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10 (1979)

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  • There were two versions of 10 produced. A R-rated version and a PG-rated version. All the nude women shown in the R-rated version are bikinied clad in the PG-rated version. - pat


28 Days Later (2002)

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  • There were two alternate endings. The first one the guy (the guy who woke up in a hospital) died from the gunshot while the women took him to the hospital and ends there. The second I think is the same but it ends like the original but this time the black girl talks to a chicken about reproducing while making the hello sign. (Source: DVD) - Tazz
  • The first scene of an empty London was filmed early on a weekday morning. The director Danny Boyle organised for good-looking women to stop the traffic from entering the empty streets as he rightly reckoned the drivers would be more co-operative with good looking girls. (Source: Interview with Director) - Sef Matthews


633 Squadron (1964)

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  • A number of De Havilland Mosquitoes were assembled for this movie. They were of different types, both fighters and bombers, but were cosmetically altered into some non-existing hybrid-type. Three could fly and two could run on the ground. The latter two were deliberately destroyed during the filming, but that was just before the interest in old aircraft awoke. (One of the crashes was filmed from two different angles and used to show two separate crashes). - Olav Westerman
  • The German fighters were actually four-seat Messerschmitt Bf 108 "Taifuns". The B-25 "Mitchell" that was used as a camera-plane, made a cameo, in totally inaccurate British markings, as the bomber, piloted by Cliff Robertson, from which George Chakiris parachuted over Norway. - Olav Westerman
  • Most of the action-scenes involving aircraft were later reused in "Mosquito Squadron", a movie starring David McCallum, and which was said to be based on the real Amiens prison attack. - Olav Westerman
  • George Chakiris, who previously, among many other parts, had played Bernardo from Puerto-Rico in "West Side Story" and an Aztec Indian in "Kings of the Sun", played a Norwegian in this film. A very fine actor, but perhaps not the typical Norwegian. - Olav Westerman


2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

  • If you've ever taken the time to look at how they came up with the acronym HAL, you notice that H comes before I, A comes before B and L comes before M. What does that spell, IBM a huge computer company, I'm sure you already new that. - Olav Westerman
    • Comment: The names H.A.L. and I.B.M. are only coincidences, a reporter asked him about it in discover. - Dudezippo
    • Comment: It was rumored that the name HAL was actually a cheap shot at IBM by implying that HALs technology was a step ahead of IBMs. - k2000kid
  • Originally, Stanley Kubrick hadn't planned to show the early man as a hairy monkey. He even had Stuart Freeborn to create a primitive, but more human-like make-up for the actors, but he couldn't find a way to photograph them in full length without getting in trouble, since they had to be naked. - Olav Westerman
  • Stanley Kubrick himself denied that he named the computer HAL to be "one step ahead of IBM". He insisted that HAL was short for "Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer" (what ever that means...). But, if so, why is HAL:s "twin" in 2010 called SAL? - Olav Westerman
  • At the "Dawn of Man" part at the beginning of the film, it shows a dead zebra. The zebra was actually a dead horse painted with stripes.
  • I Saw this movie in the theater when it was released in 1968. I was young, however I distinctly remember a couple deleted scenes: 1. When Bowman is first brought into the "house" and he's looking around and there is a shot of him going into the kitchen and opening a box of cereal, pouring into a bowl and then moves on. 2. Earlier in the film when Haywood Floyd is giving his speech to the rest of the people on the space station..after that they turn down the lights and have a rather lengthy discussion about what's going on at clavious. Can anyone else help me on these scenes? I have a photographic memory, and its especially vivid from those days and that movie in particular. - Large Marge 9001
    • Comment: I saw the movie in a Swedish theatre back in 1968 or -69 I saw it several times and there were no scenes that aren't in the movie now. In Arthur C Clark's novel however, there is a "scene" where David Bowman finds and opens a box of cereals in the room where he ends up after going through the stargate. - Olav Westerman
  • Stanley Kubrick originally commissioned famed film composer Alex North to do a score for the film, but while editing the film to a substituted score of classical music, Kubrick felt that the classical pieces fit the movie better and kept them. A few years ago, film composer Jerry Goldsmith had North's original score performed publicly, and I believe it is now available for purchase. (Source: Personal knowledge) - Covenant


