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Directed by:
Adam Shankman

Shane West as Landon Carter
Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan
Peter Coyote as Reverend Sullivan
Daryl Hannah as Cynthia Carter
Lauren German as Belinda
Clayne Crawford as Dean
Al Thompson as Eric
Paz de la Huerta as Tracie
Jonathan Parks Jordan as Walker
Matt Lutz as Clay Gephardt
David Andrews as Mr. Kelly
David Lee Smith as Mr. Carter



  • When Jamie first sees the flyer of her head on another girl's body you can see that the bikini the girl is wearing is drawn on. If you look at the table full of people holding the flyers you can tell the girl is actually naked. (DVD) - withluvxoxo
  • When Jamie and Landon are at the cemetery looking at the stars, Jamie is holding a piece of paper and when her and Landon sit down the paper is gone. (DVD) - withluvxoxo
  • In a walk to remember Jaime Sullivan is in the school play and her teacher Ms. Garber is teacher her is teaching Jaime how her character should walk. If you look at Jaime in the background while Ms. Garber is walking Jaime starts to crack up. (That wasn't what Jaime was supposed to do.) (DVD/VHS) - Kayla
  • Also in A Walk to Remember when Landon and Jaime are in the cemetery looking at the stars, Landon tells Jaime that he named a star for her and then he hands Jaime the map and they start to kiss. Jaime still has the map in her hand but when they stop kissing and sit down the map mysteriously disappears. (DVD/VHS) - Kayla
  • During the play. Landon's ex-girlfriend is sitting between two people during the play. After Landon kiss's Jamie it goes back to see Landon's Ex's expression and she is sitting on the edge. Maybe she got up and switch places with him. Highly unlikely. (VHS) - bluecrush
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Landon is talking to his ex-girlfriend on his porch, you can see that when the camera goes back and forth between the 2, the ex has a hair problem. The ex has a piece of hair that hangs down on her right side, and then it won't be there the next time they go back to her. - Nicole
  • (Anachronisms) In the scene where Jamie tells Landon to prove it, she walks out to her car and you can clearly see the 10/96 inspection sticker on her front windshield. - eileen
    • Info: The movie takes place in the mid 90's.
  • (Anachronisms) Later in the movie, you hear Landon's friend (when they are fixing his car) put on Missy Elliot's "Get Your Freak On" which came out in 2001. - eileen
    • Info: The movie takes place in the mid 90's.
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Landon is talking to his mom (after the graveyard scene) the wind is blowing really hard and his shirt is like pulling away, then it switches to his mom and then him and everything is calm again. - sweetgal
  • (Revealing mistakes) After the accident car in the beginning when Landon walks to the table you can see that there's no food on the table, but when he sits down he picks up a fork and makes like he's about to stick it into a plate of food. - shlomit


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