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> Spider-Man (2002)

Spiderman (Double Sided)
(Double Sided)


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Directed by:
Sam Raimi

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin/Norman Osborn
Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson
James Franco as Harry Osborn
J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson
Michael Papajohn as The Burglar
Randy Poffo as Bone Saw McGraw
Joe Manganiello as Eugene 'Flash' Thompson
Rosemary Harris as Aunt May
Ted Raimi as Hoffman

Please don't post comic book discrepancies!

  • When Mary Jane is putting Spider-Man’s mask back on after the weird upside down kiss, she doesn’t get the mask on all the way before the camera angle changes. When the camera angle changes and Spider-Man pulls himself up, his mask is on perfectly. (Theatre) - Sub-Zero
  • After Peter Parker (Toby Maguire) gets bit by the spider, he discovers he doesn't need his glasses anymore. However, his Aunt May and Uncle Ben never comment on this. (Theatre) - Sonic
  • On the public telephone, it says $.35 instead of the new $.50 charge in NYC. (Theatre) - Dan
    • What is strange about that? During the timeline of the movie $.35 charge is used.
  • When MJ and Peter talk outside of the diner. Why is she wearing high heeled shoes? She's a waitress. - Hurting feet
  • When Peter Parker first climbs a wall in an alley he is wearing one type of shoes and when he is on top of the wall he is wearing another type of shoes. (Theatre) - hunter
    • Addition: When Spiderman is climbing the alley wall for the first time, he has shoes on! Did his shoes get special spider abilities too? (Theatre) - stevo
  • When Peter and MJ are kissing at the end of the movie, one shot shows her hand on his neck, then the next shows in down, then the last shows it back up again. (Theatre) - Poursha
  • Scene where Willem Dafoe lies down shirtless on the table that rolls into the chamber where the green gas enters to change him into the Green Goblin. When he enters the chamber he has nothing on his chest. When the table enters the chamber and inclines to a 90 degree position, there is suddenly 4 electrodes on his chest. I guess there were placed there by the invisible nurse. (Theatre) - Wayner
  • After Peter doesn't need his glasses anymore; he gets ready for school, puts on his backpack, and grabs his coat. When the camera shows him outside the door, his coat is on under his backpack. (Theatre) - Dan and Greg
  • When Peter is in the Spiderman costume, his jaw doesn't move when he talks.(Theatre) - Dan and Greg
  • When Peter is following MJ to catch the morning school bus, they show the school bus turning the corner, then they show the school bus again heading towards the bus stop. No where in the shot is there a black convertible in front of the bus. All of a sudden the black convertible appears and MJ's friend are inviting her along. What's up with that? (Theatre) - BonV
  • In the scene where Peter is testing his powers on the lamp in his room, he throws it against the wall and it breaks. Later when Aunt May come up. the same lamp is perfectly fixed and on the table again. I need to get myself a self repairing lamp! (Theatre) - Crocidile Hunter
  • When Mr. Osborne is going into the gas chamber he has just removed his shirt but in the next shot he has all of the wires connected to his body. (Theatre) - Arrowhead
  • When Peter is fighting with a criminal in an abandoned warehouse, he knocks the criminal's gun off his hand. Then after dragging the criminal towards the window and inadvertantly lets go of him when he saw his face, the criminal points his gun - which he accidentally lost a moment ago - at him. (Theatre) - L'Apprenti
  • When shoots his web in a couple of scenes, the web isn't sticking to anything. - das-007
  • In one of the scenes you can see the boom (the long microphone). (Theatre) - mattrocc
    • Addition: Yeah you can see the microphone. It is in one of the hospital scenes. - eagle eyes
    • Addition: Boom mistake! After uncle been states that his company laid every one off to "upsize their profits" and the scene cuts to the dining room you can notice the microphone at the top of the screen then they quickly raise it to match the rise in the camera as he sits down at the table. (Theatre) - mercury2010
    • Addition: When Peter Parker is talking to Jonah Jameson about the price of his pictures in his office, you can see the boom mic showing on the top pf the screen. - Jaimolas
  • When Peter is talking to Mary Jane outside the diner, the camera kept changing back and forth. When it changed views, cars that were driving behind M.J. would disappear when the camera changed to Peter. The same brown car went by M.J. twice. - cam
  • In the movie they show his 1st home made costume, how did he get the newer one? How did he make it? (Theatre) - kez
  • In the scene where MJ comes running outside to the back of her house and she talks to Peter. In one scene you can only slighty see her underwear sticking out, then when it cuts back to her again you can see a lot more than before. Not major, but something to look for. (Theatre) - Bronzewood
  • After they kill Peter's uncle, he gets all mad and runs away. Down the alley, he takes off his sweater and leaves it behind. After the burglar fell out of the old warehouse, Peter escapes from the police. You then see him on top of a tower with his sweater back on! (Theatre) - Lori
  • In one scene a window is broken, then all of a sudden it's as good as new!! - Mary Jane
  • At the part where MJ asks Spiderman who he is and he says you know who I am look in the back ground and you will see a stage light that is not on and a man trying to fix it. (this will be edited out on VHS or DVD). (Theatre) - Due
  • When spider man costume ripes when he gets cut on his arm if you look closely you can tell it is fake skin on the costume, when he is on his bedroom roof. - BUBBA
  • In the trailer, when Spiderman does that backflip onto the getaway car, he's in full costume, but in the movie, Spiderman has that crappy little sweater costume.
  • When Spiderman and MJ are talking in the rain, her purse strap and the little pointy collar of her jacket keep on moving by them selves. (Theatre) - Nik
  • When Peter is climbing up the wall the first time (when he realises he has powers and the spider hairs come out of his fingers), you can see there is air between him and his shirt (i.e imagine when filming of the movie, Tobey Maguire is actually walking on the ground rather than up a wall (durr) to shoot that scene...and the error occurs when the shirt looks like it is leaning towards the ground/wall). (Theatre) - Cherie
  • On Thanksgiving, Harry, Aunt May, MJ, and Mr. Osborn are downstairs. Then you see Peter/Spidey swing and land on his window of the appartment. The camera cuts to the downstairs and Harry says,"That's weird, I didn't know he was here..." Then, back upstairs, Spidey drops down onto his balcony, and absorbs his landing. When he gets up from absorbing the landing, he is in the center of the room! When he landed, he was on the balcony! (Theatre) - Danny
