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Cabin Fever (2002)

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  • The little crazy boy who bites people actually did all that flipping in the scene where he said "Pancakes". The boy knows karati and all those flips weren't computer generated. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Tazz
  • The Director/writer/producer makes a cameo in the movie. He is the guy who joins the group at night who brings weed and his dog and of course they dead eaten body in the cave near the end. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Tazz
  • The director/writer/producer got the idea for the film while in switzerland. There he gotten a skin infection and while he shaved the skin peeled. So there he thought of the idea of a horror film about a flesh eating virus. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Tazz
  • They originally had a small black dog to play as the vicious dog. They did all the scenes with the dog but i was hard because the dog was too old and small and plus he would look vicious all he wanted to do was play. So they got another dog and re did the scenes. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Tazz
  • The dog they used for the movie was so vicious they did the scenes where it attacked without the cast. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Tazz
  • The deer used in the hit the deer scene was really a fake robot deer. The creators thought if the ground stayed through an hour and 20 minutes of this they wouldn't care what the deer looked like. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Tazz
  • The cave near the end where blank finds blank's dead eaten body. That cave is outside of Hollywood and has been used for many movies. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Tazz


Cable Guy, The (1996)

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  • During filming of the scene in which the Cable Guy (Jim Carrey) plays basketball, it was discovered that Carrey could barely dribble a basketball, much less make a basket. Director Ben Stiller had Carrey mime the action without a ball and visual effects technicians added the basketball in postproduction.
  • The part of the Cable Guy was originally written for Chris Farley.


Canadian Bacon (1995)

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  • The movie's writer/director has a little acting cameo in the movie. And, prior to this, he was a documentary film-maker with no experience in fictitious movies. (Source: The Internet Movie Database) - Rebecca-Lynn
    • Comment: Yes Michael Moore made a cameo. He also went on to make great movies like "Bowling For Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 9/11". Also was it just me or did it seem like all the American characters were played by Canadian actors and vice/versa? (Source: Watching the movie) - Jeffydw


Carrie (1976)

  • Nancy Allen, who played Chris in the movie Carrie, is director of Carrie Brian DePalma's wife. She also was in another DePalma film, Dressed to Kill. - Dana
  • The slow motion scene at the end of the movie was filmed in reverse for the eerie movement effects. If watched carefully, cars can be seen driving backward in the upper left hand corner of the screen. (Source: viewing) - Raven
  • The pig's blood used in the movie was actually corn syrup. (Source: VHS) - Eliza
  • The people who play Tommy and Norma have cameos in Jawbreaker as the parents of Liz Purr. That girl also had a role in Carrie 2 The Rage. (Source: Observation/then research) - NikiLeigh
  • Stephen King hates both the movie and the book Carrie. (Source: Stephen King's Autobiography: On Writing) - alien
    • Info: Stephen King is the author or the Book "Carrie", which came out in 1974. It was the first novel he wrote. King had thrown the first pages of the story in a garbage pail, but his wife rescued them and urged him to finish the work. Signet paid $400,000 for its paperback rights. (Source: - Webmaster


Casablanca (1942)

  • In the scene with all the main characters at the airport (Bogart, Henreid, Bergman, and the two nazi generals) the plane behind them is being checked over by the airport workers.  Since the model of the plane was much smaller than an actual airplane, the crew members working on the plane were played by midgets! - casamann
  • The original cast the producers and director considered for the film was ex-prez Ronald Reagan as Rick, Ann Sheridan as Ilsa, and a woman as the piano player Sam!  practically the entire cast of the finished film was considered "second best".  who knew that this "second best" would be thought of for years to come as the greatest cast ever! - casamann
  • Bogart nor anyone else ever said "Play it again Sam". What he did say was "Play it Sam". (Source: Turner Movie Classics)


Casino (1995)

  • In the end credits of "Casino" you can see that one of the actor's names is Tommy Devito. This was the the name of Joe Pesci's character in "Goodfellas". - David


Casper (1995)

  • In one scene in the movie Dan Aykroyd has a cameo as his ghostbusters character. - Kim


Cast Away (2000)

  • Most people think it's a goof when the whale in the water blinks at Tom Hanks and then disappears into nothing. This actually meant that the whole whale itself was an hallucination. - kyara
  • Can't say that this is true or not, but the one package that Tom Hanks does not open and keeps the whole time on the island, had a satellite phone in it. Puts a whole new perspective to the movie I think. - Floyddog
    • Comment: If you want to be sure of what the real contents of the package are Rent the DVD and follow these directions: On the Special Features Disc Main Menu Select "Video And Stills Galleries". Then, Highlight "Raft Escape" and press Left. This will Highlight a hidden "World Of Time" logo. Select it and the director of the movie will tell you what was in the hidden Package. (Source: DVD) - macc
  • The filming of castaway {Tom Hanks} was spread over two years to show his health changing whilst on that island. - luke warm