Alex North's 2001

2010 (1984)

  • Near the beginning of the movie, when Heywood Floyd is conferring with a White House official in a park, there is an old man sitting on a bench (on the left side of the screen) who is feeding the pigeons. It is actually Arthur C. Clarke. - Rod
  • A hospital nurse, who is watching over Dave Bowman's mother, throws down a magazine to go and check on her. The magazine cover has the faces of Arthur C. Clarke as the President of the U.S. and Stanley Kubrick as the Russian leader. - Rod


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

  • The fight against the giant squid was first filmed with a calm sea against a sunset, but the wires that supported and controlled the squids tentacles were visible, so the whole scene was remade with dark, stormy weather, so it became more difficult to spot the wires. - Olav Westerman
  • When the "Nautilus" rams a ship and we see how it sinks down through the water, some of the bubble-streams are animated. That is because they hide the wires that support the ship-model. - Olav Westerman
  • In the scene where Kirk Douglas arrives to the "Nautilus" on a lifeboat that lies upside-down in the water, a diver under the boat holds it to keep it steady. - Olav Westerman
  • When Kirk Douglas as Ned Land, together with Peter Lorre as Conseil, flees from the cannibals in the skiff, he tumbles backwards because he haven't dipped the oars enough deep in the water. That was not in the script. - Olav Westerman
  • The skiff was made of wood, but should look like it was made of iron, so it was partially filled with sand so it would not float too high. After several retakes the men who had to handle the skiff "off-camera" got tired of dragging the heavy boat around and unloaded some of the sand. Kirk Douglas didn't know that the skiff floated higher than it was supposed to when he grabbed the oars. The resulting scene was very fun, but reportedly Mr. Douglas didn't laugh at all. - Olav Westerman
  • The whole movie, except for the scenes where Ned Land and Conseil goes ashore at New Guinea and meet the cannibals, and most of the underwater scenes with the divers, was filmed at the Disney studio. The full scale Nautilus deck was placed in a big water tank and even Neds and Conseils adventures in the old sunken ship were filmed in the tank. - Olav Westerman
  • When Disney executives saw some underwater scenes their photographers had filmed in the new Vista Vision widescreen format, they decided to make 20,000 leagues under the sea and incorporate some of the shots in it. - Olav Westerman


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Abyss, The (1989)

  • There were so many inquiries about the titanium wedding-band that saved Bud's life in this movie that some enterprising individual started marketing them and did quite well at it. - Cathy
  • All the cast members and many of the crew had to become fully certified as Scuba divers before they were allowed to work on the film. - Cathy
  • The hydroflorocarbon liquid used to dive to the bottom of the abyss was real. The scene with the rate being drown in the liquid was real and yes it was actually breathing the liquid. - colson17
  • Ed Harris almost drowned during filming of this movie. - Sally Sue
  • Most of the distant shots of the submarines are models, filmed in smoky air, not in water. The bubbles are animated. - Olav Westerman


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Aces High (1976)

  • Only the Fokker E III-replica (the red German monoplane) and the Avro 504 K are of the right types for the WW 1-period. The "S.E. 5a:s" that the British pilots are flying are modified Belgian Stampe S4:s from the ´30:s (three flying and one static, the latter is set on fire in a scene). The red German Biplane is a Finnish Valmet Viima and in the formation scenes there are a Tiger Moth and a Bücker Jungmann (all built in the '30:s too) in the background. The dogfight-scenes showing realistically-looking S.E. 5a:s and Fokker D VII:s are, as even a good portion of the attack on the observation-balloon, borrowed from "The Blue Max". - Olav Westerman


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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

