normal, apparently without any pain whatsoever. - Alex
  • (Plot holes) The eye-doctor appears to be an ex-convict and Anderton is the cop who but him behind bars long ago. One would expect the eye-doctor would really dislike him for that, but instead he tells Anderton they have mutual friends, and because of that he gives him a big discount on the eye-operation, and the face-changing device for free!
    The actual existence of the mutual friends is at no point in the movie shown or explained and therefore most unlikely. - Alex
  • (Continuity) When Anderton arrives at the Hotel with the Pre-Cog, he puts his gun at the counter to force the clerk to show him the list of guests. In the next shot (a bit from above), the gun is gone. - Alex


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