Catch-22 (1970)

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  • Originally, the director Mike Nichols had hoped to have a whole bomb-group, 36 WW2 aircrafts, flown to Europe for the filming. It turned out to be too expensive, and it would anyhow have been very difficult to find so many WW2 bombers that could be made airworthy. - Olav Westerman
  • The airbase, complete with a concrete runway and several buildings, was built specifically for the movie in Mexico. - Olav Westerman
  • Most of the 17 B-25 bombers were former firefighting tankers assembled from all over USA and Canada. The turrets and guns were fake items bolted to the airframes. Even the camera-plane with its Cinerama-nose was painted in war-paint and took part in the scene where the whole squadron is taking off. - Olav Westerman
  • The aerial director, Johnny Jordan died during the filming. He always refused to wear a safety-harness, and fell out of the camera-plane at 2,000 feet while filming a formation of B-25s over the Gulf of Mexico. He had previously lost one of his legs, filming You Only Live Twice, when he sat with his camera in the open door of a helicopter and another helicopter came too close and cut his leg with its rotor-blade. - Olav Westerman
  • When the shooting of the movie was finished, the company had a hard time getting all the B-25s sold. Some went to museums and some to collectors who kept them airworthy, while some were just left rotting away, waiting for someone interested. One of the aircraft had so corroded wing panels, that the new owner had a steel-bar welded between the upper sides of the wings, over the fuselage, so the plane could make its last flight to its new home without breaking its wings. - Olav Westerman
  • The B25 bomber that lies burning after a "crash" was perfectly airworthy before that scene. It was suspended above a gasoline-filled pit in the ground. The gasoline was ignited and the cameras rolled. It was not planned that the plane should be severely damaged, but after a number of retakes it had turned to a wreck, and was buried on the spot. (Source: Aircraft magazines) - Olav Westerman


Changing Lanes (2002)

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  • In the movie, Samuel L. Jackson wears a silly purple hat, which was his own idea! (Source: The movie) - Shaun

"Silly purple hat"

Charlie's Angels (2000)

  • The house Drew Barrymore fell into is the same house they used in E.T., The Extraterrestrial, which she co-stared in. - kyara
  • If you look carefully, a poster of "E.T." can be seen above the television on the wall, an obvious reference to Drew Barrymore's role in the film. - Nate
  • During the filming of the movie. Drew Barrymore was dating Tom Green, so it was Drew's idea that Tom could have a role. And the role he had was Chad. - TAZ


Chasing Amy (1997)

  • The store Cohee Lundin stands in front of when he tells about "fingercuffs" is the same store used in Clerks. - Obese
  • When Holden and Alyssa and talking about fingercuffs in the hockey rink, she's talking about Rick Derris. The guy to the right of Holden (left on screen) is the guy who played Rick Derris in Clerks. (Source: DVD) - Darth Randal


Chicago (2002)

  • John Travolta was originally casted to play the male lawyer, but turned it down to do Battlefield Earth. (Source: 101 biggest celebrity oops) - Taz


  • When Ginger and Rocky are in the pie machine, getting chased by gears, then swing across the pit of gears. Above the doorway there is a sign that shows falling gears. - dilpickle13
  • Throughout the pie machine scene there are lines and scenes from movies. Starting with Rocky saying "Look at the size of that thing" -Star Wars and ending with Rocky and Ginger swinging across the pit (Star Wars). - dilpickle13
  • During the scene when that rooster played by Mel Gibson and the main female chicken are running around in the pie machine, at one point in the background you can see the gravy dispenser they plugged with the carrot wiggling around madly. Is it just me, or does that look awfully like an erect penis and a pair of testicles? - Scott F.


Child's Play (1988)

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  • The babysitters death originally had her electrocuted in the bath, this was later used in Bride of Chucky. (Source: Myself) - Shaun


Child's Play 3 (1991)

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  • This movie was banned in some parts of the world because of the death of a young child shortly after it's release. (Source: The web) - Shaun


Chorus Line, A (1985)

