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> The Fast and the Furious (2001)

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The Fast and the Furious

Directed by:
Rob Cohen

Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
Michelle Rodriguez as Letty
Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto
Rick Yune as Johnny Tran
Chad Lindberg as Jesse
Johnny Strong as Leon
Matt Schulze as Vince
Ted Levine as Sgt. Tanner
Ja Rule as Edwin


  • In a chase scene when the cars jump over a hill the ramps can clearly be seen. - Jennifer
  • In the Racing scene between the charger and the Supra, Dom pops the wheely but you can see a split second of a wheely bar. The rest was air brushed out. - Bouse
  • When Brian and Dom pull up to the line at the end of the movie, the wipers on the supra are off. After they jump the railroad bed, they are on...hmmmm....Could Brian have hit them???? - Jay
  • At the party when Mia and Brian walk into the room to talk she hits her elbow on the dresser and just plays it off like nothing happened. - lily22
  • When Letty, Dominic's girlfriend, is lining up to race at Race Wars she is driving her 240SX with race buckets. When she starts talking to the guy in the RX7 it has the stock seat then it switches back to the race seat. (DVD) - Clay
  • In the race wars scene where Letty is flashing the money you can see Sparco style seats in her car but when they pan back to her before the guy lowers his arms they are factory seats. (DVD) - The Coyote
  • In the parking lot scene where Brian spins out of control you can clearly see the reverse lights on. (DVD) - The Coyote
  • The scene leading up to when Walker meets Dominic and wants to race him. When his green eclipse pulls up in the alley way and angle of the camera is from the ground up when you can see the green neons, you can see a steel braided hose dangling on the ground under the car. About to go 160+ (As per the movie) and stuff is dangling can't be a good thing. (DVD) - Andthereyouare
  • If you notice in the final race between Dom and Brian, there is an interior shot from the supra seeing the charger flipping, if you look at the monster tacho you will notice that the angle at which it is mounted changes. (DVD) - mr smegg
  • When Brian in the Eclipse first meets Hector, Hector points accross the road at his car. If you look back a bit it is actually the car Brian pulls up next to! (VHS) - Reece
  • In the introduction of Brian and the Eclipse, the film is reversed. Brian looks like he is shifting with his left hand and driving with his right. (DVD) - NRXHeaven
  • When Jesse is fixing to race Johnny Tran he is wearing a see thru shirt then in the next scene he is wearing a tanktop. - trey cauley
  • When Brian and Dom are in the same car after the first race being chased by the cop car, when the cop turns left after Brian does, the cop gets hit by an oncomming car. Now, if you look at the stoplight from the oncomming car, it was red! I say that car would get into some deep trouble for illegally interrupting a highly important chase.. (DVD/Widescreen) - Heather
  • If you notice near the end of the movie when Brian is chasing Johnny Tran & his cousin when he presses his nos button & jumps that little hill immediately after you can see that his brake lights come on. - Alberto
  • When Brian and the other racers are driving up at beginning. You clearly see Brian park the green Eclipse. Then later you see it drive by. (DVD) - Travis
  • When the aluminum checker plate falls out of brians car in the street race scene it sparks something wicked, aluminum does not spark... - Shiva
  • At the shop, when Brian first brings Dom his "ten second car," they open the engine bay, but the engine in the Supra is a normally aspirated version of the Supra's engine (it's refered to as a "2jz powerplant" ALL the mark IV Supras are 2jz's... it's the end code GE or GTE that designates a turbo or non-turbo). The internals would have had to have been almost completely replaced to handle the amount of boost and nitrous (it's NITROUS you morons, NoS is a BRAND NAME) the car is said to have. I could speak VOLUMES about each car, but I'll shut up now... (DVD) - No Sponors Racing
  • In the final scene where Brian is chasing the cyclists there are parts where he lacks a windshield so you can see him in the car. (DVD) - Gonzo
  • When Jesse is preparing to race tran, the camera pans around the two cars which are right up on the line but right after Brians asks" Who are you racing?" you see tran pull up even more as he lowers his window! However in the next shot both cars are still on the line... (DVD) - Gonzo
  • When Brian is with the cops one of them says about him getting off on Mia's surveylance photos. He pushes the man, who is clearly standing on the left side of the black cop, but wen it shows him falling from behind he is on the right hand side of him. (VHS) - AndyBrown
  • When Brian is drinking Vince's beer he wipes the bottle twice. Once before Vince holds up his fist and then the scene is repeated again. - cutie