  • In the final figth scene, the Green Goblin throws Spider-Man into that abandoned building. Spider-Man then swings through some glass and lands with his back against the wall, but when the green goblin throws a bomb in he is about 2 metres away from the wall and then he gets blown back through the wall. (Theatre) - Deedge
  • Spiderman shoots webs from strange glands in his wrist, which seems a feasible situation for a genetically altered man. But how can he fire webs with gloves on in his Spiderman outfit? (Theatre)- MikeyC
  • Also, who made his Spiderman outfit for him? His earlier attempts at making a wrestling suit were somewhat crude. Surely his tailor would recognise who Spiderman is? (Theatre) - MikeyC
  • Spider-Man is said to have these senses but through out the movie he only uses them like twice but why doesn't he sense the Green Goblin until the last scene with him. (Theatre) - Spidernuts
  • When Spiderman rescues MJ for the first time, after the first Green Goblin encounter, the camera zooms in while Spiderman is swinging and holding MJ. If you look closely you can see that MJ is holding on to a model of Spiderman b/c he doesn't move, just slowly tilts backwards. (Theatre) - Jazzy
  • Oooooooooooo!!! This one'll shut you all down! in the one scene when spider-man is swinging over the city to rescue Mary Jane, there is a shot focusing on the front of spider-man from far away. In the very next shot from the side you can actually see a glitch in the computer animation where spider-man's foot has disappeared! like 'dat-kaboom!! try 'dat one on for size losers! (Theatre) - Ba-Ba-Ba-Billy Boy
  • When we see the kids near the end, MJ is in her pyjamas, and was supposedly asleep, why are these kids touring New York at night? isn't it past their bedtimes??? (Theatre) - Weezie
  • After Spider-Man has just saved MJ from the world unity festival and they're swinging through the city, you see a close up of MJ's face and the back of Spidey's head, you can blatantly see that her hair is blowing the wrong way,this clip can also be seen at the end of Chad Kroeger's 'Hero' video. (Theatre) - lion girl
  • (Factual errors) I noticed at the beginning that Peter Parker rides a school bus to get to high school. As a New York high school student I had to use public transportation to get to school. (Theatre)
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Spiderman saves Mary Jane from the four ruffians, when you see Peter Parker running across the rooftop, he has the Spiderman mask on. But when he gets to the alley, the mask is off. - mt_tomb
  • (Continuity) When Peter realizes that he feels better and goes down the stairs and exits the door, you may notice that his hair is not combed over and probably didn't have any time to comb it. When Peter walks out the door and is in the city behind MJ, you will probably focus on what Peter wants to say to her. But if you look hard enough, you will see that Peter's hair IS combed over. (Theatre) - Spidey - Petey
  • (Continuity) When Spidey Man gets cut by the Goblin, you might notice that the cut is above his elbow. When Mr. Osbourne notices it at the dinner, the cut is below Peter's elbow. (Theatre) - Peter Naughton
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Peter is taking out the trash, when talking to MJ as the camera goes from Peter to MJ, you can see her underwear in some shots, and in others you can't. (DVD) - seatero
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Spider-Man is rescuing MJ from the balcony (World Unity Festival), he jumps on balloons to get to her. In one shot, he's jumping on the arm of a balloon, and in the next (MJ's POV) he's jumping on the body. (DVD) - Frodo
  • (Revealing mistakes) When he first climbs the building, his top is hanging towards the building... proving that he is actually horizontal rather then vertical. - fatmangaz
  • (Continuity) During the scene where Parker first visits the Daily Bugle to show Jamison his photos, they're in color as Jamison looks over them. When the scene cuts to a wider shot, the photos are in black and white. - LoudLon
  • (Continuity) During the bit where Spidey backflips/kicks the gun from the car jacker's hand, if you watch really closely the knife goes flying backwards, behind Spidey. A split second later, it goes straight up towards the ceiling. - LoudLon
  • (Plot holes) During the Thanksgiving scene, where Norman speaks bluntly to Harry near the elevator, his voice becomes the same as the Green Goblin's. Why does Peter not recognize this? We know everyone in the apartment, Peter, Mary Jane and Aunt May, can clearly hear what's going on. - LoudLon
  • (Plot holes) I'm surprised that students at the school never came to the realization that Parker was Spider-Man... from them all seeing him leaving the cafeteria with the length of webbing trailing behind him to the double air backflip and super-strength he exhibits while fighting Flash. I guess it just goes to show that what they say is true... kids these days just aren't as smart as they used to be! - LoudLon
  • (Plot holes) Spidey's Spider-Sense allows him to dodge bullets, fight multiple bad guys and become aware far ahead of time that Flash is speeding up behind him... yet he never manages to avoid a single blow from the Green Goblin, not even during their first confrontation. And why doesn't his Spider-Sense warn him of Goblin's knock out gas as he's dangling outside the Daily Bugle? - LoudLon
  • (Continuity) When Parker leg-tosses Bonesaw McGraw against the cage in the wrestling ring, the cage wobbles like rubber when Bonesaw slams against it. - LoudLon
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) The scene at the festival, when Spider-Man throws a punch at the goblin and the goblin says "Impressive" if you look closely his mouth isn't moving. What's the deal with that? It's clearly shown on VHS or DVD. - C'money
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the scene where Spider-Man grabs both Mary Jane and the cable car full of kids, the wire that connects the car to the other side of the bridge vanishes. So it's just the car and one wire to spiderman instead of it being attached to the bridge. A MAJOR goof for one of the most climactic scenes. Try to find one better than that. - Majinian
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) Towards the end when they're on the bridge and Spider-Man yells "Don't do it, Goblin!" not only does his jaw not move at all, but it's obviously a different actor doing the voice. - Dragonfly
  • (Continuity) When Peter is in the building with the robber that Peter let escape from the wrestling office, a window gets smashed and when the camera goes back there the window is normal again! - Miss Macy
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Spider-man saves MJ from the muggers his mask is off, but just before they chase her into the alley, you see Spider-man run along a rooftop right in front of the screen. If you pause it, you can clearly see (from the back) he is wearing his mask! Inexcusable! - Dragonfly
  • (Continuity) The neckline on Spider-man's costume constantly changes. At the world-unity fest, it's under his neck. When he's on the ceiling in his room, it's almost to his chin! Surley he didn't make more than one costume, I don't even understand how he made the costume at all. - Dragonfly

