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> The Wizard of Oz (1939)

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Directed by:
Victor Fleming

Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale
Frank Morgan as Professor Marvel/Emerald City Doorman/The Cabbie/Guardian of the Emerald City Gates/The 'Wizard of Oz'
Ray Bolger as Hunk/Scarecrow
Jack Haley as Hickory/Tin Woodsman
Bert Lahr as Zeke/Cowardly Lion
Billie Burke as Glinda, the Good Witch of the North
Margaret Hamilton as Miss Almira Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West
Charley Grapewin as Uncle Henry Gale



  • At the beginning of the "We're off to see the wizard" sequence, there is a disturbance in the trees off to the left. This was rumored to be one of the crew hanging himself, but is in fact an animal handler recapturing an escaped animal.

  • When Dorothy first meets the wicked witch and the witch goes in to the cloud of smoke the flames burned the witches face and shooting was called of for a few weeks.

  • Also the Wicked witch was a kindergarten teacher before she was the witch.
    • Addition: Kids who had seen the movie alway asked her why she was so mean to Dorothy. - Webmaster

  • The man who was originally supposed to do the tin man was hospitalized when he got poisoned from silver spray paint. - Vic
    • Correction: Not silver spray paint, aluminum powder. When the part was given to Jack Haley, the makeup was changed to aluminum paste. - summer
    • Addition: The actor who was poisoned by the aluminium makeup was Buddy Ebson. (Source: - Spoc42
    • Addition: Ebson stated the following about his poisoning: "My first symptoms had been a noticeable shortness of breath. I would breathe and exhale and then get the panicky feeling I hadn't breathed at all. Then I would gasp for another quick breath with the same result. My fingers began to cramp, and then my toes. For a time I could control this unusual cramping by forcibly straightening out my fingers and toes. One night in bed I woke up screaming. My arms were cramping from my fingers upward and curling simultaneously so that I could not use one arm to uncurl the other. My wife tried to pull my arm straight with some success, just as my toes began to curl; then my feet and legs bent backward at the knees. I panicked. What was happening to me? Next came the worst. The cramps in my arms advanced into my chest to the muscles that controlled my breathing. If this continued, I wouldn't even be able to take a breath. I was sure I was dying." Ebson died in pneumonia in 2003. (Source: Full Moon) - Webmaster
      • Info: pneumonia: Respiratory disease characterized by inflammation of the lung parenchyma (excluding the bronchi) with congestion caused by viruses or bacteria or irritants. (Source: WordWeb) - Webmaster

  • Did you also know that the man who got poisoned who was originally supposed to play the tin man played "Jed" in the TV series "The Beverly Hillbillies"? - Meg

  • Actor Frank Morgan played many different roles in The Wizard of Oz, including the Wizard himself. He also portrayed Professor Marvel, a Kansas resident who Dorothy meets just before the twister hits. The coat that Professor Marvel wore was supposed to be grand yet old and past its heyday, so costumers bought a bunch from a nearby secondhand clothing store and chose from among them. The coat they picked worked well, as can be seen in the movie, and also contained a surprise. Sewn into the inner pocket was the name of the previous owner; L. Frank Baum. Baum is the man who WROTE The Wizard of Oz! Naturally, people checked to make sure that it was the same one, and Baum's ownership was backed-up by both the tailor who made him the coat and his widow.
    • Comment: Actor Frank Morgan is not the only person to play more than one role in this movie. All of six significant characters from Kansas are six other characters in Oz. That's the entire point. - jane

  • Ok, we've all heard about Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon the having some similarities to Wizard of Oz. Here's what I found when I tried it: In the beginning when Dorothy is running from the old lady, the song playing is titled On the Run. The Great Gig In the Sky is full of rising and falling voices that in time with the house rising and falling in the tornado. During Us and Them, the midgets are all dancing in perfect time to the song. Any Color You Like is on when everyone is proclaiming "Follow the yellow brick road". Finally, the spookiest of all, at the end of the album, as the last song fades away, it ends with a heartbeat, Just as Judy Garland puts her ear to the tin man's chest. I recommend trying it just once. It is pretty odd if nothing else. - manix

  • There's a part in the movie where the Wicked Witch tells her flying monkeys that, "I'm going to send them a little insect!" This is a reference to the next scene, which was suppose to involve a monster called "Jitterbug" to Dorothy and her friends to keep them from reaching the Emerald City. The Jitterbug scene was latter cut. - one_eyed_beth
    • Comment: In comment to the "jitterbug scene" that was supposedly cut from the movie. I saw the wizard of oz on broadway two years ago, and I remember that there was a song sung by Eartha Kitt called "The Jitterbug". I guess even tho it was cut from the movie, they couldn't cut it out on broadway. - kris
    • Comment: The Jitterbug scene of the film was cut out because the trees are moved by people inside, and when they taped this scene you could see the person come out of the tree and move a branch around. - Truxy5
    • Comment: The Jitterbug scene was acctually cut because the movie was running too long. - chelle
    • Comment: The Jitterbug was cut because the movie was too long. The film was destroyed. On the video where we saw the cast dancing to it was a home video from someone on the set so thats why you can see people in the tree costumes. - Grace
    • Comment: The Jitterbug number was cut from the film because it was thought to be contemporary to go with the rest of the film. The dance number has since seen the light of day and it does seem more 1939. - Dangerous2know
    • Comment: I'm in the middle of doing the Wizard of Oz at my high school (it closes on Saturday night, and I'm a munchkin, an emerald City Citizen, and Doria, one of Gloria's friends, who's not in the movie), and in the show we're doing we're donig the Jitterbug (though I'm not in it.) So I think that about every stage version of the Wizard of Oz has the Jitterbug in it, and the movie is about the only thing that didn't have it in it's final version (after the dance was cut). the Jitterbug is about the biggest dance number in the show. (The muchkins can't do much since we're all on our knees). - Donica