  • After Dom Parks his red car in the empty building, or garage. He starts walking down the sidewalk, and a cop car passes him (a Ford Crown Vic). Then in the next scene, when it shows the car do a 180, its a Chevy Caprice. With a different light bar. (DVD) - Cowboy104
  • In the first scene with the Civic's, when they start to pass the truck you can see the camera shadow on the ground. - The Leedogg
  • At the beginning of the movie when Brian is testing the Eclipse, he steers with his left hand and shifts with his right. But in some of the scenes he is on the right side of the car and shifting with his left. (The film must have been edited wrong). - The Leedogg
  • In the first big race when Brian is pulling up to the line, all of the other cars are lined up, then when Brian goes past the line Edwin's car also moves forward-going over the start line. (DVD) - trd3000gt
  • After the first big race when Dom is walking around the car and talking to Brian (he is right across from him) there is a dude sort of behind and next to Dom, then when the camera shows brian the dud is right by Brian - you'll notice the guy if you watch it - he's kinda goofy lookin. (DVD) - trd3000gt
  • Before the first big race, Jesse notes to everyone that Brian's Eclips has an AIC Controller AND a stand alone fuel management system. HKS AIC Controller is the same thing as a Stand alone fuel management system, peeps. - GReddy
  • I guess you could consider this a goof on the part of whoever was in charge of the drag racing scene where the four cars line-up. I have been to plenty of illegal drags and four cars never line-up at the same time. No one spray-paints start or finish lines. And I have never in my life seen street-racers use computers in their cars. Someone really messed up on that! (DVD) - brandon
  • Have any one of you actually ever in your life street raced or better yet raced at a track (That time you raced your moms astro van vs. that neon with a tip does not count.) I have been racing a long time street and strip and the theories you use to disprove each other are ridiculous if you pull the e brake your car would become so unstable and hard to control you would wet the seats in your moms tempo gl. It's just a movie sit back and enjoy a 5 minute quarter mile and 200 mph cars. - real racer
  • I'm not sure what the directors were thinking by leaving in the disgusting whistle sound that the Eclipse makes. No, it's not a turbo. The only whistle I've heard from a DSM that was barely reved is a leaky BOV, ugh! Using a non-turbo eclipse was also an error IMO, they could have at least used a GST if they wanted FWD (Why?). - GTVR4
  • When Brian is trying to get Vince off the semi you can see the stunt cable attached to Brian. (DVD)
  • For one thing if you watch the making of the movie all the races are fake they are done on machines and another thing at the end of the movie when Mia drives the supra and Brian jumps on the rig to save Vince you can obviously see the safety wire connected to Brians waist. (DVD) - 1FastassSupra
  • I guess I'm the only person that notice's the big spot light in the beginning of the movie that's shining on the street. I didn't know they set up spot lights down whole busy streets and intersections to race? (DVD) - SupratwinT
  • After Dom and Brian are done running away from the cops, they start talking about if either of them had ever been to jail. During this scene, listen to the engine and watch Brian's right arm. You hear the car shift gears, but Brian's arm doesn't move an inch! I was sure that Eclipse was a manual. - driftking
  • When Vin Races Brian notice the wheel stand. Now when you watch the real NHRA drags, cars that do wheel stands dont spin and burn out the tires. It is impossible for the car to do a wheel stand and a burnout at the same time. That's what slicks are for. - Rotary Active
  • When Dom gets out of his RX7 after the race, he hands the money to Mia and says something along the lines of "my sister holds the money," but if you watch his mouth when he says it, it never actually moves. (DVD) - Eric
  • If you notice in the first race scene, when the show the cars driving up to the start line, Brian's car (green eclipse) is the first car followed by Jarule, then the Asian guy, then Dom. Well when they make it to the line, it's reversed order, Dom's car is first, with Brian being last. Hmmm... I don't think they all sped up to pass each other... Well there's my goof. Everybody, make sure you see The Fast and the Ficticious 2 coming to a street racing alley near you! (DVD) - phat_azz_eclipse
  • This may not be a goof but I was just wondering why in the scene at the first of the movie, where the civic's were hi-jacking the semi-truck why was the cab of the truck glowing green. I mean I know that the civics had green neon lights but semi-trucks no way,because the lights wouldn't have been able to reach inside the truck like they was showing. (DVD/collector's edition/Widescreen) - byrd's 98civic