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  • The big-wigs in charge knew that, in order to be eligible for an academy award, they had to write an original song for the movie (Cassie's solo "Let Me Dance For You"). Cassie's Broadway song is "Music and The Mirror", a much better song, although they are very similar. Also, Cassie sings "What I Did For Love" in the movie to emphasize her relationship with Zach (Michael Douglas), but in the Broadway show Diana sings it to emphasize the dancers' love of dancing. Just more Hollywood bullshit, which is part of the reason this movie sucked. (Source: The Line- Online) - JBone
  • Michael Douglas' dad, Kirk, bought the movie rights, but by the time he got to film it, he was too old for the part of Zach. (Source: The Line- Online) - JBone
  • Al is played by Tony Fields, who started out as a "Solid Gold" dancer (who remembers that show?), and went on to play the dead rocker Sammy Curr in the movie "Trick or Treat". (Source: The Line- Online) - JBone
  • Audrey Landers' (Tits and Ass) sister is Judy (B.J. and The Bear) Lander. (Source: The Line- Online) - JBone


Cinderella (1950)

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  • In the scene where Cinderella is getting into the coach to go to the ball. Her fairy godmother is talking to her and she says something like "Have a good time dance be gay". What's with the gay comment? Can anyone explain that if they can thanks. - Smarty
    • Explanation: It's not one of Disney's hidden sexual jokes, no sir. You see, back in the days the word "gay" meant happy and full of fun. It stands for cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement and merry. It's an old-fashioned word.


Citizen Kane (1941)

  • Writer, director, and actor Orson Welles was in his early twenties when he made what is considered his greatest film. - casamann
    • Comment: Orson Welles was actually 21 when here starred in & directed Citizen Kane. The same age as John Singleton when he directed Boys N the Hood. (Source: Most movie trivia books note this fact) - Shane
  • Citizen Kane is actually about William Randolph Hearst. Though the movie wasn't allowed to used his name. Hence "Citizen Kane"! - 4,000 years and counting
  • The last word Kane says is Rosebud. In real life Rosebud was the nickname for William Randolph Hearst's mistress. (Source: Documentary on Citizen Kane DVD) - Moviemaster


Clerks (1994)

  • Kevin Smith was supposed to play the part of Randal, but as a director he had to spend more time infront of the camera, so he decided to take pick a character with less dialogue; Silent Bob. - Obese
    • Correction: Yes Kevin Smith wrote the part of Randell for himself (hence all the funny one liners) but he gave up the part not to spend more time directing but because he realized that he can't act so he choose a character that doesn't speak..... learn your shit obese. (Source: The Kevin Smith documentary) - marcera
  • Kevin Smith has made 4 movies, but three of them form kind of a trilogy: Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy. They all have same characters: Jay and Silent Bob. They have references between movies; In Chasing Amy, Allissa talks about a girl that died in a pool and a girl that fucked a dead guy, both appear (on and off camera) in Mallrats/Clerks. - Obese
    • Comment: Obese, you are a retard. No fuck the movies are linked. If you want real trivia how about the fact that Randal Graves, from Clerks, and Brodie Bruce, from Mallrats, are related by their mutual cousin Walter (not Walt "fanboy" Flanagan, but the Walter who died sucking his own dick and the Walter that got a few cats stuck up his ass... Learn your shit...) - J


Cliffhanger (1991)

  • In the opening scenes Sylvester Stallone is seen climbing up a steep mountainside. The camera shows a guy from behind, actually climbing, and when the camera zooms in, a helicopter passes between the guy and the camera. When the chopper has passed, the guy watches up, and we se his face: Stallone. In slow-motion you can see that the chopper is optically added to hide the cut when the scene shifts from a stand in on a real mountainside, to Stallone on the studio mountain, which was a copy of the real mountain. - Olav Westerman
  • The helicopter that tumbles down and explodes was a big model, several feet long, and two were expended to get the scene right. - Olav Westerman


Clockwork Orange, A (1971)


  • The writer's physical therapist, Julian, is played by David Prowse, who in Star Wars is the body of Darth Vader. - Webmaster
  • The significance of the movie's title is that it is something mechanical inside of something organic, much like Alex after his "treatment." (Source: Internet Movie Database) - Gibborino
  • The actor who played Alex (Malcolm McDowell) can to this day still not go to an opticians because of the mental scarring the 'eye scene' caused him. (Source: My Mum!) - Amy