  • The original screenplay for the film was more of an action film than a comedy. The film was apparently so bad, no actor would take it and they resulted to little known comedian Jim Carrey. Carrey also hated it, but agreed to co-write a re-draft of the script that turned the film into a hilarious slap-stick comedy. - casamann
  • Did any of you take the time to notice that Shady Acres Mental Hospital is referring to Tom Shadyac, the director?? - MichaelMyers666


  • In the part of the film where Aladdin is on Jasmine's balcony, the tiger attacks him. When u see the genie below the balcony listening in, you can vaguely hear Aladdin say "take off your clothes". Listen hard. - casamann
    • Correction: Actually, the entire take off your clothes thing is a myth. He's really saying "Scoot tiger! Get off and go!" - emerging_lurker
    • Comment: On the "take off your clothes" bit: The original script has Aladdin saying to Jazmine's tiger, "Good kitty...take off and go!" but somehow the words got garbled. It sounds more like "Good teenagers, take off your clothes" or just "Take off your clothes." - one_eyed_beth
      • Correction: Aladdin actually says "good kitty take off the claws". - Edge's Kitten
      • Comment: Ok people, if the "garbled 'take off and go'" bit was in the original script, then how come it's so fast and kinda trying to be hidden. I mean, if that was an actual line in the script, don't you think the person who was the voice of aladdin, or whoever said it would've said it as slow as all the other lines???? Come on people, us common sense here. - somebody else
    • You be the judge. Listen to a sound-clip of what is said.
      • Comment: Actually, both those things are true. He does tell the tiger to go, but due to bad editing you can her the word take off your clothes but Aladdin does say it. It is a third voice. - sara
    • Correction: The take off your clothes bit is only available in some versions, I believe it was edited out after it was found out. That is why some of you can't hear it. - tallteen2
    • Comment: According to the "take off your clothes" -statement is false. (Source: - Webmaster
  • When Jasmine's father is building that tower of plastic animals you can see to the left about in the middle, one of the toys is the beast from the movie beauty and the beast, which was another movie Disney has made. - Tom
  • On the cover of the movie, Aladdin seems to be a bit "excited" about something if you know what I mean... - wwf fan
  • When Raja bites the suitor in the beginning, the fabric he has in his mouth is the color of the suitor's underwear, not his pants, so we should be able to see a little more, eh? - Sandy
  • When Aladdin and Apu are in the cave of wonders, as Apu is on a rock and the rocks are sinking in the lava if you listen closely it sounds it sounds like Apu says "oh shit." - Cotti the #1 Stunna Im the Vinsman
  • If you watch the scene right after Aladdin has his big parade and the Sultan asks to ride his carpet, the carpet tugs on his mustache. Well turn up your TV and you will hear him cuss.. hmm great for the kiddies isn't it? - MissfitStormer
  • During the song "One Jump", as he's sliding down a rope you see a lady slam her window shut. If you play it in slow motion you see her say "OH SH*T!" I know reading animated characters' lips may sound psycho, but watch it and see for yourself! - Steph


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Alice in Wonderland (1957)