  • Okay, here's an old Boo-Boo that's a constant in movies featuring machine guns. On the scene where Jesse is gunned down by Johnny Tran; they are firing what to me where Cobray M-11 suppressed sub-guns. They never reloaded their M-11s and still, where able to fire hundred of rounds at Brian during the "downhill chase". Also, how could they been able to fire at all going downhill at a high rate of speed is just beyond me. - Black Tiger
  • The scene where Dom's Charger hits the green trailer and flies in the air, did anyone noticed that the truck had no engine on it? Because if it did, the charger would have been stopped by the engine block. But then it wouldn't have looked as cool as it did. - Black Tiger
  • The jetta that Jesse drives has two different steering wheels. One is a sparco and the other is the stock with a finger grooved cover. Watch for this in the race scene at race wars. (DVD) - furious jetta
  • In one of the first scene's when they are in the civics about to jack the truck. I'm sorry but no Honda civic can sound like that no matter what system you've got coming from the manifold. - migger_17
  • If you notice when Tran pulls Dom and Brian to their place the car is facing towards the driveway but when Tran and his gang leaves the car is facing the opposite way. Then Tran comes back to blow the car up and its back in its first position facing the driveway. I thought it was funny the producer didn't catch that mistake! - niko
  • Near the end of the movie, at the last truck 'incident', after Dom (Vin Diesel) gets his tire shot there is a quick side view of his car and you see that the driver is wearing a black jacket. - Megalin
    • Does Dom wear a different colour jacket?
  • This occurs during the scene where it is Dominic and Brian racing (Dominic is in his dad's 900-hp muscle car and Brian in his Supra). When Dominic's car flips after hitting the semi, you can see the stuntman's helmet during the crash. Either Dominic has some quick hands, and quick thinking to put on a helmet, or they goofed. (DVD) - UnFaZeD
  • Did anyone notice in the last race with Brian and Dom when the charger pulled a wheelie and white smoked the tires. Sorry but you do one or the other because the car has to have traction to wheelie and the tires have to slip to spin and white smoke. (DVD) - davieboy05
  • Most of the cars in the movie are front wheel drive in real life, but in the movie ALL of the cars appear to be rear wheel drive. In the beginning when Brian is in that eclipse and goes to 140, u can see that it is FR when it starts. When Brian saves Dom and he drifts that corner where a car runs into the cop. Is four wheel drift even possible with an FF car that the eclipse is supposed to be? - blue skater boy
  • The film took place in California, and they have very strict emission laws, and don't they have to test there cars for it every year or so? and in order for flame thrower exhaust to work, you have to remove the catalytic converter. But then again, it isn't like that was the only law they broke in the movie. And it isn't like they couldn't afford the ticket. But I just thought I'd mention that. - piecies_81
  • In the first race, the four cars are racing in the city of Hawthrone, Ca. Then the police chase begins and Torreto ends up a few miles away on 7th street in Los Angeles. But after Brian picks him up and they escape from the police, in the next scene they end up in Johnny Tran's neighborhood in Orange County about 20 miles from Los Angeles. Why on earth did Brian drive all the way to Orange County, instead of taking Torreto to his home in Echo Park, just a few miles away from 7th street in Los Angeles. (DVD) - vectortrooper
  • When Toretto and Brian are chased by Johnny Tran and his gang into the parking lot with the Kung Fu Ze statue the direction of Brian's parked car faces inwards since he parks it and then Tran walks around and talks and inspects it. Then as the guys leave on their motorcycles the car faces outward and then in the next shot its back facing inward again. (DVD) - MAXIE
  • When Jesse is racing S2000 in his Jetta, right after he looses the race they show him turning the steering wheel to the left , the dashboard in that car looks like from Crown Victoria, (mirrors, steering wheel and other stuff are also different, therefore Jesse lost a race in Crown Victoria not Jetta :o) - VeeDub
  • In the scene at the end where Dom and Brian are racing and the truck hits Dom where does it go? I mean if a trucker hits a car they would stop and get out. (DVD) - Nikkibaby
  • After the supra races the black Ferrari iT goes up ahead and stops and parks at the restaurant, when Dom and Brian get out of the car, you can clearly see that the Ferrari they raced before became a Jaguar. - uptown
  • (Revealing mistakes) Did anyone realize that when Walker and Diesel shoot up the nitrous they are well over 140mph and the wheels squeal? Even with Nitrous it would take alot more to get your wheels to spin out while cruising at that speed. - chrisddo
  • (Continuity) When Vin Diesel turns on his NOS for the big race, he lifts up the passenger seat and the yellow knob is on the right side of seat, then in the next scene, the yellow knob is on the left side of the seat! (DVD) - Bruce