Debated Goofs

  • In the movie, spidey has his web implanted inside his body. In the comics version (which should be respectfully followed), spidey made a mechanical web shooter which he presses a button in his palm. That is why he folds his index and ring finger every time he shoots out a web. (Theatre) - pedro
    • Comment: Stan Lee was having an interview and stated that this is the way it should have been and he was questioned when they were making the movie and he gave it the go-ahead with thumbs up. - Kat
    • Comment: Actually, when Sam Raimi was interviewed regarding this point, he indicated that a biological web power was an intentional decision. It's much easier to accept than a high-school student developing a wonder-chemical, which even 3M hasn't been able to match. - Cyborg
      • Comment: You say that it is impossible for a "high school" student to create the web substance but in the comics when Peter Parker was bitten he was in college and NOT highschool and ALSO he was very intelligent, almost a genius. - Drewdawgg
      • Explanation: Although it's about the comic, and not the movie, just to clarify Cyborg's question of how a high-school student figured out how to make web fluid... answer, Peter had studied multipolymer compounds for a few years before being bitten so it's not like he just decided to start dabbeling in it after he was bitten. Also (personal opinion) I think he got some of the spider's instinct that helped him figure it out. - GOD
      • Correction: In the comic book Peter got bitten while still in high school. - BenReily

