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> Rush Hour (1998)
Rush Hour

Directed by:
Brett Ratner

Ken Leung as Sang
Jackie Chan as Chief Inspector Lee
Tom Wilkinson as Thomas Griffin/Juntao
Tzi Ma as Consul Han
Robert Littman as First Caucasian
Michael Chow as Diner Guest
Julia Hsu as Soo Yung
Chris Tucker as Detective James Carter
Chris Penn as Clive Cod
Kai Lennox as Cop at Diner

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs
  • The scene where Chris and Jackie arrive at the mansion for the first time the wheels on his car are nice wire wheels then the next shot shows the car through the open door and you see the stock corvette wheels. - rob
  • In Rush Hour, when Elizabeth Pena picks up the phone at her house it beeps indicating that the phone is dead. - terd ferguson
  • There is a part in the movie where Carter <Chris Tucker> and his captain are discussing him helping the FBI with the kidnapping case. Well, there is an ink pen holder on the captains desk. When the camera is facing the captain, there is no ink pen in the holder, but when the camera is facing Carter, the ink pen is there. It disappears and reappears throughout the scene. - Tina
  • Towards the end of the movie when they are in the restaurant trying to find Juntao, they switch places with a waiter. The waiter brought in three bowls of rice. Then when Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker bust in the room the waiter has two bowls of rice and a bowl of egg rolls. - Chiki
  • I'm not sure if this a goof or not but, in the scene where Jackie Chan and the diplomat are talking about his daughter being kidnapped they are speaking Chinese. There are subtitles in English. Jackie says the name Juntao. The diplomat then repeats the one word "Juntao?". And we get the subtitle "Juntao?". Why do we need that subtitle? - bbyluv
  • This goof is an easy one to see in the movie. Pay close attention to to the part in the movie where Carter (Chris Tucker) is telling the phony story to all the other cops in the office. If you look on the guy to the back near the left of the screen, you'll noticing him staring directly into the camera. Then when they are about to move off he moves off in a way which makes it obvious that he's going ahead of the script. Actors like that need more training, they'll totally ruin films! - Kamakanzi
  • How did the money fly freely out of the suitcase at the end if it was tied up in bundles? - Ange


Commented Goofs

  • I'm not quite sure on this, but at the ending scene where they are on the plane, Chris Tucker thanks the stewardess saying "Shi-Shi-Nin", but as I recall on the Chinese, "Shi-Shi-Nin" is pronounced as "She-She-Nean", the 'ea' like the 'en' in "mean"-keeping your tongue on the bottom of your mouth while saying the whole phrase, but he said it like "She-She-Nen"-the 'en' like the 'en' in the name "Ken". - fu
    • Tucker doesn't look like a Chinese man to me, so how would he know the exact pronunciation?
      • Comment: Well, true, no one's perfect. But, in the Chinese language you have to pronounce some words in a certain way or your saying something totally different. - fu
      • Comment: If you watch the out-takes during the credit sequence you'll find that it took Tucker many attempts to pronounce 'Xie Xie Nin' as well as he did! (TV (BBC)).


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