  • (Continuity) At the start of the movie when the civic's hijack first truck well if you look when they shot out the window s black rubber thing hangs out when you see the front again it's gone. (VHS) - pete
  • (Continuity) During the 1st racing scene Brain's (Paul Walker) passenger side floor board falls out. Later in that scene when he is picking up Dominic (Vin Diesel) before the cops do, Vin jumps in the passenger side. Where does he put his feet? (DVD) - Heather Diesel
  • (Continuity) Rollcages in the end scene have continuity slips. Vin Diesel's evil black monster of a Charger was shown with at least two different rollcages. On the car seen most close-up, there is a single main hoop bar (the vertical bar behind the driver's left shoulder, at the sides of the car), while the stunt car had two bars there, for example. And when Vin gets in the car to go roaring after Tran, the way he sits down shows there must not have been a horizontal door bar there at the time. Also, when Paul Walker's car goes under the Charger in the end stunt, it has temporarily sprouted a rollcage of its own. (VHS) - Miked
  • (Continuity) As the truck is shown, which the crew robbers firstly, you can see that the truck has two axels at his back. In the scene the black civic turn under the truck, there is only one axel. - snowcrash
  • (Crew/equipment visible) In the scene where Brian & Dom return to the house after the eclipse blows up, Mia is watching from her window.If you look carefully when she pulls her shirt off you can see the camera man in the mirror filming the scene.. And these guys are pro's??? Come on!!! (DVD) - art$eclipse
  • (Revealing mistakes) Towards the end of the movie, where Brian is on the top of the Supra trying to save Vince, if you look closely in several scenes you will see the stunt drivers face rather than brian's. Come on guys!!! Better editing next time. (DVD) - art$eclipse
  • (Continuity) During the chase when the police show up after the initial drag race, Vin has parked his car and is walking on the street. The cruiser that goes by is a Ford but when it locks up and does a 180 it is a Chev and then it turns back into a Ford again when it is chasing them down the alley. - transam
  • (Factual errors) When Dom and Brian are in the shed Dom says his dad got killed on a quarter mile. He says the other guy came around the 2nd turn. There is no turns on a quarter mile, it's straight!!!!!! (VHS) - birdman
  • (Factual errors) When they are going through Dom's engine in the begging of the race they show pistons. Dom is racing in an rx-7 - rx-7's are rotory. (DVD) - zach
  • (Continuity) In the first scene were the civics are hi-jacking the truck when I think it was Vince when he opend the sun roof you hear the roof stop 2 times and when they show the other civic you see him open the sun roof, so all I got to say is that they REPLAYED the shound 2 times lol (if you don't under stand anything I said I don't blame you) (TV) - I WONT NOS
  • (Continuity) In the big race scene (W/4 cars) the floor of Brian's car falls to the pavement and after a ridiculous spark show, flies out from under the car. That in itself was ridiculous at the speed they were supposedly going but he then proceeds to pick up Dom. There would be no floor on the passenger side. He jumped in with no problems. - t.emeny
  • (Continuity) This has to be the biggest screw up in the film. At the start of the movie where they hijack the lorry with 'rogers' on the side it annoyed me that a Honda Civic could fit underneath it. When it drives past you can clearly see that it has two back wheels on either side however when the Honda passes under it you see that the lorry has now got 1 back tire on either side. Major telling off for the team who created the double of the lorry!! - queudrue
  • (Continuity) In the 4 car race with Brian, Dominic, Eddie and the Asian guy, Brian blows out his passenger side floor plate after using the second Nos burst. But when he picks up Dominic to escape from the cops, Dominic sits comfortably in the passenger seat. - Eminemrules
  • (Factual errors) In the opening scenes when Brian goes back to the shop, he demands that he needs some nitrous to boost his low top speed. Well I'm sure that most tuners will agree that more horsepower doesn't equal more top speed, it only contributes IF you have a transmission that can handle it and distribute it. I was sure they'd had some type of car advisors on the film... - Eminemrules
  • (Continuity) If you pay attention to the Supra at the end of the movie when he's chasing the dirtbikes, and when he's racing Dom you will notice that it switches from clean to very dirty many times. - Eminemrules
  • (Crew/equipment visible) In the final racing scene, when Dominic's car hits the truck and flips in the air, you can clearly see the stunt driver's helmet as the car turns in the air. - Eminemrules
  • (Continuity) When Jesse is going to race Johnny Tran at Race Wars for pink slips and Johnny Tran pulls up in his Honda 2000 (which is really an S2000) Tran has on a black, long sleeved shirt. When the camera goes from side to front view, Tran has on a black tank top. - Eminemrules
