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> Lion King, The (1994)
Pearl Harbor

Directed by:
Roger Allers
Rob Minkoff

Matthew Broderick as Simba (voice)
Joseph Williams as Simba (singing) (singing voice)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Young Simba (voice)
Jason Weaver as Young Simba (singing) (singing voice)
James Earl Jones as Mufasa (voice)
Jeremy Irons as Scar (voice)
Moira Kelly as Nala (voice)
Niketa Calame as Young Nala (voice)
Laura Williams as Young Nala (singing) (singing voice)
Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa (voice)



  • After Simba gets up from lying down looking at the stars with Pumba and Timone, he goes to a cliff and falls down. Flowers flutter through the air. Look to the top right of the screen, the flowers spells SEX. - Road Dogg
    • Correction: It really spells SFX, in reference to the sound company in charge of the movie. - Sandy
      • Correction: In the scene where the lion plops down in some flowers it is clear that it spells SEX not SFX - Katie
        • Correction: I have watched The Lion King on video and DVD several times. I've slowed it down, I've clicked it frame by frame... I have NEVER seen SEX, SFX, or any other words, letters, or messages. I think it's a bunch of garbage. - cerulean
          • Correction: In regards to the spelling of sex in the movie, it is there. It is not in the flowers but in the clouds on the left hand side of the screen. As the clouds roll in it spells it out letter by letter not as a whole word. Where you people got flowers from I have no clue.... - Moosh
            • Comment: Do you guys realize that all of you who saw the word "sex" saw it in completely different places and in different circumstances? I 'm not commenting on whether the word is there, b/c I don't care. It is a kid's movie and I don't feel that that kind of discussion is relevant. That is just really trivial and silly information. - Matt
              • Well, this is a trivia site, specialising in trivial information.
  • When Simba is adult he is walking alone in a pasture when he plops down & begins talking to his father in the "heavens", the dust from him hitting the ground spells the word sex. - tony
    • Correction: It really spells sfx, in reference to the sound company in charge of the movie. - Sandy
    • Comment: I have seen where it is supposed to say SEX in the dust and I'm not sure if it says SEX or SFX. I'll have to watch it again but for those of you who can't see it's because it's only in the older versions. I have the new one and I can't see it but my friend has the older one and I can see it clearly says either SEX or SFX. - erofeb
    • Comment: When Simba falls down in the dust and it spells out a word, the word is indeed SEX, not SFX. Artists admitted to it being SFX, but in a Disney Bloopers book I found, it said the artists later gave in to pressing people and said yes, it really IS SEX. A lot of Disney movies have inappropriate bloopers if nobody else has noticed. It's solely for the artists enjoyment, and it's always the SAME artist who makes the hidden porn drawings or whatever. - Daroga
  • Besides the extreme graphic violence, including fratricide, in this supposedly "G" rated film, there are subtle anti-Moslem aspects to this film that even I, as a non-Moslem, noticed. The most noticeable is when the hyenas are beginning to close in on their victims, the lion pride. The camera shoots to the quarter moon and star in the sky, the symbol of Islam. - chesslady70
    • Comment: What, exactly, are these "anti-Moslem aspects"? I have watched the movie over and over yet have never seen anything of the sort. And isn't the Islamic sign a CRESCENT moon with a star located "inside" of it? First of all, why would that be in the movie, it's not even possible in nature. And how is that an anti-Moslem slur? - D
    • Comment: I think this is perhaps more of a reference to communism and the events surrounding the Russian Revolution: Mufasa is Czar Nicolaus, Simba is Lenin (or possibly Troftsky, but that's shaky at best), Scar is Stalin. Furthermore, I have always believed that when the hyenas march past Scar, they look like they are performing the goose step, prevalent in the Nazi, Fascist, and Communist armies. I have always thought of the crescent moon as representing a sickle. - eggs57
  • At the part were Simba jumps in the seeds it says SFX, that is a subliminal message. Disney is trying to brainwash kids into buying movies in that company!!!! - Alec
    • SFX (Special Effects) doesn't sound like "Buy Disney movies" to me.
  • When the hyenas attack Scar the f-word appears in the flames. It is small. - Michael
  • When the hyenas are attacking Scar and they show the shadows look close at the flames and it spells hoar. - movie_ freak
    • Comment: When someone said that the word "hoar" was seen in the flames when Scar was being attacked, the word hoar means gray with age. If there was something bad, it would be spelled "whore" NOT "hoar". - roseprincess
  • In the movie Timmone pulls a bug out of a hole and the hug is wearing Mickey Muse ears. This is one of many hidden Mickies in disney movies. (Source: - TAZ
  • I'm not sure if it's true so don't yell at me if it's not. My uncle told me that when Rafikki went to go get the adult Simba to return home and he is singing this little song in another language translated it means "All children stick bananas up there butt". (Source: VHS) - Legolaslover86
  • The Lion King also can represent Hamlet (Simba being Hamlet, Scar being Claudis, Nala being Ophelia, and Mufasa being Hamlet's father (as a ghost) ) Claudis(Scar) kill's Hamlet's(Simba) Father (Mufasa). Timon and Pumba can either represent Hamlet's two friends, Rosentcratz and Gulidenstern or Hamlet's other friend Hortio, this is the only part that is disputing in tieing Hamlet and The Lion King together. (Source: English Teacher) - Katrina
  • From what I understand "The Lion King" is based on a Japanese cartoon filmed long before. Disney has a long history of "stealing" ideas" from other movies and stories. (Source: Knowledge) - Jeffydw


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