Commented Goofs

  • I have a problem with the timing of the scene when Peter gets bitten by the spider and the scene when he comes to his house and can barely walk upstairs. Why does it seem as if so much time went by from being bitten to getting sick? If he felt sick right away or very soon after the bite, being "in school", teachers would follow protocol and contact a medical professional. Otherwise he would have just sneaked out and gone straight home but that couldn't be because his Aunt and uncle would have asked "why are you home early?" So we know that didn't happen. This leads me to believe he got bitten, managed to be okay for the rest of the time at school then felt sick when he came home. (Theatre) - mer
    • Comment: So the illness came on slowly... how is that a goof? - rick
  • There's one scene where Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) was in the cafeteria in the school when he slinged this food tray onto Flash Thompson (Joe Manganiello) getting his shirt all dirty. Then in the lockers, Flash confronts Peter Parker with a new clean shirt. - TyRaZeL
    • Comment: Check out the fight scene at the locker when Peter starts blocking Flash's punches and you'll see the stains on flash's left shoulder. It seemed to have just hit the back of him, but the cafeteria scene shows a little more on the top. Seems minor, but it show's that they actually thought about it. (Theatre) - mercury2010
  • Technically, Parker wouldn't have become 1/2 human- 1/2 spider b/c the spider didn't inject his DNA when he bit him, just his venum. (But please, feel free to argue the point). - MLE
    • Addition: This is true, I have something to add. In the movie, how the heck did he get spider powers? The enhancements made to the lab spiders don't say anything about how they could make Peter a superhuman. Granted this is an experimental procedure, but the way I see it is there is no way he could be changed just by being bitten by it. If it were possible to be changed this way then why am I not the amazing centipede man? I have been bitten by a centipede and spiders before and that didn't change me in any way! - tallteen2
      • Comment: I'm pretty sure that the centipede that bit you wasn't genetically altered, that's why you are not a centipede man. In the movie Peter was bitten by a genetically altered spider. Not saying that could actually happen but that is how the movie goes. - me

Corrected Goofs

  • When Peter is running after the school bus the first time he is wearing a backpack but it's gone when he is tripped in the bus. (Theatre) - Arrowhead
    • Correction: He still has the backpack on when he is tripped. - Stephen
  • In the comics Peter was bitten on the ankle in an alley by a large spider, in the movie it's a little one on his hand... - Cheezeh
    • Correction: Not so. In the original story, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. In the movie, the spider was genetically modified, to stay in tune with current events, DNA mapping and cloning. Back in the original story, the atomic bomb and radioactivity was the controversy and scary topic of the day. - Empiah
  • At the thanksgiving dinner Peter is bleeding through his shirt (from the cut he got) and the blood stain is going down his shirt, even though he got cut across his arm. - zelda2ace
    • Correction: Not true if you look close you can still see the stain on his shirt, other than that you can't see the stain from the angle of the camera. (Theatre) - Bronzewood
  • When Spiderman beat the crap out of that crazy guy in the wrestling ring, which was a huge deal because no one else could, the announcer called him Spiderman and Peter had that similar suit and he shot webs, wouldn't the wrestling place know that Spiderman was Peter Parker and when Spiderman became "famous", proceed to tell everyone? - Great Flick
    • Correction: It's not a movie goof, its part of the comic. Granted that would be a plausable theory, its still...again, part of the comic. No matter what type of "goof" you think it may be, revert back to the comic for reference. A window being broken in one shot and it intact in the next is a goof, a boom mic showing on the top of the screen during a shot is a goof. A slight tweet in the story to update it to modern times is not a goof. This is my opinion. - Blanket
  • When Spider-Man is web slinging and lands on the pole on top of the Empire State Building, you can see the same building in the background. (Theatre) - SilentbobMTD
    • Addition: The very final scene where Spidey clings to the Empire State flagpole was originally supposed to be one of the World Trade buildings - although they changed the scene to the Empire State building after 9/11, they forgot that it was clearly visable in the background! - so you see Spidey swing to the Empire State building, and cling to the flagpole with *another* empire state building in the background! (Theatre) - Majik
    • Correction: That is not the Empire State Building in the background. I went to see the movie for THAT specific scene in the movie. Its actually the World Trade Center. Same Raimi put up a big stink to the "big wigs" about that one scene, he fought it out and got his way. - Blanket
  • Peter's hands stick to everything and his webs stick to everything. Yet, his hands don't stick to his webs. He has no trouble letting go of them when he swings from building to building. - rick
    • Correction: Spiders don't stick to there own webs so why should Spider-Man stick. I think it has something to do with the hairs. - elvega
    • Correction: The reason why he doesn't stick to his own webbing is as anyone that reads comics knows is because comics operate on what is called, suspension of belief, which is because most things that happen in comics are not plausible in real life, it just makes the fantasy better without worrying about the little details. - reno
      • Correction: Suspension of disbelief aside, the original comment is correct. Real spiders do not stick to their own webs because they handle them with a special appendage that can manipulate the web material without touching the sticky part (for further information consult Peter touches his web with his own hands, which stick to everything they touch, and therefore unlike a real spider, he should stick to the web. - amazin
    • Comment: The whole debate about the little barbed wire hairs coming out of Pete's fingers is moot. Spider-Man sticks to surfaces not by "Spider Hairs," but by "Bio-magnetic power that allows him to increase the attraction between the molecules in his body with those of the surfaces he climbs." (Spider-Man, The ultimate guide) So, as OKSAN says; "The comic book is NOT the same as the movie. It's not supposed to be. Stop posting comic discrepancies, as they don't count as goofs at all. - GOD
  • In the comic and in the cartoon Peter Parker does not have spider web abilites he has built a gizmo that with the push of his two middle fingers web shoots out. Peter has to replace cartridges ever day. In the movie web just comes out of his skin. - spider-fan
    • Correction: That isn't a goof, Sam Raimi (the director) changed it for the movie, and he did consult with Stan (the man) Lee, who co-created Spiderman, so it's not a total perversion of the character. - reno
  • The first time Peter Parker actually swings with his web he hits a billboard with his palms flat against it, but slides down anyway. - Loaded1215
    • Correction: When he slammed into the board, he had his hands on the web rope. But he did slide down with his palms on the billboard. - cosmique
    • Correction: Spider-Man must consciously decide to stick to a surface (which was goofed up when he stuck to the banner on the side of the school bus and the fork at lunch time. He has to concentrate to bond with something. When he web swung for the first time and planted it into the billboard, I'm sure he wasn't thinking about sticking to it! - GOD