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  • I've heard rumors that when the makers were making they made this movie all based on drugs. Alice taking pills? The hair and the other dude drunk? And the caterpillar smoking weed or something! - Beboo
    • Comment: Lewis Carroll was in fact a heavy opium user at the time he wrote "Alice in Wonderland and Her Adventures Through the Looking Glass" so it quite possible that the legendary drugs references of the film and book are for once actually drug references. I know for a fact that the caterpillar is smoking opium on top of his mushroom. hehe mushroom. - Hellbabe
  • I've heard rumors that this movie is based on drugs also. When Alice is drinking the potion and when she eats the little cakes, I heard that was acid. Also the caterpillar is smoking weed out of a bong. - Twink
    • Correction: The caterpillar is not smoking out of a bong. He is smoking out of a hookah! And most people don't smoke marajuana out of a hookah (though not unheard of), it's usually other substances. (Source: myself) - tuddy
  • I was sad and bored enough to watch this again the other day just to see what all the drug references were all about. There is actually a lot in there. Here I have just categorised the blatant ones:
    1. Alice follows a "white rabbit" in to a hole where she falls and is surrounded by psydalic colours.
    2. She drinks from what appears to be a poppers bottle (that would fuck u up4sure) and she becomes smaller. Coincidence?
    3. She then eats a pill? and becomes very big again.
    4. Drinks poppers? again and gets small.
    5. The sea water is very strange colour for sea water indeed. This is again psychedelic.
    6. She again eats food and grows large.
    7. When she picks up the rabbit and eats the carrot he looks like there is gear growing in the garden.
    8. The caterpillar is so smoking from a bong.
    9. She eats a mushroom of all plants and becomes bigger and smaller.
    10. The doormouse seems very stoned the whole time.
    11. If you look at the white rabbit he appears to have red eye a lot of the time.
    12. These are a bit far fetched and stupid but just thought they did kinda make sense. - cris
      1. Correction: Cris, I'm sure you would like to think he was smoking out of a bong, but he wasn't it was a hookah, you smoke flavoured tobacco out of it. Of course Disney made the movie so whatever they put in it is theirs. In comment to everyone else, I read many articles that said that Lewis Carroll was high at the time, but he was not, I read an article that actually verified that he did not write it while he was, nor was it referencing anything to do with drugs. - RaeJay


Alien (1979)

  • There is a part when Dallas (Tom Skerrit) disappears. Later in the movie, when Ripley is trying to escape, there was a scene that was cut out and it goes like this: Ripley has a flame-thrower and sees Dallas cocooned to the wall. He tells her he has an alien inside him and she must kill him. So she bathes him in flames. - the mad hatter
  • I heard that in the scene where the alien bursts out of Caine's chest, the cast wasn't told what was going to happen (except for Cane's character obviously) for a genuine reaction. - myname
    • Correction: The cast did know what would happen to Cane during the chest bursting scene, Ridley Scott has confirmed. - The Big J
      • Addition: The crew knew, yes, but they were surprised and even shocked when they noticed that the little alien looked so realistic, it was even breathing. This is what Veronica Cartwright states in the documentary Hollywood, Aliens and Monsters: A Century of Science Fiction Cinema (1997). - Webmaster
      • Addition: The Cast did know that an Alien would burst out of John Hurt, they did not know that there would be dozens of gallons of pigs blood sprayed on them. The reactions a real. (Source: Empire magazine) - Dante
  • The script was written with the characters only identified by their surnames, therefore not determining the characters sex. I came as a surprise to the producers when the tough guy hero of the story (Ripley) was cast as a woman. It wasn't until Aliens that we find ut her first name is Ellen. (Source: Common knowledge) - Dante


American Graffiti (1973)

  • I have seen the story about Harrison Ford being 'discovered' while working as a carpenter [on the set of Star Wars] many times, but it is never noted that he had appeared in American Graffiti as the driver of the hot rod that suddenly shows up in town and was not an unknown to Spielberg and Lucas. (Source: American Graffiti credits) - JohnnyD


American Pie (1999)

  • When Jim is putting Nadia over the Internet when she is changing, and everyone can watch it, there is this blonde hair guy that has a monkey with him, and a 3 guys that were playing in their band in the background, and then they are sitting behind Jim watching, and the 3 guys were Mark, Tom, and Travis from Blink-182!! - annierose
    • Addition: The guys in the band were Blink-182 the whole time, but here's the thing. The song "What's my age again" is on the soundtrack... But the three guys u see are Mark, Tom, and SCOTT!! the old drummer from their previous albums. The song what's my age again is on Enema of the State, when Travis is the drummer!! But they give Scott's name in the movie credits. - MicMcB
      • Correction: The band members are tom, mark, and travis, but their contribution to the soundtrack is the song "mutt", which is being played while jim is running back and forth. the reason why scott gets credit for this (even though "mutt" is on "enema of the state") is because "mutt" is an old blink song featured on different surfer/skater/punk collections written by tom, mark, and scott. (Source: Blink Fan) - Ryan Morgan