  • (Continuity) In the opening hijack scene, the semi obviously has two sets of rear wheels on the trailer, but when it comes to the scene where the black Honda is under the trailer, there is only one set of rear wheels. - Eminemrules
  • (Continuity) At the end of the movie, when Brian shoots the guy on the motorcycle. He gets out of the car and clearly shuts the door before crossing the street, but when he runs back to the car, to chase Dom, the door magically appears open. - Eminemrules
  • (Crew/equipment visible) When Mia sees Brian coming into the house, she looks down at herself and decides to change. When she takes off her shirt and throws it at the camera, look at the mirror and you can se the cameraman's arm reaching out to catch the flying shirt. Play that spot in slow-motion and you'll see. - Eminemrules
  • In the DVD edition, Rob Cohen tells the viewer that the racers don't have speedometers in their cars, because they don't have time to look down, but in the first race Brian pulls out laptops, presses buttons, reads graphs, all of which are on the passenger seat! - Eminemrules
  • (Continuity) After Dom parks his car in the garage after the first race, and walks outside, the cop car that comes down the hill is a ford Crown Victoria. When the cop car turns around in the middle of the street it's a chevy Caprice. - Eminemrules
  • (Factual errors) In the beginning when Dom is making fun of Brian for virtually wrecking the car, he says he should have been double clutching. There is absolutely no reason the should have been double clutching, unless the transmission in that car was made before about 1940, which it most likely was not. Double clutching need only be done in a car (or truck) that has a transmission that is not synchronized. The only thing double clutching would have done is made him run slower. - 69copo lover

Debated Goofs

  • I think it's so funny how comments were made like "enough nos to blow himself up." and "NOS!!! ...(boom)" Yet doesn't anybody know that NOS IS NOT FLAMMABLE?! - tommy 2
    • Comment: If nitrous isn't flammable then how does it combust? Better go back to chemistry class! - DanFoster
    • Comment: Well, NOS is nitrosoxide, which can blow up. Nos has all kinds of chemicals and shit in it, and guess what? Chemicals are flammable. - Paige
    • Correction: No bro, NOS is flammable, Nitrous Oxide System. Nitrous is flammable, and the oxygen will burn off too. - KonaGold
    • Correction: If you knew anything you would know nitrous oxide is a fine mixture of Nitrogen and Pure oxygen. If you listened in Chemistry you would know pure oxygen is flammable. If anyone knows of where I can get spec sheets on all the cars mail me at - rscab1
      • Explanation: Nitrous is not flammable. It helps fire burn hotter and faster. You cannot run a car on NO2 alone it need fuel along with it. As well as air. And NO2 dosen't combust. The only explosion from a NO2 tank would be caused from excess pressure caused from heat "You use a bottle warmer to increase the pressure in the tank." and if there was no fire when the explosion it would be similar to an air tank explosion. - Drag n Taco
      • Correction: No, no, no....Nitrous Oxide is not flammable meaning that it wont catch on fire by itself. If there is another fire in the car, such as when Johnny Tran shot up the eclipse, then nos WILL explode. - RED
    • Comment: Actually, N20 is not exactly flammable. It's combustible. What would happen in the tank itself would explode because the heat would cause the pressure to rise. It's actually the 02 that the broken-down N20 provides that burns. So if I were running from a car on fire with "Nos" in it.. I might worry about the gas tank exploding ;) - funtaff
    • Comment: Nitrous Oxide is an oxidizer, as we all know pure oxygen is an excellent oxidizer and therefore can create a large explosion, well nitrous oxide contains 23% pure 02, thus if a large amount of nitrous oxide comes into contact with a source of ignition (such as a flame on a burning car) a large explosion can occur, although it is unlikely that an explosion with a magnitude great enough to raise the car off the ground would come from that small amount of oxidizer. - 98Esprit
    • Explanation: Let's get our facts straight, Nitrous oxide itself is not combustible, it is just a way of adding more oxygen to the engine, thereby enriching the fuel mixture and giving more power to the car. Yes, nitrous is a chemical, it is made up of nitrogen and oxygen, both of which make up over 90% of our atmosphere. Therefore if it was explosive, then anytime someone would light a match the entire world would explode. - STFU
    • Correction: In Response to the debated goof about "the NOS is not flammable" ,you were right to a point. However the NOS you are thinking of is the "Novice Type" Dry Nitrous, It is not Flammable. In the Movie they were using Direct Port Nitrous systems which use the liquid, which is extremely Flammable. - Stopher
    • No more comments on this subject. The debate is continued in the Movie Goofs Forum.