  • Most of the munchkins were just kids and not midgets at all. It's very easy to tell which is which by looking at the faces. Most people don't know this. - RuThiE jO jO
    • Correction: False. 47 Women. 66 Men & about 6 Children. So, yes most munchkins were Adult Midgets. (Source: The Munchkins Of Oz, Stephen Cox pg 87) - Nate

  • Ray Bolger was originally cast to play the Tinman and Buddy Ebsen was to play the scarecrow. The roles were switched because Bolger thought he would be better as the scarecrow. - chelle

  • During the scene when Dorothy and her friends first meet the cowardly lion, the lion is threatening to hurt Toto. Dorothy picks up Toto to rescue him and hits the lion on the nose. While the lion is whining & carrying on about his nose, Dorothy has to move Toto close to her face because she is about to start laughing. I heard that this scene had to be reshot several times because Judy Garland kept laughing. - Emily
    • Addition: Even in the final cut, you can see that Garland starts laughing, then pulls Toto up to cover her mouth. (Source: The movie) - King David

  • It was rumored for years that when Toto died he was thrown in a garbage dump. In truth he was buried with a sweet marker near the grave of his trainer in North Carolina. - Dangerous2know

  • When Judy Garland died it is said that a bunch of tornados touched down in Kansas. - Angel

  • If you listen to "We're Off to See the Wizard," you can still hear Buddy Ebsen's voice singing the song. When Jack Haley replaced Buddy Ebsen as the Tin Man, he only had time to sing "If I Only Had a Heart" and could not overdub his voice on the song. - Chris

  • Ever wonder why The Tin Man and The Scarecrow were unaffected by the poisoned poppies? Well here's MY theory and a LOT of my friends and Oz-Fans agree with it! The reason why only Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion fall victim to the poisoned poppies is because they are REAL life things that can live and breathe. The Scarecrow and The Tin Man aren't real-life creatures that live and breathe so therefore they'd be unaffected by the poisoned poppies. - Philthemovieman
    • Comment: There is a hidden reason why only Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion are affected by the poppies: The whole Wizard of Oz story is an allegory about the beginning of the 20th Century, and the poppies stand for the opium that screwed up many people during that time. Dorothy and the Lion both stand for certain groups of people (the pure and scared maybe?)but i have forgotten exactly what they stand for. This also applies to much more in the movie I(as well as the book of course. - John

  • You know, the producer of Wizard of Oz actually wanted a glamorous Witch of the West with sequined, tighter costumes but he was pressured by his comrades to make the Witch ugly and evil. Originally, Gale Sondergard was slated to play the role, but when she heard she'd have to look like a hag, she backed out and they gave the part to Margaret Hamilton. I'm playing the Witch myself in our school district's production. They have me done up in a combination of glam and gross. Most people seem to identify more with an ugly witch. (Source: research) - Nadia
    • Correction: The Wicked Witch of the West WAS supposed to be beautiful. But Sondergard didn't back out because she wasn't willing to look like a hag, she was replaced because the idea to make the witch scary came about, and Sondergard was simple to pretty. It was always an inside joke that Margaret Hamilton got the job, because she was ugly! (Source: behind the scenes-DVD) - Wonder

  • Shirley Temple was originally cast to play Dorothy. But some kind of offer to switch both a Garlow girl (sorry I don't know her name :) and Clark Gable for Shirley. But tragically the Garlow girl died and the trade was off. They picked Judy Garland to play Dorothy. (Source: website) - Carrie

  • Baum came up with the name Oz when he looked on his filing cabinet. The sections on the cabinet were A-N and O-Z. - Buck
    • Info: L. Frank Baum wrote the Wizard of Oz novel.

  • Shirley Temple was considered to play Dorothy. (Source: - TAZ
    • Comment: Shirley Temple had a contract with another production company and they wouldn't let her go, so Judy Garland got the part as Dorothy. I saw this when I watched The Judy Garland Story. (Source: The Judy Garland Story) - T
    • Addition: Shirley Temple was the first choice to play Dorothy but was contracted to another studio. Deanna Troy was second choice but it was decided that at 19 she was too old. Judy Garland was the third choice. (Source: media lecturer) - hannah

  • In the movie TWOO in the very begging when you first met the witch in munchkin land you cant see the witch jump in the hole on the set while leaving. Also in the movie you can almost always tell where the wall is. I'm proforming as the Tinman in a production of Oz ( different music then the movie same story) and yes I'm a girl! (Source: Magazine) - Holly~Alissa

  • I looked on the trivia page, and this wasn't listed there: Glinda the Good Witch of the North, so beautiful and fair... is CHER's MOTHER! I got this from an interview with Cher from a TV GUIDE issue, so don't argue with me! (Source: TV Guide) - Lori
    • Correction: I did some research: Glinda in Wizard of Oz is played by Billie Burke (born 1885) and Cher's mother's name is Georgia Holt (aka Jackie Jean Crouch), born in 1925. Don't believe everything TV Guide tells you. - Webmaster

  • Judy Garland was paid $35 a week for her work on OZ. (Source: research) - Wonder

  • In the movie there where several scenes that the witch was in that showed her being even more menacing that were cut out, one that showed her turning the Tin man into a bee hive. (Source: Internet) - chenna

  • Judy Garland may have been a 3rd choice for the role of Dorothy, but the producers weren't sure she fit the part, since in the books, Dorothy was around the age of 8 or 9, while in reality, Judy Garland was 14 or 15 and thought to be too old and out of her prime (considering she was a child star). Judy may have even gotten the part due to her overbearing and pushy mother who probably changed the producers' minds. (Source: The Judy Garland movie - random knowledge) - Morg


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