Animal, The (2001)

  • The woman who appeared as Marvin's (Rob Schneider) neighbor, Mrs. De La Rosa, a Filipina, is actually Rob Schneider's own mom. - tochi
    • Rob's mother's first name is Pilar.
  • A mayor in one of the cities in Manila tried to stop the screening of this movie because there is a scene where a Filipino is called dumb. The mayor said that the remark was anti-Filipino. Interestingly, the movie's lead actor, Rob Schneider, is half-Filipino. - tochi


Any Given Sunday (2000)

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  • Oliver Stone (director) appears in the film as a commentator. - David
  • In a bar there are caricatures of celebrities on the wall. One of the celebrities looks suspiciously looks like Oliver Stone. - David
  • In one scene Pacino is watching "Ben-Hur" with Charlton Heston, later Charlton Heston turns up playing a character in the film! - David
  • I am Scott Seelbinder. The director almost took out the part were the guys are naked in the shower but he decided to leave it in at the last second, I am so happy to, I love spanking it at that scene. - ScottILikeMenSeelBinder
  • Supposedly Oliver Stone used some 180 different sound samples and songs in this movie. The coolest being My niggas ;) - Obese


Apocalypse Now (1979)


Apollo 13 (1995)

  • During the shuttle's take off from earth, the fire propulsion shoots out, then gets sucked in, then shoots out again. They just reversed a clip to add footage and make it longer. - angel
    • Comment: They did not just rewind and replay footage to make it longer. During an actual launch, what you see actually happens. As the exhaust below the launch pad accelerates, it 'draws' the air (flames too) from above down through the hole. This was explained on the additional footage and I've also seen this explained on the Discovery Science channel. (Source: DVD additional footage) - mikey
  • Many members of Ron Howard's family appear in the film: His father, Rance, is a priest; his mother, Jean, plays Lovell's mother; and brother Clint has a role in Houston's Control. Also, watch very closely for Lovell himself on the aircraft carrier at the end. (Source: Personal knowledge) - Covenant
  • In the movie Tom Hanks and the other guys were actually weightless. During the filming they had the actors be put on a special jet that goes just high enough in the sky for people them to float. - TAZ
    • Comment: Yes they were weightless, but no plane will fly high enough for them to be weightless. They are on board what is nicknamed the "Vomit Comit". It is a airplane that climbs to a fairly high altitude, then does a VERY steep dive to simulate the weightlessness. This is how they train the astronauts for weightlessness. They actually filmed the movie at 15 to 20 second intervals, since that is how long you can be weightless in the Vomit Comit! (Source: Former Air Force) - Troll1021
  • In "Forrest Gump", Gary Sinise says that the day Forrest (Tom Hanks) becomes a shrimp boat captain, he'll be an astronaut. They appear together in "Apollo 13" as astronauts. - Gibborino


Armageddon (1998)

  • I thought I saw Ms. Moore with headphones sitting at a desk talking to offical about mission half way through movie she only had one line and it was her voice that caught my attention. I did not see her name in credits everyone in family say I am wrong I don't think so. - elmo
  • Right in the beginning when they are foring pictures of the asteroid, one of the men has long hair. That man is Michael Bay, the director. - Joe
  • During the scene where the oil platform hits a gusher, the person stunt-doubling for Bruce Willis got hit by one of the flying pipes and was almost killed. - Cathy
  • Director Michael Bay had the actors write their list of demands on the papers that Bruce Willis read from. These include: 1) Bringing back 8 ( or A?) Track tapes. 2) "You guys couldn't tell us who REALLY shot JKF?" 3) "Spending the summer in the White house." 4) Full 'Emporers package' at Caesar's Palace and the best: 5) "No More Taxes.....Ever" - Moo-Star
    • Comment: It is 8-track. These were the tapes that were around before cassettes. They were large and divided an album into four parts... usually by cutting your personal favorite song from the album in half. (Source: Personal knowledge) - cjlooney256