Commented Goofs

  • At the first scene, when Brian's testing the top speed of his eclipse and it gets to 145 and he spins out like crazy (like 4-5 spins) but in the first race with Dom in the street he hits over 160, spins out and only does a 180 when he stops short. Kinda funny. - Bouse
    • Comment: Hey Bouse, if you paid attention to how fast Brian was going when he spun in the first race you'd notice he was going much slower because he was braking. And if you knew anything about corrective steering, when you spin at high speeds unintentionally it is harder to get back under control(the reason he did 4-5 spins), but when you grab the hand-brake while slowing down (like Brian did in the first race)the car is easier to control, he knew how the car would react and how to manipulate it to do a 180! Also he was only going about 50 km/h (or 30 mph). - Croozah
  • When there at racewars, where're the drag tires? They always have drag tires in real life. Why would you drag in your 40 series tires. - piecies_81
    • Comment: Guess what. They are racing in street cars, not drag racers. Streetwars was not like, NIHRA tpe thing, it was just a whole bunch of people getting together to race. Did you ever see any the cars racing w/ slicks at any oter point of the movie. - Rycer For Life
    • Comment: Street racers do use racing slicks to race with, they dont just race with street tires. Maybe the 14 to 15 second cars do, but the fast ones like that supra do race with slicks or really exp. racing tread tired. Not Street Tread. - KonaGold
  • I'm not 100% on this one, but aren't cars with right sided drivers seats illegal in this country (USA). - piecies_81
    • Comment: I do believe now correct me if I am now right, but is it also illegal for you to street race or drag race illegally, especially if you are on private government property. So why would a wrong sided seated car really bother anyone in the street racing business. - bradbantick
    • Comment: No, right hand drive cars are perfectly legal here in the States. Just hard to get your drive through order. - e
  • In the opening scene with the Eclipse the Nos sticker is already there on top of the blower on the roof. But he didn't have Nos yet.... hmmm. - slugbug
    • Comment: People can just buy decals and post them on cars without having the actual products. They are usually referred to as "ricers". - Juvenile
  • At the beginning of the movie when Brian is testing the top speed of his Eclipse, if you count the shifts, he was a 7 speed transmission? Doubtful, even a 6 speed is doubtful if he didn't have Nos yet. - Topher
    • Comment: Ever heard of downshifting? You moron. - rice rocket racer
      • Comment: Why would you downshift if you're testing your top speed? - Professor Z28
      • Comment: Topher, your right about the 7 shifts, but nitrous doesn't give you an extra gear. Rice Rocket Racer: your the moron; you don't downshift when testing top speed. - Lsnaple
  • In the scene where Jesse looks at the green eclipse he says "cool air intake, T4 turbo...". Its not possible to have an CAI with a turbo. (DVD) - fwracer
    • Comment: Hey buy the way the green eclipse in the movie isn't turbo charged, it has a gs/rs engine in it. I own a 99 GSX and 98 eagle talon esi. The talon has the non turbo motor while the gsx has the 4g63 engine which is turbocharged while the two engine have a notcable difference. - EclipseGSX
  • Comment: Brandon baby, this is the big times (and LA) people have mad $$$ and are so into cars you wouldn't believe. The computer thing in the car is a little overboard, but hey, it makes a hell of a movie! (DVD) - Paige

Corrected Goofs

  • During the part when the guy in the orange car (forgot his name) is helping out the others who were trying to attack the semi-truck, you can see his car is in desperate need of a wash, because of all the desert sand and dust. But minutes later in the movie, when he goes to confront the bald guy (can't remember his name either) with the shotgun, and pulls out his Beretta, the car is very clean and shiny. Just had to stop for a car wash before an arrest, perhaps? - Scott F.