A Clockwork Orange Poster

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  • The film made by Spielberg was actually written by the man himself! - casamann
    • Correction: Actually, I believe that the script was not originally written by Spielberg, but as revised so much by him that the original writer didn't take credit, leaving Spielberg to take credit for himself. So, that is partially correct. (Source: Myself) - Nikki
      • Comment: It was actually Paul Schrader (Taxi, Raging Bull) that first wrote Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It was completely rewritten by Spielberg because, to be frank, it wasn't very good. Schrader's explanation for why his version wasn't used: "I said, 'I refuse to send off to another world, as the first example of earth's intelligence, a man who wants to go and set up a McDonald's franchise,' and Steven [Spielberg] said, 'That's exactly the guy I want to send.'" Spielberg changed the script around so much that it had very little resemblance to Schrader's original script, and therefore Schrader refused to take credit for the movie. (Source: FilmForce: Featured Filmmaker: Paul Schrader) - Sonlex
  • When the Mother-Ship passes over the Devil's Tower near the end of the film, R2-D2 can be seen hanging upside down from the ship. - katsie
  • Spielberg had John Williams compose the score for the movie first and then made his screenplay match the score -- a cinematic miracle and a first! - tenderkeys
  • In the end sequence when the mother ship is playing a long series of sounds as communication, at the very end of this series of sounds the theme from "Jaws" plays briefly. (Source: Movie) - The Equalizer
  • In order to elicit the correct responses of joy and excitement from the child actor in the movie, the director had people dancing around behind the camera in clown and ape outfits. (Source: DVD) - The Equalizer


Cobra (1986)

  • This Stallone movie is based on the novel by Paula Gosling, "FAIR GAME", which was also the basis of the movie "Fair Game" starring William Baldwin. (Source: DVD) - tochi


Color Purple, The (1985)

  • There is a missing scene from the original movie. The scene is when Mister brings home Shug Avery and Ceely sees her for the first time. Shug says "you sholl is ugly". In the next scene, She shrugs her face and says, "you still ugly". That part was taken out for some reason. Its referenced again when Ceely is giving Shug a bath and Ceely tells Shug what she said that night. "You ugly, you sholl is ugly". - BigRob


Commando (1985)

  • Arnold uses his trademarks by saying "I'll be back, Bennett!" and "Trust me."


Cool Hand Luke (1967)

  • Telly Savalas was originally cast in the role of Lucas Jackson, however he was unable to leave an obligation in Europe. The role obviously went to Paul Newman. - Scottman
  • The film was shot in Stockton Cal. - Scottman


Coyote Ugly (2000)

  • Chris Wylde and Johnny Knoxville make a cameo appearance. - stevo
  • When Jersey goes into the bar and orders "Pepsi and some crackers" (or whatever) the band 'The Calling' is performing in the background. - Paige
    • Correction: The band in fact is not The Calling, it is Unwritten Law. All band members are clearly visible including the font man Scott Russo. (Source: myself) - punk_rock_ethics
      • Correction: Check your source - The Calling is credited in the movie and they are also singing their first single "Wherever You Will Go" in that scene. (Source: - whiteboy
      • Correction: If you look on, they list The Calling (Alex Band, etc.) as the 'Mermaid Band' members and credit them for original music. Scott Russo/Unwritten Law is in a different scene, credited as "Elbow Room Band" members. You must have gotten your scenes mixed up. (Source: The movie/ - stellar


"Crocodile" Dundee (1986)

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  • The word "Crocodile" in Dundee's name was put in quotes so American audiences wouldn't think Paul Hogan's character was actually a crocodile. - Sub-Zero
  • Paul Hogan used to work on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a "rigger" before making his name on Australian TV in 1974 with a 3 minute spot on a popular current affairs program...... his TV show was called "the Paul Hogan Show" and ran for many years. (Source: Source: Well known facts in Australia) - Shane


Crow, The (1994)

  • Eric Mabius (The actor who played the crow in The Crow Salvation)Auditioned for the role of Funboy. (Source: The Crow Salvation DVD) - Chickmagnet
  • Brandon Lee died during a mishap on the set. A scene required a gun to be loaded, cocked, and then pointed at the camera. Because of the close-range of the shot, the bullets loaded had real brass caps, but no powder. After the cut, the propsmaster (not the armsmaster - he had left the set for the day) dry-fired the gun to get the cock off, knocking an empty cartridge into the barrel of the gun. The next scene to be filmed involving that gun was the rape of Shelly. The gun was loaded with blanks (which usually contain double or triple the powder of a normal bullet to make a loud noise). Lee entered the set carrying a bag of groceries containing an explosive blood pack. The script called for Funboy (Michael Massee) to shoot Eric Draven (Lee) as he entered the room, triggering the blood pack. The cartridge that was stuck in the barrel was blasted at Lee through the bag he was carrying, killing him. The footage of his death was destroyed without being developed. Lee is the son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who died in mysterious circumstances before completing Game of Death (1978). (Source:


Cry-Baby (1990)

  • Johnny Depp and his love interest in the film didn't get along at all behind the scenes. (Source: Insider) - Ryan


Cyborg (1989)

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  • A lawsuit came out of the filming of this movie. During a scene where Van Damme's character is squaring off with one of the villains, he swings a knife at the guys head. During the filming of this scene the knife really struck the actor and blinded him permanently in one eye. (Source: Documentary) - The Equalizer


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