Army of Darkness (1993)

  • Directors Cut: The cave that they tow Ash's car to and Ash does his Rip Van Winkle routine in is the same cave used as the "Bat Cave" in the television series Batman starring Adam West. - Cathy
  • When Ash is told he needs to retrieve the "Necrinomicron" or "Book of the dead" from the grave yard he is instructed to recite three words before touching the book. Those three words were "Klaatu barada nikto" or something to that effect. Those words were originally used in a very old (1951) Black and White Sci-Fi movie I once watched in a high school english class called "The Day the Earth Stood Still". In that movie the words were needed in case anything were to happen to the alien visitor Klaatu. Reciting those words would keep his robot, Gort, from reducing the world "to a burnt-out cinder". I don't know if that was widely known but I thought I would put in my 2 cents anyway. (Source: The Back of My Mind) - Guru


Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001)

  • The part when all the crappy robots are being destroyed: there is a robot being shoved into a cannon. Listen carefully when he's complaining and cracking jokes because that is Chris Rock! I laughed when I heard his voice. (Source: In the movie) - Robot4life


Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

  • In the movie when Austin is with the Japanese Twins he takes out a list of things to do before he dies. On the list includes things he has done in the previous movies or he will do in the movie. Like 1. Become International man of mystery. 2. Get respect from dad. 3. Arrest Dr. Evil in act 1. 4. Travel back in time forwards and backwards. 5. Find true love. (Source: VHS) - TAZ
  • In the movie Austin receives an email which they show for a few seconds in the email it says: "To Mr. Powers You will be receiving a new ATM card through Fedx due to someone finding out what your pin number is. From your banker." (Source: VHS) - TAZ
  • Britney Spears thought Mike Myers was so funny that she had a hard time not laughing during filming. (Source: - TAZ


Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

  • The villain in the film named: random task is actually a name change of the real bond villain called: Odd Job. Get a thesaurus, and you'll see how Mike Myers got the name. Also, Dr. Evil is a copy of the bond villain a main bond villain, and number 2 is actually the same name of the bond villain in thunderball. - casamann
    • Comment: Myers used the names of Bond villains, changed the name or character to make it look more like a spoof of James Bond movies. - TAZ
  • Mike Myers wrote the script for Austin Powers over a span of three weeks. - Dana


Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

  • Mike Myers was inspired to write the character Mini-Me from the movie Island of Dr. Moreau. (The villain, Marlon Brando, had his own little Mini-Me.) - Dana
  • The song, The two of us, was written by Mike Myers' wife in 5 minutes. It's a obvious parody of the same titled song by Gay-Will Smith. - Obese
  • The song 'Just the Two of Us' on Austin Powers 2, is actually originally by Bill Withers (who also did Lovely Day, Ain't No Sunshine, Lean On Me and others) and Will Smith covered that. (Source: I know) - nj
  • Felicity Shagwell's character is based on the character 'Freia Carlson', in THE WRECKING CREW which was played by actress Sharon Tate - possibly best known now as a victim of the Manson Family Murders. (Source: - jellybean


Aviator, The (1985)

  • This movie with Christopher Reeve as the main character starts in 1918, but most of the film is set in 1928. - Olav Westerman
  • In the 1918 scenes there is an US Army training aircraft played by a Tiger Moth from the 30's, and also a mockup of the same plane used as background-dressing and in a crash-scene. - Olav Westerman
  • In the 1928 scenes the Tiger Moth together with three Boeing Stearmans from the late 30's play the roles of U.S. Mail aircraft. One real Stearman, probably not airworthy, is deliberately crashed and later burned. - Olav Westerman
  • The actors talk a lot about different aircraft types that actually existed in the 1928 period, but none of them are seen. - Olav Westerman


Awful Truth, The (1937)

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