    • Correction: When Brian confronts Dominic in front of the charger in the driveway. The Supra is in fact dirty and dusty. - Tabbulus
  • Right after the part where one character got gunned down by the two Mac-9 packing motorcycle bad dudes, the cop in the orange car (can't remember his name) chases after them, firing occasionally. But if you count all his shots, it is about 20. However, Beretta M9's such as the one he was using only hold 15 rounds per clip, and he didn't reload or have an extended clip during any part of that scene. - Scott F.
    • Correction: Hey Scott F. learn to count! I counted all the shots Brian fired off and the magical number was 13! meaning he still had 2 shot left according to you gun know-how! - Croozah
  • In the scene when the orange Toyota Supra is racing the Dodge Charger, They race a distance of a quarter mile, from the stop light to the railroad tracks. Dominick said that the Charger can complete a quarter mile in 9 seconds. The Toyota Supra was supposedly said to complete a quarter mile in 10 seconds. I saw this movie three times, I timed it in my head, it took them 30 seconds to cross a quarter mile, not counting the slow-motion scenes. - Mr Tragedy
    • Correction: Genius the movie even with slow mo isn't going to show you it at full speed cause it would be to fast and you don't get the same excitement. - fast4life
  • When Jesse drives his jetta, it appears to be a 5 spd (manual transmission). If you looked at ebay when the jetta was for sale, the jetta was an automatic. - Bouse
    • Correction: I bet NOS wasn't in the Jetta on ebay! - Stalka
  • When you see the first race, and most of the other races, you see everyones car be put into first gear with a manual transmission. If you know anything about driving stick you pull off the line in first but you see them put the car into second gear before they take off. Just wanna look cool. (Not every time). - Bouse
    • Correction: Hey bouse I do know about driving a stick and sorry but your goof is wrong. You see all 4 racers shift into first but then before they take off from the line you see Dom shift into first gear again. (DVD Widescreen Collectors Edition) - andy
  • During the opening semi truck robbery, the semi trailer "grows" in height to accommodate the car that dives and drives under it. When the truck is shown earlier, the truck bed is barely above the wheels, but during the robbery it is very obviously raised. (DVD Widescreen) - Zim
    • Correction: The semi trucks they used in the movie were ones where the container was placed on top of the frame. These trucks actually do sit higher up than the normal tractor trailers. - tommy 2
      • Correction: While you are right that sea containers sit higher than normal trailers, they are not high enough to allow a Honda civic fit under it. (no matter how low it is dropped). - john q
  • Towards the beginning when there checkin out Brian's car before he races it, that guy leans over the engine and says something about there being enough NOS to blow them all up or whatever, but weren't the tanks behind the seat? - piecies_81
    • Correction: The bigger the NOS bottles, the bigger the hoses and connections on the engine. - Stalka
  • In the final scene(s) with the Supra, Walker uses up 5 shots of Nos and when they showed them making the car they put in only one tank of Nos. I don't think they could of gotten 5 shots of Nos out of one bottle. - slugbug
    • Correction: You can make a good 10+ full 1/4 mile constant Nitrous Runs with a 10# bottle. - ishot2pac
      • Correction: First off you guys need to uderstand nitrous was totaly portayed wrong!!! in this movie, there is need for Bryan to have two bottles because when you juice it it all comes from the same place and that one ten pound bottle would easilly last 3 or 4 runs down the track, and a majority of people who use nitrous don't have it on a button, they use a micro switch that juices it a WOT (Wide-Open-Throttle). - EclipseGSX
  • This isn't really a goof, but does anyone notice that this movie's plot is almost exactly the same as "Point Break" ..? You remember, with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Think about it! - Eric R.
    • Comment: Besides directing the Fast and the Furious Rob Cohen was also the director of Point Break, and so the theme of a young cop caught between dedication to his job and relishing in the subculture of a group of bank robbers covering their tracks as surfers re-occurs, this time with street racing instead of surfing. - nate b
      • Correction: As far as I know, Rob Cohen has nothing to do with Point Break, which in fact is directed by Kathryn Bigelow.
  • (Spoiler) When Brian finally kills Tran, he gets out of his cars to make sure Tran is dead, then when he returns to his car he hops in and speeds of. Would you really leave a $50k+ car running with the keys in the ignition as you run a good 500 feet away from it? (DVD) - Gonzo
    • Brian being brainless is not a goof, in my opinion.