Explained Goofs

  • Explanation: Possibly the reason that there is so many errors in the film is, they had to refilm quite alot of the it b/c the WTC was destroyed. Think about it; set in New York, due for release sometime; last year September-November time. - The Emperor
  • When Peter Parker looks at his hand he sees the little black hairs sticking out that allow him to climb walls and such. But when he wears his spiderman (and also "the human spider") outfit he wears gloves. The gloves would cover up the hairs and he would slide right off the wall. I'm assuming he has them on his feet too, which would mean the same thing with him wearing shoes. (Theatre) - josh the red
    • Explanation: Actually, these bristly hairs are shown to be very very tiny - and could easily fit through the weave in the costume(s) Peter creates. I would agree that they wouldn't be able to penetrate the leather in his shoes, however... - Cyborg
    • Explanation: The hairs are on his feet too. Of course they can't go through his shoes, but the soles are rubber; it gives him the necessary tread/friction on the walls he climbs. The soles of his Spider-Man costume, like the palms, are thin enough for the hairs to stick through (this also shows how he can wear the costume underneath his normal clothes). - OKSAN
  • In the Movie Spider-Man Jonah Jameson' wife is supposed to be dead. The comic says she was killed by a thug in a mask, In the movie when he was talking to Peter Parker he receives a call from his wife. (He dislike Spider-Man because he wears a mask.) (Theatre) - Ken
    • Explanation: Why must people keep posting comic discrepancies? The comic book is NOT the same as the movie. It's not supposed to be. Stop posting comic discrepancies, as they don't count as goofs at all. - OKSAN
    • Correction: J. Jonah Jameson's wife IS dead, his FIRST wife that is. "Jameson's first wife was killed by a masked gunman." (Spider-Man The Ultimate guide) - GO
  • (Factual errors) In the museum, in the spider exhibit, there's a video of DNA. The "DNA" is left-handed and symmetrical, and it has at least 12 base pairs per full twist. Real DNA is right-handed (there is left-handed DNA, but it's extremely rare), is asymmetrical (it has a "major groove" and "minor groove"), and has exactly 10 base pairs per full twist. The structure of the "DNA" in the museum video is physically impossible. - science grrl
    • Explanation: The DNA strand showing in the spider lab is *Genetically Altered*! Can't win when you play against a Computer Genius. - DeceasedVirus


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