    • Correction: If you saw two guys shooting pistols and sub-machine guns at each other with one getting killed, would you really go and steal the shooter's car..? Your "goof" is moot. - Eric R.
  • At the beginning of the first race a girl goes up to Edwin and says this is yours no matter if you win or lose but if you win you get her too (or something like that). Well during the race Brian zooms ahead of him and he says "No, Monica!" If he believed Monica then why did he scream like he was going to lose her? The other girls name wasn't Monica either. I hope I didn't confuse anybody. - Angel
    • Correction: Edwin was not yelling out "No, Monica!", he was yelling out "NO!! Menage'!!" as in threesome, exactly what the girl at the starting line had promised if he won. - DaGump
      • Correction: If you watch it with captions on (or just listen closely) he DOES say 'Monica' as he is passed... earlier in race, as he thinks he is winning, he says 'Menage a'.
  • I might be wrong, but isn't in the first race scene with Dom, Ja Rule, Paul Walkers character and the other dude. Isn't the engine that they show from Dom's hand going into the engine bay a combustion engine. A RX-7 third gen has a rotory engine that has only 5 moving parts in the whole engine. (DVD) - KonaGold
    • Correction: Actually the shot of the RX-7's motor does look like the rotary used in them. Only difference is it's a triple rotary instead of the double rotary in most RX-7s (654x2cc - 654x3cc)
      However the exhaust note sounds a bit like that of a piston engine in a way. What gets to me about Dom's RX-7 Veilside is what was it originally? A RX-7 (plain), RX-7 RB, RX-7 RZ, RX-7RS? Email me with any relevant responses to this "goof correction and/or the question at the end of it. Thank You. (VHS/Stars) - Kage
  • (Continuity) Ok in the racing scene where Dom pops open his seat to open the nitrous valves. In one scene the dial is on top and the other it's at the bottom. (DVD) - Gtguy
    • Correction: there are two knobs he turns, one is in the shadow when they show him turning the other. - chopdtop

Explained Goofs

  • When Dom (in the charger) and Brian (in the supra) race in the end, and they jump over the railroad tracks you might notice that his left turn signal comes on. - andy
    • Comment: This would have been when Brian knocks the wiper switch as well - Stalka
    • Explanation: When the turn signal and the wipers come on, I'm guessing that the impact of the car bottoming out triggered it. (DVD) - jetta_GL96
    • Comment: They went up because when Brian(Paul Walker) went over the bump, he hit the the ground pretty fast so he hit the wipers and the left turn signal switch, That's why they went up. (DVD/Widescreen) - Godsmackguy20022001
  • The Charger was portrayed to be a manual, stick, or whatever you want to call it. Anyway when it shows his feet there is no clutch. - (DVD) - Travis
    • Explanation: Okay first of all the charger is a 4 speed manual but without a clutch it doesn't seem possible does it (note: if you don't know the clutch opend the gears so they can) you would scratch the gears most likely but if you want to know what I believe it is that he lets off the gas and just simply shifts. PS if any one has any information at all about the charger from the movie please email me at any information about where it is and pictures will work. Thank you. - 69chargerrt
    • Correction: A smart and a mojority of all racers of domestics (CHEVELLE, CAMERO, NOVA and so on and so on...) have autos with shift kits. Ever heard of a linko tranny... - EclipseGSX
  • After the scene where the Supra is racing the Ferrari they pull up at a beach cafe. In the background there are 2 4x4, 1 sedan and 1 van. Next cut the van is gone, and at the start it is sunny but at the end of the scene the sun is going down. - datsun 510
    • Explanation: I heard that the reason for all these unusual backround changes was because the film crew was desperately low on filming time and they just couldn't afford to wait until the next day. It was just an example of a film crew trying to make the deadline. Oh yeah, I have a 280z. Datsun forever, baby!! - driftking
  • When Paul Walker is racing in the green eclipse against Vin and Ja his floor unbolts and sparks up the road; how can Vin jump in the passenger seat and not hit the road with his feet not hit the floor. Also where did the lad top go up Vins ass. (DVD) - Hotbeatz
    • Explanation: Well in the movie when Dom is getting chased by the cops it is obvious that Brian followed him to save him. So he probably moved the laptop aside and Dom could have put his feet on the sides where the floor plate was. - phatEclipse


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